Bottle Cap Coasters from Tartlet Tins

Bottle Cap Coasters from Tartlet Tins

Last Fall, the Mr. and I were perusing the shelves at a local craft beer store when I spotted a display of bottle cap coasters. I chuckled to myself because I thought it was a cute idea. But, as I walked on by, I had a “Wait a second!” moment.

Beer cap coasters at a craft beer store near me

Why? Because I knew I could make my own version with tart tins. Wouldn’t they be the PERFECT thing to replicate the beer coasters I saw at the store?

I had a sneaking suspicion that making my own version of bottle cap coasters with tartlet tins would be relatively easy. And I just needed a couple of additional supplies to make my vision come to life!

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Beer Coasters from Tart Tins

First, I hopped on Etsy to find the perfect vintage tins. I looked for tart tins that had a 4″ diameter and a solid bottom to test my idea. 

See? Don’t they look a little like bottle caps, but on a much larger scale?

Upcycling the tart tins into beer coasters or bar coasters

Even though they were already silver (like bottle caps), the mini tart pans were awfully shiny. I had to do something about that!

So, I started off the project by toning down the shininess with some awesome antique silver spray paint.

After I gave the inside and outside of the mini tart pans a coat of paint, I sprayed on a matte clear coat to protect them.

Next, it was time to add some cork!

I purchased some plain cork rounds which I trimmed down to fit inside the tart tins. 

Trimming the cork coasters to fit in the tart tins

I see plain cork coasters at thrifts from time to time, but OF COURSE I couldn’t find any when I really needed them!

Once they were properly trimmed, I decided to add a little something special to the cork for inside the bottle cap coasters.

Finishing the Bottle Cap Coasters

I couldn’t find the right beer-themed stamp at any of the craft stores, so I went on Etsy and found the perfect one.

Beer gifts for men by upcycling the tart pans as beer coasters

Now- I was fully expecting to fail miserably at stamping. I don’t know what it is, but I really have a hard time getting a good stamped image. 

But, with the cork, I figured that I had two chances on each one (both sides)…and I had twice as many rounds as I had mini tart pans.

Finally, I gave it a go and used a dark brown or espresso ink which I thought would set off nicely against the cork.


Beer stamp on cork coasters for fluted tart pans

I only stamped on one side of each round!! So, basically, I’m convinced that these are the best stamps ever made and I will shop here again.

My bottle cap coasters were REALLY looking good now, aren’t they? Now it was time to finish them up!

Then, I used the same matte clear coat that had I finished the tart tins with on the stamped sides of my cork rounds to “set” the ink.

Matte topcoat on the cork coasters as beer gifts for men

Lastly, I glued the sealed cork rounds inside the tartlet tins to finish up my beer coasters.

Bottle Cap Coasters from Tartlet Tins

And just like that, the bottle cap coasters were done and ready to be used as a DIY Father’s Day Gift!

bottle cap coasters from fluted tart tins

Between you and me, I think I like my version of the beer coasters better than the mass-produced coasters that originally inspired me!

Plus, you just can’t go wrong with an upcycling idea this cute that turned out so perfectly. And all from some tartlet tins and some cork rounds!

bottle cap coasters

Won’t these bottle cap coasters be ideal as a DIY Father’s Day gift? They’re cute, but also functional. And heck, they would also be perfect for a beer-loving mom, as well!

Interested in a few other ideas for DIY coasters? Then this collection is DEFINITELY for you!

decorative coasters as upcycled gifts

AND I’m so excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book for flannel shirts

And yes, it even has a couple of coaster ideas in it, as well! With flannel, of course.

Craft on!


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  1. I love how you used the tart pans and how anyone can personalize it with their own special stamps. And for the gift card, the question is…what wouldn’t I buy…lol. Although with the summer coming up, it would probably be shells.

  2. Kimberly Reed says

    With the Michael’s gift card, I would purchase more art journaling supplies.

  3. clickclickmycat says

    I need glue sticks for my glue gun, and a certain blue paint color.


    What a cute idea, perfect for the party room 🙂

  5. Patti Price says

    Another brilliant idea!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. These coasters are really cute and looks easy to do too!

