Mid-Century Modern Vase from a Whiskey Bottle

Mid-Century Modern Vase from a Whiskey Bottle

My husband doesn’t always drink whiskey, but when he does, he often looks for one in a pretty bottle that I might like. This one (and the label) caught his eye, and when he finished it, I set the bottle aside to transform it into a mid-century modern vase.

whiskey bottle for upcycling

And yes, you’re right. I *have* upcycled bourbon/whiskey bottles before based on their shape. I still love how they turned out, but it was clearly a seasonal project.

liquor bottle painting for fall pumpkin decor

This time, however, I planned on creating something that could be used or displayed year-round. And something that would work well in our eclectic, mid-century modern-inspired decor. PLUS, I planned to try a craft supply that I haven’t worked with before, which is always exciting (for me, at least).

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Tinting a Clear Glass Bottle

First, I faced the dreaded process of removing the labels. I figured this would be a tedious process involving standing at the sink, a lot of running water, and picking away the disintegrating paper.

But boy was I wrong! I tested a corner of the label with a fingernail first to see what I might be dealing with when a miracle occurred.

how to remove the label from a glass bottle

It. Peeled. Right. Off. Little to no effort was needed- I didn’t try to rip it off; I still took my time and peeled gently.

But within moments, I had removed EVERYTHING and there was zero trace of anything sticky. As if the bottle had been label-free from the start.

repurposing a glass bottle from the recycle bin

Can you believe it? Sheer dumb luck- but what a magical experience for a crafter like me!

Anyway, back to the project. Next, I decided that I wanted to tint it blue. You might recall the cobalt-colored swung vase I bought in this post. I knew I couldn’t replicate that intense color 100%, but the vintage vase would serve as my inspiration nonetheless.

stained glass spray paint for a bottle

I’ve used this stained glass spray paint on several projects, most recently on this pressed glass decanter. But this time, I was using the blue paint alone (or so I thought).

tinting a bottle cobalt blue

Per usual, I applied numerous light coats (only waiting 10-15 minutes in between each one). But since it was taking on a purple hue, I mixed in a few coats of the Soft Blue shade.

whiskey bottle that has been tinted blue

Then, it was time to turn it into a mid-century modern vase with a little embellishment.

Decals for a Mid-Century Modern Vase

Next, I needed to add shapes or designs in a mid-century modern style to achieve the right look. But stenciling (normally my go-to for other MCM projects), was out of the question.

So, I decided to try some vinyl decals from this Etsy shop! After all, I figured it was high time I tried my hand at some decals/transfers on a project.

mid-century modern vinyl decals for projects

The instructions were very clear and straightforward. I’d purposefully ordered a specific size and color in this decal (they have many variations available).

putting a vinyl decal on painted glass

After I applied it to the bottle and rubbed it with a credit card, it looked like this once I carefully peeled the backing off. In other words, perfect!

vinyl decal for a mid-century modern vase

What a relief!! I couldn’t believe how clean and gorgeous it looked. Since the Etsy shop sent two sets of decals, I did the same thing to the other side. 

finishing putting the decals on a mid-century modern vase

Admittedly, the bottle must have rolled a little because the front and back decals weren’t perfectly lined up if I looked through the bottle. But that was definitely user error- I’d recommend these decals to anyone!

Now, I had a gorgeous mid-century modern vase (or decorative bottle) from something destined for our recycle bin!

crafting with glass bottles from the recycling bin

Mid-Century Modern Vase from a Whiskey Bottle

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the final result. And while the color isn’t quite as vibrant as the vintage swung vase, it holds its own just fine.

mid-century modern vase in cobalt blue

And these mid-century modern decals are a fabulous discovery for me. I think there will be all sorts of applications for these in the future!

mid-century modern vase from a glass bottle

PLUS- this Etsy shop uses its sales to help support this cat rescue organization. I mean, talk about kismet for an MCM and cat-loving person like myself.

I hope you found this project inspirational- whether it’s to try tinting something you were tossing in the bin or trying out these vinyl decals. This mid-century modern vase will join some of the other dark blue & gold projects I’ve already made, such as this coffee canister planter.

turning a coffee can into a boho planter

And for some additional inspiration, you may also be interested in this post about crafts from the recycling bin!

recycling bin craft ideas

Craft on!


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upcycling a whiskey bottle into a vintage vase

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  1. Penny Lighthall says

    Sadie – I love this project. I have dozens of interesting bottles that I have been collecting in the past couple of years. I take it that you sprayed the outside of the bottle, not the inside. And thanks for the links to the Etsy shop for decals. I will be sure to give it a look.

  2. I love your choice of decals on this project. Perfect MCM adornment! I’ve been dissatisfied with the results from the paint that you used. I learned very quickly that it is not suitable for anything that will be in sunlight. I sprayed so many coats on the underside of a glass bowl that was to be used as a birdbath with a floating solar feature. It faded to an almost clear color within a week. Same with a glass ball that received partial sun. Neither looked like they’d ever been painted at all. However, your indoor vase is perfect, and what a great husband to be thinking about you when he chooses his beverages 🙂

    • Ohhhh, that is really interesting (and disappointing) to learn. Truthfully, I’ve never used it for any outdoor projects so I never would have learned that. What a bummer, though!

  3. Penney Helms says

    I have always enjoyed your projects and tried a few. I grew up during the mid-century, so it does not excite me, but I am glad you love it. However, this bottle is fabulous. Will have to think about decals. Thank you.

  4. Nancy Walls says

    Love it👏👏

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