Vintage Cross-Stitch Reusable Grocery Bag

Vintage Cross-Stitch Reusable Grocery Bag

I consistently find old needlework pieces on my thrifting adventures- be it cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel work, or otherwise. And I have a hard time passing them up! But then I think, “What in the world will I do with all these?”

And so was the case with this larger cross-stitch- it had a great retro / country vibe…which, while not my personal style, is kind of trendy again with the farmhouse / Fixer Upper obsession. As I hemmed & hawed, I couldn’t help but think that it would make a fabulous graphic on a reusable grocery bag…

Vintage cross stitch at thrift store to be repurposed into DIY reusable grocery bag by Sadie Seasongoods /

I like it, but not for the wall…

And so, that became my plan- not recreating it as a graphic, per se, but using IT as the graphic! Now I just needed the perfect tote bag to pair it with. Enter this burlap sack with an embroidered name on it- not my name, of course, but someone else’s. But that was kind of perfect…I could cover up the random name with my cross stitch. And that, my friends, is how this project came to be… This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Monogrammed burlap bag at thrift store to be upcycled with vintage cross stitch to cover up the name by Sadie Seasongoods /

Who’s Chatsworth?

Creating a DIY reusable grocery bag with thrift store vintage cross stitch and monogrammed tote by Sadie Seasongoods /

What if I…combined these two?

To create my grocery bag, I first had to remove the vintage cross stitch from the frame to see what I was working with, size-wise.

Repurposing a vintage cross stitch by adding it to a reusable grocery bag by Sadie Seasongoods /

Ok, let’s do this!

It’s probably hard to discern in the photos, but there was a very obvious “fade” between the cross-stitch design and the aida cloth perimeter where the blue mat had been while framed since ’83. I used that fade line to carefully cut out the cross-stitch graphic. My plan was to use coordinating grosgrain ribbon as my new border (and to cover up the raw edges of the aida cloth.

Repurposing a vintage cross stitch by adding it to a reusable grocery bag by Sadie Seasongoods /

No more frame and wall hanging for you!

At that point, I realized that fabric tape would come in handy- not only to act as a fray-stopper for the aida cloth, but also to help keep the border ribbon in place while pinning and stitching. I wasn’t patient enough to stop everything and head to the fabric store, so I grabbed some double-sided tape instead, which worked just as well!

Using a vintage cross stitch to cover up a monogram on a thrift store bag by Sadie Seasongoods /

Oooh, I like where this is heading…

After taping down my ribbon, I stitched it to the cross-stitch with my sewing machine. When that was said and done, I simply pinned it to the front of my thrifted burlap bag…carefully covering up the “Chatsworth” embroidery!

Upcycle a thrift store monogrammed bag with a vintage cross stitch by Sadie Seasongoods /

It’s working, it’s working!

Recognize that hidden pincushion in a teapot? I use it every time I sew!

Since my shopping bag was already constructed, I decided that it would just be easier to hand-stitch the cross stitch to the front of the burlap. And that was it- my farm style grocery bag was done!

Creating a farm style reusable grocery bag with a repurposed vintage cross stitch and thrift store burlap tote by Sadie Seasongoods /

Done!!! How great is that?

Isn’t it the best? It’s so much more my style now, as an eco-conscious reusable grocery bag than framed on the wall. And I can’t wait for our farmer’s market season to begin because it’ll be perfect for that!

How to upcycle a vintage cross stitch and monogrammed burlap tote into a DIY reusable grocery bag by Sadie Seasongoods /

Let’s go to the farmer’s market!

And I’m totally going to keep an eye out for similar/related cross-stitch pieces now…maybe one with produce on it for another reusable grocery bag project!

Looking for more tote bag ideas? Head over to All Free Sewing for a TON of bag & purse project ideas!

Craft on!


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  1. omg you did it again!! Very clever and useable!

  2. cynthia wilson says:

    Just want to say: Five Stars (*****) on your Fresh Eggs tote bag!!! Recently discovered your site and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing such fun with others.

  3. Patty Soriano says:

    Love this idea! Hubby got a great burlap swag bag at some sort of work-related event. But it had a business logo on it. ugh. I’ve been thinking of mod podging something over it, but I really like this so much better! I have a vintage needlepoint piece that I’ve been saving for something and this is a brilliant use for it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says:

      Oh yes, this is perfect for the swag bags from conferences! But shhh, don’t tell the companies that are handing them out. It’ll be our little secret. 😉

  4. Love this idea and it repurposes two things!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says:

      Yes! I should go back and see if they have more bags like that…it was like a monogramming shop sold them their “mistake” bags, so they had a bunch that were perfect for covering over!

  5. That is just so clever and re-purposes someones hard work. It really turned out cute. Now I’ll see cross stitch items in a new light!

  6. Love the marriage of the cross stitch and the tote. So fashionable, too.

  7. I always check out old needlework and admire all the work that went into creating the piece. Excellent idea to repurpose and now, you have an empty frame. Don’t know how I missed your pincushion in the teapot,l love that idea. I then had to check out Cottonball and was reading the comments about cats and string. One day, my problem boy, Steve ate a rather long cotton ribbon which fortunately came out without problems, but it could have been deadly. Scared the heck out of me, since I realized it could be deadly.
    Clever lady, how is Cottonball?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says:

      He is still the most “helpful” blog apprentice ever! He was very interested in the ribbon I used for this bag, too. 😉 And I’m very glad to hear that Steve passed his ribbon snack without issue- what a relief!!

  8. Hilary Milner says:

    Chatsworth just happens to be the name of a town in Los Angeles county. I would have loved to have found that bag! Haha!

  9. I find vintage needle work a lot too while thrifting. You repurposed this piece beautifully.

  10. Linda Nelson says:

    How sweet…… and thrifty!

  11. Sarah, Wow, this is the best market tote bag upcycle ever!!! You will get a lot of attention sporting this bag at the market!!!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says:

      Thank you!!! I can use it now, of course, but yeah…I’m REALLY looking forward to using it this summer!

  12. What a great idea!! This turned out super cute.

  13. acraftymix says:

    That’s such a neat idea Sarah. I always stop to admire cross stitch pieces just because I know how much work often goes into them and it does make me a little sad that all that work is donated but I’ve never bought any of the pieces. Using it to transform a burlap sack is really cool and now someone’s handy work can be appreciated all over again.

  14. The burlap bag and the cross stitch were meant for each other – perfect marriage of thrift store finds, Sarah!

  15. Charleen Adams says:

    Miss Sadie you have done it again!!!!!What a crenative idea. Now I am going. to be on the hunt for needlework to repurpose. Keep up the good ideas and work.

  16. Thank you for sharing. I think it’s very pretty! I think I would have used a more neutral color to frame the aida cloth, like a tan or burnt orange, to go with the color of the burlap. I know there is blue in the aida cloth, but I think a brown/orange color could have been a good complimentary choice as well.


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