Table Clock from Classic Board Games for a Play Room / Game Room

Table Clock from Classic Board Games for a Play Room / Game Room

Since my husband is a game-junkie, and I’ve reached the peer group that appreciates nostalgic toys, there are always an abundance of classic board games in our house. I love the colorful game boards and wanted to upcycle one into a table clock or desk clock – perfect for decorating a play room or game room

Parcheesi = Nostalgia

It wasn’t sellable in my (now closed) Etsy shop– the box was covered in tape, some of the “bits” were missing, and the back of the game board had water damage. BUT, the front of the game board was still in excellent shape. And let’s face it- Parcheesi is one of those classic board games that has a gorgeous game board.

Game board from classic board games to be upcycled into table clock for play room by Sadie Seasongoods /

Gotta love the colors and design…

Even though I had already completed a clock project for my blog, I was feeling the pull to create a new one using a board from one of the best known of the classic board games. Parcheesi game boards have a Piet Mondrian – meets – Danish Modern – meets – Partridge Family Bus quality that I just love, so I decided to give it a go. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.

Making a Table Clock for the Play Room from Classic Board Games

First, I needed a square picture frame- unsurprisingly, I already had one in my thrift store stash.

Be there, or be square.

I carefully removed the backing and “artwork” from the frame (which was paper and recyclable), and after cleaning the glass pane, I used it to trace out a square on the game board.

Using picture frame glass to trace out section of classic board games that will become a table clock by Sadie Seasongoods /

Creating a clock face…

I *carefully* cut out my tracing with a utility knife (gosh, I’m scared of those things), and checked to make sure it fit the inside the picture frame well- and it did! The glass pane can be recycled, set aside for another craft project, or tossed if there’s no glass recycling in your area (the problem I have).

Creating a desk clock for the play room with classic board games that have been repurposed by Sadie Seasongoods /

Perfect fit!

I really, truly liked that the pattern was offset- it gave it an artistic, unique quality that it would have missed had everything been symmetrical. Proof that imperfection can be pretty darn perfect.


We measured the exact center of our “clock face” and Jon carefully cut out a small circle (with an X-Acto knife).

Drilling hole in game board for upcycling into table clock for decorating the play room by Sadie Seasongoods /

…for the clock kit…

Then, I simply assembled my clock kit on my clock face made from classic board games, based on the instructions included (each one is different).

Making a Table Clock from classic board games to use as decor in the play room or game room by Sadie Seasongoods /

Nearing the finish line!

Classic Board Games Turned into Decor for the Play Room (Desk Clock)

Once I set the time and added a battery to the clock backing, I was all done! Now, of course you could add a sawtooth hanger to the back and make this a wall clock. But since I upcycled a picture frame, I simply used the “kick stand” flap on the back to prop it up. Now I’ll have a table clock or desk clock for the game room or play room!

How to upcycle classic board games into desk clock or table clock for decorating a play room by Sadie Seasongoods /

Well, aren’t you perfection?

And it’s “self propped” as a desk clock or table clock – and works perfectly as decor for the play room or game room.

Decorating a play room or game room with table clock made from classic board games by Sadie Seasongoods /

Love it!

Pretty cool, eh? I love that it adds funky charm and color without being TOO funky…if that makes sense. I can think of lots of places for a clock like this- basement Rec room…den or game room…even a home bar!…a child’s bedroom…the list goes on.

Love upcycling picture frames as much as I do? Check out this collection of upcycled picture frame ideas for even more inspiration before you go!

Craft on!


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  1. Another wonderful project. I love the “off centerness” of it too. So fun!

  2. Sarah, awesome clock!! You’ve given me a whole new perspective of old game boards!! Love the look of this clock!!

  3. Loved parcheesi! One of my favorite childhood games. It makes a really cool clock.

  4. How awesome is that. I love the look of old board games.

  5. Is there no end to your creativity?! That truly looks like a piece of modern Art with a capital A~you’ve struck another home run! Perfect for a gamesroom or Man Den. Of course, this comes from a woman who bought a picture of dogs playing cards for her husband’s barn. lol He LOVES it! It’s right next to his John Wayne memorabilia. ; )
    P.S. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I’m not…heehee~

  6. eyeloveknots says

    What a fun idea! Endless possibilities with old game boards. Pinned.

  7. Gilda (McStamper) says

    I love it. I have several old game boards that have me thinking about clocks. So you have inspired me.