  7. I love Michaels for additions to my seasonal displays, and can use a few more Patriotic items for all the summer holidays.

  8. LOOOOOVE this idea! Those bottle caps are too expensive to buy and yours look even better. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Linda Butler says

    Nice giveaway ! Thanks for sharing !

  10. Those turned out cute!

  11. This coasters are great, nice job. If I won this giveaway I would buy Sharpies. I have a soft spot for them but try so very hard to refrain!

  12. Rebecca G. says

    Love the bottle cap coasters! Thanks for the chance to win one of the Michael’s gift cards!

  13. Awesome! Love those!

  14. girlfromwva says

    i would buy some paint pen brushes to use for coloring pages out of my coloring book. if you mix some paint with water, it looks like watercolors.

  15. Sharon Scott says

    Love these! Great idea for Fathers Day!

  16. Susan McMenamin says

    I would use a Michaels gift card for craft organization goodies and some charms and beads. My fave!

  17. Mother Deer says

    I think that I would purchase chalk paint or stencils from Michaels should I win the drawing 🙂

  18. This is so amazing! I am so glad our stamp worked so well for you! It looks GREAT!


    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      🙂 Seriously, best stamping experience EVER! I just can’t sing enough of y’alls praise!

  19. Great inspirational idea/hack. Perfect for a cold IPA! Visiting from Vintage Charm party.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so very much! My husband would agree with you on the IPA! (I’m more of a cider girl…or go straight to the gin, LOL 😉 )

  20. I have been baking more since going vegan, so i would probably use the gift card to get some more baking supplies! Either that or seasonal goods for decoration.

  21. I LOVE this! I might have to try it myself!

  22. eyeloveknots says

    Awesome idea! Never thought about the tart pans, but you’re right – they definitely look like bottle caps. Pinned this idea – thanks!

  23. Cindy Downing says

    I probably will get mod podge products

  24. I love this idea~! tanks bunches

  25. Amy Murillo says

    Love your cute coasters! Thanks for a shot at your giveaway!!!

  26. These are adorable! All my vintage tins like this are candy/butter mold size… 🙁
    I know what I need to look for at the antique shop now — THANKS!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Melody! Yes, finding the right size is key for coasters- I usually limit my parameters to 3.5″-4″ squares or circumference on circles for coasters…works like a charm and isn’t too big or too small.

  27. What a Wonderful post!!! Thank-You so much for this! 🙂

  28. Kathy A. says

    These are adorable; sorry I don’t need more coasters. Will stay on the lookout for tins while I am thrifting/yard saling this summer!

  29. Nancy Loring says

    My kids and I collect a lot of seashells in the summer so a gift card to Michaels wold help us buy some craft items to make some beautiful summer projects with the shells.

  30. Sheryl Remy says

    Such a great idea, especially with Father’s Day coming up soon.

  31. Shay Moore says

    Such a cute idea!

  32. chris aka monkey says

    congrats on your milestone and those coasters are as cute as a bugs ear, i am sorry i won’t enter the contest we don’t have a micheals any where near me but i wish everyone good luck xx

  33. I could go to any row, and find something I NEED for all the putzing I do in my small Seasonal /arts&crafts business! Would have a hard time deciding, too! Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  34. Nancy Walden says

    Very cute! I love a simple project that is both unique and useful.

  35. p.s. Those coasters are perfect: size, contain “wetness” and easily done! I actually have some vintage tins, and I just decided to revise my plans for them!

  36. Kaycee F says

    Wow, those are the most handsome beer coasters, ever! I like your version better than the mass produced version as well! congratulations on your milestone too!

  37. So now I have to look for tart pans. Those are too cool.

  38. Roxanne Yerkes says

    Love your ideas. Probably buy more spray paint for projects.

  39. So cute and very creative! I’m like you…I always take pictures of things at stores thinking, “I could totally make that!” Found you on Inspiration Gallery, by the way.

  40. Loved your bottle caps, I might want to paint them red and do a Coke them.

  41. I meant theme.

  42. Your coasters turned out so cute. Most visits to Michaels doesn’t start with a plan but I always manage to find something.

