DIY Projects for your Cats and Dogs

DIY Projects for your Cats and Dogs

For many of us, cats and dogs are huge parts of our homes and lives. And while we buy them plenty of toys and special items, there are lots of DIY projects that can be made for our pets, as well.

DIY Projects for Cats and Dogs

diy gifts for cats and dogs

Photo source: PicMonkey via Shutterstock.

From beds to toys and everything in between, making projects for your pets is always a good idea! And these ideas might just inspire you to create something for your beloved furbaby.

Collar Bowtie

how to make a doggie bowtie

Photo source: Salvaged Living.

A DIY bowtie that slides on and off the collar? Adorable. But one made from a vintage necktie? Even better! Any fabric will do, but vintage neckties are plentiful, inexpensive, and make such a fun statement with their loud prints and colors.

Princess Bed

diy dog bed

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Making a four poster bed for your smaller dogs and cats is an easy way to treat them like royalty. You can DIY one yourself with scrap wood and furniture legs, or even use and upside-down end table from the thrift store. Your furry highness will absolutely love it- well, hopefully they will…it’s never a guarantee, now, is it?

Toy Organizer

Cat toy storage in a vintage wooden crate

Let’s face it- dog and cat toys can get out of hand pretty easily, just like kid toys. So a DIY toy box for your cats and dogs might be just the ticket to organizing them. This version is made from an antique wooden crate- AND it has a special pocket to keep those fishing pole toys from getting all tangled up.

DIY Doggie Gate

diy dog gate from crib rails

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Once your kids outgrow the crib, save it for repurposing projects. Most thrift stores won’t take them anyway (liability), so upcycling projects are a great alternative to tossing it. Plus, you can use the crib rails to make a DIY doggie gate like this. 

DIY Catnip Toys

diy catnip toys

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Cat toys are really easy to make if you have a few basic sewing skills. Some fabric, a few pinches of dried catnip, and four straight lines of stitching later and you have a DIY toy! But this version (as seen in “Crafting with Flannel”) is extra special because it’s made from one of your old shirts- two favorite smells in one little gift for your precious kitty cat.

Food Bowl Stand

pet food bowl holder

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Dogs that are sloppy eaters and drinkers usually need a holder to keep their bowls in place. And this DIY version not only holds them steady but lifts them off the ground, which benefits bigger doggies.

Dog Walking Station

diy dog walking station

Photo source: Salvaged Living.

Sure, a mailbox is normally found on the outside of your house. But in this case, it’s wonderfully repurposed into a DIY dog walking station. The hooks are perfect for leashes and collars, and the actual box holds doggie bags, treats, and even a spare housekey if you need it for those longer walks.

Hanging Cat Scratcher

diy cat scratcher from an antique cheese grater

Keeping scratchers around the house is a great form of enrichment (and furniture salvation!) for your kitties. And if you didn’t know you could make your own versions, you can! This one hangs and holds fishing pole toys to lure your little fluffball over for some scratching fun.

Fire Hydrant and Lawn Ornament

fire hydrant lawn ornament

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

How fun is this DIY fire hydrant and lawn ornament? Made from PVC pipe, it’s a fun touch of whimsy for your yard and helps attract Fido to a designated spot in the yard for doing some business of the #1 variety.

Dry Shampoo for Dogs

non toxic dry shampoo for dogs

Photo source: The Creek Line House.

Dry shampoo can be such a time saver for busy humans, and it can come in handy for dogs, as well. It’s easy and smart to make your own jar of it, because you know exactly what the ingredients are and how safe it is for your beloved pooch.

Litter Box Hideaway

secret litter box hider

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

If your home doesn’t have a great place to keep the little box out of sight, then a litter box cabinet like this might be an excellent alternative. This one is made from an old console TV (remember those?) but any floor cabinet (such as a vintage end table) should do the trick.

Cat Cave

Repurposing tshirts into a DIY cat cave or pet tent

Will a cat hop into the first cardboard box they see? Yes. Will they love it even more if you add one of your old t-shirts to the mix and turn that box into a cave? Absolutely! You can even make a few catnip toys from your old t-shirts, as well.

DIY Dog Crate

diy dog crate

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Crate training isn’t for every home and every dog, but if you need one (especially on the larger side), then this DIY version might be perfect for you. Made from old crib parts, it’s great for larger dogs and looks so much more attractive than many of the readily available versions from pet stores.

For the Literary Pet

pet food bowl in a vintage book

Photo source: Hunt & Host/Salvaged Living.

Need to elevate your cat’s food bowl to help him or her eat more comfortably? This cat food bowl holder from a vintage book is a great way to achieve that and a fun upcycle project to make!

Craft Project Ideas for Cats and Dogs

diy projects to make for cats and dogs

Photo source: Salvaged Living, Sadie Seasongoods, and My Repurposed Life.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these projects for cats and dogs. Happy DIYing- I hope they love whatever you create for them.

Craft on!


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