Self-Care Ideas and Projects for Relaxation

Self-Care Ideas and Projects for Relaxation

As much as I love the idea of going to a spa, I rarely do it. Maybe it’s because I cringe at the cost or because I’m not a fan of wearing a robe in public. Either way, I’m more inclined to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. This means that DIY self-care ideas like these are right up my alley.

Do-It-Your-Self Care Ideas

self care ideas for relaxation

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Thankfully, there are a lot of small-scale DIY crafts and projects that are geared towards self care and stress relief. From homemade balms and soaks, to aromatherapy pillows and more, you can easily enjoy a relaxing environment in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home.

Lavender Foot Soak

foot soak with lavender and chamomile

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Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Well, if an actual massage isn’t in the cards for you, this DIY lavender foot soak is an excellent (and all-natural) alternative for soar and tired feet.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

Upcycling a Vintage Scarf as a Lavender Eye Pillow

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

We all know how awful a headache (or even worse, a migraine) can be- it can steal an entire day or even longer. And while aromatherapy eye pillows like these won’t medically cure it, it can improve the symptoms. These were made with vintage scarves so the fabric is smooth and cool- rice adds just enough weight to feel soothing across your eyes, and the essential oils you use are completely up to you!

DIY Zen Garden

handmade zen garden

Image credit: Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

A Zen garden is a wonderful tool in relaxation practices, allowing you to focus on creating calming movements and shapes in the sand. And while there are plenty of ready-made versions available for purchase, you can also create one like this yourself.

Self Care Ideas for Meditation

diy meditation cushion

Image credit: Katia Yoga.

The mental and spiritual benefits of meditation have long been lauded, but for some, it comes at a price- physical discomfort from sitting on the floor for extended periods of time. Enter the meditation pillow or cushion, which can help alleviate back paint- you can even make one yourself fairly easily.

Rose and Lavender Bath Bombs

diy bath bombs with rose and lavender

Image credit: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

A warm bath scented with rose and lavender sounds incredibly relaxing, doesn’t it? Thankfully, you can draw such a bath in your own home thanks to these DIY bath bombs

Self Care Ideas for Hydration

refreshing flavored water

Image credit: Monica Nedeff.

One of the best ways to take care of ourselves is to hydrate throughout the day. And infused waters make that effort much simpler and tastier- such as this natural elixir, which is flavored with lemon, cucumber, ginger, and mint.

All Natural Shower Melts

DIY shower melts in silicone butter molds

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

If you have sinus issues or chronic allergies, then you know how frustrating all that congestion can be. A hot shower combined with these all-natural shower melts truly makes a difference; between the steam and the essential oils, you’ll be breathing freely in no time at all.

Anxiety-Reducing Herbal Sleep Pillows

herb pillows for sleep and calm

Image credit: Hearth and Vine.

There are lots of herbs you can grow in your garden that have wonderful anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing properties. This tutorial helps you choose the right herbs to slip under your pillow before you go to bed.

Self Care Ideas for the Bath

diy bath table and book stand

Image credit: Salvaged Living.

Sometimes a long bath is just what you need to rest and relax. But there are other times where you just need an escape to dive into a good book. And if you combine bathing and reading, then a DIY bath table and book stand is the perfect combination.

Soothing Lip Balm

all natural and handmade lip balm

Image credit: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Lip balm is something I always have on me and in several rooms of the house- it’s just that important to me. And I love the idea of making my own with all natural ingredients, such as Vitamin E, beeswax, and olive oil.

Lavender Bath Salts

diy bath salts with lavender

Image credit: House of Hawthornes.

Resting and recharging in a bath is lovely- but it’s elevated to an entirely different level when the right bath salts are added. This version blends lavender and chamomile for a relaxing blend that is perfect for self-care.

DIY Sleep Mask

diy sleep mask for self care

Image credit: Salvaged Living.

A sleep mask is a wonderful way to shut out the world (and any errant light) when it’s nap time. And, you can easily make your own with whichever fabrics you find most soothing on your skin.

Self-Care Ideas and Projects for Relaxation

self care ideas for a spa at home

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Self care means different things to everyone. But if creating a spa-like environment at home is one of your love languages, then these self-care ideas are definitely for you. Hopefully you’ll find them soothing, relaxing, and providing you the respite that you deserve.

And, many of these projects would be lovely if given as gifts to your loved ones, or even used as favors at bridal showers and weddings.

More Self-Care Ideas with Crafts

stress relief with crafts

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Making spa products isn’t the only way to relax and rejuvenate. Even traditional crafts in the right setting can fill you with peace, mindfulness, and encourage stress relief in a restorative, productive way. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Craft on!


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diy self care ideas for stress relief

Image credit: Shutterstock via PicMonkey.

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