Mid Century Eclectic Decor from the Thrift Store

Mid Century Eclectic Decor from the Thrift Store

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since my last “Thrift the Look” challenge, but indeed it has! As you can imagine, ongoing crises have limited our thrifting time. But I’m SO EXCITED to share with you my latest version: Eclectic Decor. And since you may recall the new decor talk from my recent house post, I specifically focused on mid century eclectic decor.

My blogging friends and I had wanted to do an Eclectic Decor challenge for a while, since that home decorating style really speaks to us. It’s full of personality and mixes elements from different eras and different styles.

For my inspiration photo, I selected this photo of a mid century modern credenza that was styled with a sublime array of green and blue elements.

mid century eclectic decor by lorriecos

It just hit all the vignette sweet spots- my favorite colors, a wide array of thriftable treasures, all arranged on a piece of mid century furniture.

Because, as it turned out, my husband and I had recently purchased this Lane cedar chest from an antiques mall. Talk about meant to be, right?

vintage lane cedar chest

So, I saved the inspiration photo to my phone and mentally listed out what I needed. A lamp or two; something resembling a bird cage; blue and green glass vases; a large metallic-framed mirror; and mid century dishes or planters for some greenery.

thrift shopping for mid century eclectic

And, of course, there’d be some upcycling needed to complete my thrifted version. So, let me show you how I put together my thrifted and otherwise secondhand version of mid century eclectic decor!

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Upcycling Some Mid Century Eclectic Decor

Even though I have plenty of blue and green bottles in my collection, I didn’t have any of those famous empoli bottles that are popular in MCM decor.

But I DID find an inexpensive pressed clear glass decanter at Goodwill. AND I already had several bottles of stained glass spray paint…

stained glass spray paint for clear glass

Layering thin coats of the three colors resulted in a gorgeous shade of teal! I just love playing with these paints because they never disappoint.

best spray paint for glass

I also never did find any lamps that were both gorgeous AND affordable- at least for this rendition of Thrift the Look.

But. But.

I *had* given a makeover to a vintage brass lamp in the early days of my blog. I took the post down because it wasn’t very popular. But I still had the lamp, so…

vintage brass lamp

I probably shouldn’t have taken the post down. But folks didn’t seem to like all the steps I took to ensure a fool proof paint job on metal.

how to paint a vintage brass lamp

But maybe I’ll re-do the blog post and re-publish it because the joke’s on them: eight years later, the lamp is still in perfect upcycled shape. No nicks, no flaws.

painting a vintage brass lamp

I also painted the bamboo framed wine print that you saw in the collage photo earlier. It’s a fake mirror, with a turquoise metallic frame and silver-painted surface.

Once I’d gathered all of my treasures and projects, I pulled up the inspiration photo again and sketched out my plan to recreate it. Ready to see my version of this mid century eclectic decor?

recreating some eclectic home decor

Mid Century Eclectic Decor from the Thrift Store

I arranged, re-arranged, added and removed elements until I was happy. Not just happy, though- THRILLED!

mid century eclectic decor

Seriously, I am IN LOVE with this arrangement. I bought the blue swung vase from this FAB mid century shop; the aqua and gold dish from this favorite Instagram seller; and you may recognize that gold vase from an old blog post?

eclectic home decor

The gold frame was thrifted years ago, and the bird cage and brass butterfly were thrifted here in Charlotte. And that pottery is actually a handwarmer mug that I found at Habitat ReStore. It seemed perfect as a planter for my faux aloe plant.

All in all, I think I came incredibly close to the inspiration photo!

thrifting for mid century modern eclectic

Here’s a better shop of the vintage brass lamp that I painted as a newbie blogger. What do you think- should I republish that old blog post?

mid century modern decor from the thrift store

It may not have been the perfect color, but the shape fit in to the mid century eclectic look that I was going for!


And, as per usual, some of my blogging friends (aka, the Creative Vintage Darlings on Facebook), also took on their own versions of Thrift the Look: Eclectic Decor. I hope you’ll check out their ideas, as well.

what is eclectic decor

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eclectic room decor

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thrift the look for eclectic decor

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Thank you SO MUCH for reading along on my latest Thrift the Look Challenge. So far, we’ve done variations of the following styles:

Which always begs the question: Which decor style would you like us to do next?