  8. Heck that clock would be pretty darned cute anywhere and what a conversation starter. I love that it’s off center, makes it more interesting. How clever you are to even think of that. Who wouldn’t want that clock? Nice you had square frame, do you find it hard to find square frames? Very seldom find them at any of thrift stores we go to. Once in while just need a square frame. Been looking for oval frames lately to do a collection on wall. Will print out graphics, photos off The Graphics Fairy or things in magazines I find.
    I get such a kick out of seeing what you bloggers can do, what incredible imaginations. Keeps my old brain ticking away with ideas to make for my gallery wall in living room which I like to change out now and then.
    Keep on making those wonderful things you’re so good at. Happy week

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad I had that frame in my stash…you’re right, you just don’t see square frames as often. I love oval frames, too! They’re even HARDER to find…sometimes I find the plastic versions, but I’d rather have the older wood ones. 🙂

  9. I love the idea of using an old board game for the clock face! Will have to try this out. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Love it! Really eye catching. I will probably use it as a feature next week for Let’s Talk Vintage! Thanks for your great ideas! 🙂

  11. That is super creative!! Love it!

  12. Hi Sarah, Love the clock!! I have been looking for a few vintage game boards for a project I had in mind and am having a hard time finding one in good shape. The clock is such a creative use. Thanks for sharing at Brag About It! Pinned and tweeted.

  13. tennisqueen says

    Very cute!

  14. jeanniemaries says

    Parcheesi was our game of choice as a family back in the 50’s and we played it often and we played multiple games in the long summer evenings out in the screened in patio. Nice clock!

  15. Another super creative great job!

  16. This is great. I think having it off center is artistic! Love the inspiration.

    xo Dianne

  17. What a cute idea! I love the juxtaposition of the vintage game board, and the modern clock works… very charming! Liz

  18. We love games. I’ll be scouring the yard sale for vintage board games. Love this DIY. It turned out amazing. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party! Pinned & shared. Hope to see you again soon!

  19. This is a terrific idea. The design reminds me of abstract paintings of Mondrian. So, you’ve taken something bright and attractive and turned it into something utilitarian as well. Great job. I saw your link at the Vintage Charm party.

  20. Love this!!

  21. So cute and creative! I loved Parcheesi as a kid (who is kidding, I would still play it). I love how you made this into a treasure to display in your home, particularly as a functional piece being a clock! Thank you so much for sharing over at Celebrate Your Story! Pinning this one to my craft board!

  22. I’ve said it before you are uniquely the most creative blogger around. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm and hope you have something to share with us this week. pinned and tweeted

  23. Sarah, Popping over from Snickerdoodle! I know I already commented, but I wanted to say thank you for linking up! Pinning and tweeting again 🙂 Have a great week!

  24. You are so creative! I am so happy to have found your blog and thanks so much for sharing this at Celebrate Your Story link party.

  25. Such a fun idea and a great save! I am thinking of all my kid’s fave games sitting in the closet! Thanks for sharing this with us on Throwback Thursday! Hope to see you next week!


  26. You are so creative!! What a great idea…I love the nostalgia too! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party! Hope to see you again tomorrow! Pinned!

  27. I absolutely LOVE THIS. This is so unique and I am a sucker for old board games! I even remember playing this one!! Pinning, tweeting, sharing this like mad! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday!

  28. Girl… you are so talented! I really love vintage game boards and this is a beautiful idea.
    Thank you for sharing at the Celebrate Your Story Link Up Party!

  29. I love, love, love this idea!!! It turned out beautifully!

  30. littlefreemonkeys says

    Amazing idea!!! I just love the clock! Pinned!

  31. Your Mondrian Reference is so right on! I see a workshop in my future!

  32. This is so cool and graphic! I remember playing Parcheesi when I was a kid. Wonder if anybody plays it anymore.

    Do you keep all the things you make, Sarah?

    • Thanks, Stacey! I keep some…sell some (in my Etsy shop and at a local vintage shop)…give some as gifts…and then, give some away! This particular project, though, I gave to our cat sitter because she loved it so!

  33. You are so talented!
    I love the graphic board combined with the clock face.
    Thank you for joining us TOHOT!

    White Spray Paint

  34. You are just amazingly creative. I am a bit late to the party due to my college semester finals but I am so glad I am here now. Thank you for joining TOHOT. Fantastic post, have a great week!

  35. I LOVE this idea. If we didn’t still play it, I’d consider using the game board from my childhood game (I was one of ‘those’ kids who took exceptionally good care of her things). I’ll be on the lookout for one at the thrift store now. They come around quite often. Thanks for the fab idea. 🙂


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