Plant Cloche from a Geometric Pendant Light

Plant Cloche from a Geometric Pendant Light

Again with the light fixtures, Sadie? Yes, you may all be thinking that…but, I promise this’ll be the last one for a while! I was immediately drawn to this geometric pendant light while thrifting the other day. I just loved the shape and didn’t care if the light portion worked or not. All I could see was the potential for a plant cloche that had an eclectic, modern style to it.

geometric pendant light

I was, of course, instantly reminded of this light fixture project of mine from many years ago…

Firefly lantern with a brass light as upcycled lighting

But this newer hexagon light fixture was definitely more contemporary and seriously perfect for repurposing into a cloche of some sort.

hexagon light fixture

And if my suspicions were correct, it’d be a fairly simple project, too. Care to find out if I was right?

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Repurposing a Geometric Pendant Light

First things first, it needed to be disassembled. In other words, I needed to separate the electrical socket components from the pendant light shade.

And with the help of a pair of locking pliers and wrench, we were able to loosen the nut and slide all the wiring beebobs out of the glass shade. It was easy to to do, but the right tools were key!

taking the electrical components out of a pendant light

Once that was done, I was left with a future cloche…and some holes that would need to be filled or covered somehow!

top of a brass and glass pendant light

So, here was my plan. First, I’d add a finial to the center hole (securing it with a small bolt underneath) to use as a handle. I already had a vintage finial that I’d purchased years ago (from this online vintage shop) for a lamp but never used…

making a plant cloche

And for those other, smaller holes? Thumbtacks left over from this project!

So, I brought my finial to a local hardware store and they helped me find a small bolt and a couple of washers that fit it perfectly.

hardware for a vintage lamp finial

Now I could secure my finial-knob to the top of my cloche!

Conversion to a Plant Cloche

Next, I had to tackle the thumbtacks. I planned to snip off the actual pin portion in the end, but kept them intact for a while first.

Why? Because I needed to paint the white caps!

thumb tacks to paint

To do so, I stuck a white thumbtack into the eraser of a mechanical pencil. Just bear with me, I swear it’ll make sense in a moment.

how to paint thumb tacks

Then, I squirted a touch of this craft paint onto a dish before carefully dipping the thumbtack cap into the small puddle of paint. I made sure to immerse the thumb tack head just over the sides but not beyond that.

metallic thumb tacks

Next, I used a small paint brush to smooth out the paint, pop bubbles, or correct any other flaws in the surface of the paint after dipping.

From there, I simply placed my pencils (aka, tack holders!) in a jar and allowed the paint to dry before brushing on a basic topcoat!

painted thumb tacks

After the topcoat had fully dried, I used dainty wire cutters to snip off the pin from each painted tack. Then, I glued them over the holes with a bit of superglue.

top of a plant cloche

I also brushed some of the same bronze craft paint to the bolt before securing the finial to the top of my plant cloche. And that was it, my plant cloche was done!

plant cloche

Plant Cloche from a Geometric Pendant Light

How FANTASTIC is that? I am seriously in love with how the plant cloche turned out. It looks absolutely smashing in our home!

geometric pendant light as a plant cloche

Also, that bird of paradise plant you see behind my geometric cloche? IT’S A LEGO SET!

As I had hoped, the pendant light was easy to transform with minimal effort. You may have also noticed that I also ended up repurposing the ceiling cap from the light fixture as a base for my plant.

plant cloche from a geometric pendant light

Perfect for a smaller plant that needs a lift! I cut out a slightly larger circle of felt to place underneath it to protect our table. But, I was tickled to have ended up reusing that part of the fixture, too!

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Craft on!


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geometric cloche

hexagon light fixture as a modern cloche

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  1. Mother Deer says

    This was even better than your last light fixture project. I love your creative use of the finial and thumbtacks. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. No, I don’t get tired of seeing this light transformations! This one is so fun. That cloche will be so cute this fall with a pumpkin! Well done,,,,again!!! Off to find a light.

  3. Super creative cloche idea! I love it!

  4. Cheryl Atkinson says

    I know what I will be looking for now.

  5. Clever!

  6. I LOVE the light fixture projects!!! Keep them coming!

  7. Anytime you can upcycle easily without a mess or paint…huge win! Love this! I’ve got one in my garage!!! Off I go!

  8. Wow! Your creative brain is so amazing. I love how your light pendant plant cloche turned out!

  9. This style of cloche is so boho and I know so many people will love it, Sadie! You have such a creative eye and vision!

  10. I love it!!

  11. Brilliant idea as always!!

  12. decorativeinspirationsgmailcom says

    I always love coming to your site. You have such great ideas for decorating. Love how repurposed the light to make a plant cloche. amazing! Pinning and following!
    Meagan-Decorative Inspirations

  13. Sheesh this is a clever idea! I’ll never look at a light pendant the same way again!

  14. Cute idea. Also want to say thanks for denying me the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. When I put my address in the block, I got a message saying I already subscribe to too many sites.

    • Hmmm, that’s a WordPress issue, not something specific to my website. No need to blame me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with, but sounds like this is the best result for both of us.

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