Curious about the Lane cedar chest that I used in this challenge, as well as the other furniture we’ve been thrifting for our new home? I’ve compiled a huge collection featuring all the thrift store furniture, art, and decor that we’ve purchased so far!

decorating a home with thrift store furniture

Craft on!


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  1. Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc. says

    I may be biased… I love your version better than the original! OMGoodness lady you truly knocked it out of the park. (short of football puns) I adore that credenza (STUNNING) and that bird cage. I MUST get my self some of that stained glass spray, it just elevates that plain Jane glass! Standing O for you girl! Please, let’s not go 2 years next time! xo PS, YES that lame deserves a second chance, repost her, she’s lovely!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you!!! I know, I never should have listened to the whiners who complained about the lamp. Will definitely have to republish!

  2. LAURA CARDER says

    So glad to see you doing this again! I love the Thrift this look and hope it won’t be another 2 years before your next one. And personally, I think yours looks better than the original!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you!! I know- between me moving twice and the pandemic, time just got away from us! We’re already scheming up our next TTL theme.

  3. I love this so much Sarah! You nailed it, as usual! I’m loving how you transformed that glass and getting some of that paint asap. This was so fun- let’s do it again soon!

  4. Amber Scott says

    Love love love and yea repost the lamp

  5. Pamela R Walter says

    I would love to see the post for the lamp re-do. I love this post. I am going out to get the stained glass paint for some cheap glass vases I have. Love all your posts.

  6. Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces says

    This is wonderful, Sarah! Your cedar chest is perfect and you nailed the decorations! Love it!

  7. This turned out so great, I love that you brought in some older projects you’ve done. I say yes, republish that old lamp post!

  8. I like yours better than the original!! Just sayin. 😉

  9. You nailed it! I like yours better!

  10. Love it, love it, love it! I like your credenza better, the birdcage better oh and the lamp – I much prefer yours. Well truth is, I like all of your choices more than the original! Great job on the TTL challenge! Can’t wait to see what the next one will be, just hope it’s not another two years. 😁

  11. paulasweetpea says

    You did a wonderful job with this challenge, Sarah. Your MCM Lane Cedar chest is stunning and perfect for this challenge. You are the master and finding great things while thrifting and then giving them a creative update.

  12. Wow, Sarah, this is absolutely amazing! The chest is gorgeous, perfect base for the beautiful sea of blue and green. Love the funky shape of the frame behind. I’ve never thought of spray painting clear glass; going to have to try that. Yes, we need to do these challenges more often; they are a blast!

  13. Kimberly Wollmer says

    I like your version better! Yes, please re-publish that post.

  14. As everyone else has said I LOVE yours MUCH better than the original, and I love the stained-glass effects! I’m going to have to experiment with some of that paint. I like the way it brought out your vases.

  15. I think the brass lamp is beautiful and perfectly done. I would love to see how you accomplished it. In my opinion, it far surpasses the new version. The stained glass paint is a new one for me and I can’t wait to try it.

  16. Penney Helms says

    As a baby boomer, I am old enough to remember MCM on its first run. Never wanted to go back. Because of this, just wanted you to know what a fabulous job you did. Makes me reconsider my position on the whole style. Really awesome updo!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I’m a Gen-Xer and grew up with my parents’ MCM that they had scrimped for in college and during their newlywed years. I HATED IT as a teenager -it just looked so outdated to me at the time, LOL. Typical teenager!

  17. I actually like your version better (though I do love the rug in the inspiration photo). I love how you saw that bamboo picture/frame as a mirror. If I found something like that, I’d see how much a local glass store would charge to cut a real mirror for it.

  18. This is over & above [fill in the blank, I can’t!]. Special thanks for introducting me to Krylon stained-glass variety (in a spray, no less:- ). YOU are a true inspirationalist. Hope your Valentine’s Day was everything you clearly deserve. Janet

  19. I love the mcm look you created !! All my favorite colors too !!! Thanks so much !!!!

  20. Ann Brookens says

    As everyone has said, that stained glass paint is amazing! And the lamp totally deserves another post. You did an excellent job with that! I love these Thrift the Look challenges; yours looks perfect!

  21. You knocked it out of the park Sarah! In fact, I think your setting is even more beautiful than the inspiration photo!

  22. I LOVE what you did with the glass painting teal with three colors!! Such a wonderful idea!!

  23. Deanna Bridges says

    Looks amazing, I agree yours looks better than the inspiration!

  24. Maria Luisa says

    Lovely. Yours is better, a less cluttered look.

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