  43. I think I would wander around and want everything, but I would probably buy paint.

  44. Sue Addison says

    I need some fake greenery for a basket that is hanging on a hook near my front door. I already have enough real plants to take care of. I really like the succulents at Michaels.

  45. I would buy yarn, stencils and chalk paint.

  46. Patty B. says

    What a great idea for coasters,you are a genius. thanks

  47. laurie a says

    I think you are right, yours are cuter.

  48. Those are super-cute! I think I’d try and use the cardboard beer-branded coasters that we’re always accumulating from eating out. A few layers of sealant might make them waterproof enough. As for what I’d get at Michaels, I’d probably splurge on beads or clay.

  49. Stacey Roberson says

    I love buying crafts for Fall, Halloween and Christmas. I would save for the end of the year to decorate my porch.

  50. Clever, useful and cute!

  51. my daughters and i are doing some cute diy crafts for the backyard

  52. Lisa Philbeck says

    I would pick out lots of things, put most of them back, then decide on a paper punch or maybe some wreath supplies!!

  53. A great idea! They are so slick looking. I honestly have no clue what I’d buy if I were to win a gift card 😉 Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday! Pinned & sharing

  54. Tracie Cooper says

    I would love to get some vinyl for my cricut machine to make tee shirts for our Disney shirts!

  55. Yours are cuter! And for the gift card I’ll spend it on wedding supplies! My kid is getting married!!! 🙂

  56. Teresa U says

    Congratulations – I think I’d buy yarn or beading supplies or paper crafting supplies or paint and wood supplies…the list goes on.

  57. acraftymix says

    Congrats on a super Facebook milestone Sarah, you deserve it. Everything you do is so unique and different, including these coasters. What a lovely idea.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so very much, Michelle! It took a long time to get to that milestone, LOL, but it definitely feels good. 🙂

  58. What a wonderful idea. Already on the look out for tart pans. I actually had some from my mother’s home but they are long gone. Thanks for the idea.

  59. cyndeekromminga says

    Those are so cute! Great idea!~~Cyndee@RestyledJunk

  60. These are just darling, and I don’t even like beer! Congratulations on your FB milestone!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Angie! I don’t like it either, but I’ll drink cider. Someone said they were going to make these but paint them red and stencil on Coke- those will be really cute, too!

  61. Your ideas are so inspiring! I can spend several hours browsing in Michael’s but jewelry supplies usually wins out in the end!

  62. helenfern says

    I LOVE this idea – pinned! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

  63. adriann humphrey says

    I would buy my daughter more watercolor items as she has caught the bug 😉 She struggles with anxiety and this calms her. Thanks.

  64. You’re amazing Sadie! And I need more jewelry tools from Michaels.

  65. Becky Davies says

    LOVE these coasters. I’m sure I have some little tins I can use also. Just need some cork!

  66. So so so cool Sarah! I would buy everything with my card because I’m there every day!

  67. Linda Butler says

    Great giveaway

  68. These are super cute, and make perfect coasters. I seen some vintage tart tins at Goodwill once, and I didn’t grab them. Afterwards I could kick myself for not getting them, and I haven’t seen any since.

  69. What a cute idea! But I would do with roses or some floral varieties on them as do not use beer.

  70. So cute and I like the Coke idea too. Thanks for sharing!

  71. My baking tins are either too big or too small for this project but i’ll be on the lookout when I go thrifting. These are really cute! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you, Sandra!! And I hear you…I had the idea in mind before I had the right tins…4″ diameter is just about perfect.

  72. Those are the cutest and I bet you could sell a lot of them in your etsy shop! I know I would buy them!!

  73. The next time I come across tart tins, I’m scooping them up! Love this idea 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week. I’m featuring your tart tin coasters at our upcoming party. I hope you’ll stop by and link up again!

  74. These are just the cutest coasters I ever did see! My hubby would love these for his beers!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome project with us over at Waste Not Wednesday!

  75. Such a clever repurpose. You have a knack of seeing something and making it your own. Thanks for sharing this with us at Waste Not Wednesday. I love everything you share. 🙂

  76. Sue Cipriani says

    Where did you purchase the cork inserts for the bottle cap coasters? I have antique tart pans and want to make them for my son-in-laws birthday?


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