100+ Upcycle Ideas and Projects

100+ Upcycle Ideas and Projects

I know it doesn’t seem possible that yet another year is drawing to a close, but indeed it is! Which means the time has come for the Thrift Store Decor Team to reflect on our best and favorite projects and upcycle ideas from 2022! (Which makes this post a great one to keep in mind when you’re about to step into a thrift shop or estate sale.)

Because it is full of all sorts of makeover ideas and upcycling inspiration from the entire group us.

As I think back on the calendar year, I’m so pleased with some of the projects I added to my blog this year. The past couple of years have been challenging for me, creatively. But we were much more settled in 2022, so that I could focus on creating content for my website and thrift-shopping for our home (remember this post?).

decorating a home with thrift store furniture

And I may add a follow-up post to it early next year, because we’ve purchased a few more pieces!

But anyway, back to some of my favorite blog posts from 2022. Even though this one was super simple, it was one of the most popular posts with my readers. And this boho vase that I made with that special craft paint is still on our mantel as we speak!

boho vase with terracotta paint

I also enjoyed this simple little project for winter decor because y’all know how much I love stitching on strange things. And this steamer basket had the perfect shapes for pine trees (or mountains)!

tree embroidery on a steamer pot insert

I also completed a couple of “Thrift the Look” challenges this year! Those are always some of my favorite blog posts to create, but this one on eclectic mid-century decor was particularly fun.

mid century eclectic decor

Now, before I show you the entire collection of upcycle projects from the Thrift Store Decor Team (all 100 of them!), here are a few of my personal favorites from the gals!

Upcycle Ideas that I Love

Did I ever tell you that I worked at a public library when I was in high school? Well, it was one of my favorite jobs ever- reshelving returned materials, checking out new materials to patrons, etc. Which meant that when I saw this library stool makeover by Shop at Blu, the nostalgia was wonderful and I was suddenly 17 again!

vintage library stool as a plant stand

This upcycle project with an antique window frame from House of Hawthornes really caught my eye, too. Can you believe she made it with old glass plates and saucers?

antique windows repurposed

I really, REALLY need to get my hands on some image transfers. Because this boho box that Organized Clutter created is just so pretty!

boho box

There are a lot of DIY mercury glass tutorials out there, but this version by Petticoat Junktion might have the best results. Aren’t they lovely?

diy mercury glass

And this wood-framed mirror by Domestically Speaking…was made with TOY SNAKES! Is that not the most amazing thing ever?

wood frame mirror

Ok, I’ve made you wait long enough to see the entire collection of repurposed projects. And I’ll spotlight a few more of my favorites at the end, too!

100 Upcycle Ideas and Projects from 2022

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WOW, talk about some amazing inspiration and thrift store makeovers here. It makes me anxious to go thrifting again as soon as the holidays are over.

Repurposing Project Inspiration for the New Year

Another makeover that caught my eye? These faux finish concrete bunnies by Our Southern Home. Let’s face it, textured paint was really all the rage this past year!

faux concrete bunny

I also absolutely LOVED this three legged table makeover from My Repurposed Life! It has a mid century modern feel to it, after all…

three legged table

Using woven cane in unusual ways is also a new-to-me idea! I’ve certainly created projects with vintage cane furniture, but these cane-wrapped vases by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is a new concept to try!

cane vases

And lastly, this step ladder that Reinvented Delaware fixed up is just the cutest plant stand now!


I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these upcycle ideas from myself and the team! Thrift stores, yard sales, and even your neighbor’s curbside trash are an endless source of inspiration, aren’t they?

plant cloche from a geometric pendant light

I can’t help but ponder about the kind of projects that I’ll work on in 2023. Certainly more eclectic/mid century inspired projects that I can use around our home. But I’d love to do a few more nature-crafts and recycling-bin crafts, as well. 

I also hope to do a few more travel posts than I have in recent years, too! We just haven’t been able to hit the road in search of great thrift stores as much as we’d like to lately. And I think it’s time to change that!

Let’s not forget flannel, either. I’m sure there will be some fresh flannel content at some point…I’ve got a book to sell, after all!

Flannel craft ideas and projects

Either way, I thank you- as always- for being a part of my blogging and thrifting journey. Can you believe we’re coming up on 9 years of all things Sadie Seasongoods? What a wonderful and unexpected career change it has been for me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Thrift Store Decor Team!

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Domestically Speaking     Shop at Blu     Our Southern Home     Reinvented Delaware

Craft on!


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  1. Sarah your “nostalgia” comment made me so happy. I think that’s why I love vintage. It’s all about the memories. Thanks for the inspiration this year my friend!!

  2. I’m excited to see the projects you offer in 2023! So many great projects in this post!

  3. I just love the projects our team created this year!

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