Thrift Store Furniture, Art, and Decor for Our New Home

Thrift Store Furniture, Art, and Decor for Our New Home

Earlier this year, I published a uniquely personal blog post that showed you our new home. In my eight years of blogging, I can count the number of personal posts that I’ve published on one hand. But, I have to say, the response was incredibly favorable with many requests for MORE personal (or non-tutorial) content. So, I wanted to give you a six-month update on the thrift store furniture and decor that we’ve purchased so far.

new house

When we built this house, we decided to really start fresh (well, secondhand-fresh) with our furnishings and decor. So, we gave away and sold most of our vintage farmhouse pieces before we moved. As you can expect, that meant that the new house was a virtual echo chamber for many months!

But, we’ve been actively hunting for mid century modern style elements to fill up the main part of our home. And I thought you might be interested in seeing what we’ve found; where/how we found it; and what we paid! I’m always, always asked what we paid for our secondhand pieces, so that seems to be of exceptional interest.

Now, don’t expect to see a bunch of styled photos in our home yet- that post will come later. But, if you’re curious about the thrift store furniture, decor, and art details (some of which I hinted at in the original house post), then this is the post for you!

thrift store shopping for mid century decor

I’ll preface this post by also discussing my pragmatism when it comes to furnishing a home with secondhand items. Some of our selected pieces were absolute bargains- steals, really, when you think about the value. Which allowed us to splurge (at higher end mid century modern shops) on other pieces that were far pricier. 

It’s just how secondhand shopping goes. You’ll pay less, more, and fair prices from piece to piece. But nearly every purchase is an impulse purchase- you can’t “think about” pieces very long. Because you’ll inevitably fall in love with something that someone else buys if you wait or leave it behind.

Thrift Store Furniture

The very first piece of mid century modern furniture that we purchased for our new home came from Habitat ReStore here in Charlotte. A friend of mine actually alerted me when she first saw it- this Overman egg chair made in Sweden.

vintage egg chair

The vintage egg chair was in worn but very good condition! And to be honest, we weren’t sure if the price tag read $175 or $75. But the gentleman who rang us up decided it was $75- but it would have come home with us either way!

Next came a vintage cedar chest that I spotted it in a traditional antiques mall located in Wilkesboro, NC. It was probably the ONLY piece of mid century modern furniture in the entire store! But, at $189 and in really excellent condition, it seemed like a more-than-fair price for something useful AND pretty.

vintage cedar chest

And talk about a meant-to-be treasure! Lane (the maker) usually stamped each piece with a serial number that doubled as a manufacturing date on their furniture. And this one’s serial/date just happened to be my father’s 18th birthday! Isn’t that a delightful and unexpected connection?

This next find was probably the best (or second best) steal, as far as price goes. Anyway, let me set up the story.

As you know, I collaborate with the Charlotte Region Habitat ReStores a LOT. I also create Instagram content for them by traveling to their stores to photograph various store inventory that catches my eye. And on one particular day in one particular store, I spotted a gorgeous gray tufted sofa and snapped a few photos of it for their social media accounts.

gray tufted sofa

When I went to photograph the price tag, though, I nearly fell over. This gorgeous, like-new sofa was only $150! So, after a frenzied serious of texts to my husband (just to make sure he liked it well enough), I bought it! And it never made it onto the Habitat ReStore Instagram account- ha!

The other funny story with this couch is that I bought it during a particularly complicated time in life. The A/C in our rental house (where we stayed while our house was under construction) had gone out during a dangerous heat spell and we temporarily lived in a hotel. So, OF COURSE that’s when I found the perfect couch. It was quite the ordeal to rent a truck, schlep the couch to our unlivable rental house, and leave it in the heat until the A/C was fixed two weeks later!

The next piece we found was this two tier end table. We found it at our very favorite mid century modern furniture store in Hickory, NC. At $200, it wasn’t a steal, but it was a good sized piece and in very good condition.

two tier end table

Plus, as a blogger who regularly styles photos of projects for her website, the two-tier aspect will come in handy for photography! I definitely take things like that into consideration when shopping for thrift store furniture and decor- “will it look good in blog photos?”.

Next, we found our coffee table! Now, admittedly, this is the priciest piece we’ve purchased. BUT, I’d never seen a table quite like it and I absolutely LOVED that it was glass AND wood.

biomorphic coffee table

From the line of biomorphic furniture that Bassett produced in the 1960s, we paid a whopping $595 for the coffee table. But I have no regrets! It came from a favorite mid century shop in Asheville, NC and we timed it perfectly. Walked in, saw the table, grabbed the tag…and the couple that came in a few minutes later tried to buy it, too!

Thank goodness we got there a few moments before them!

Lastly (or most recently, I suppose), we found a vintage china cabinet! Now, I’ll be perfectly honest with you- I wanted something similar (i.e., display shelves) but I didn’t want glass doors. They don’t photograph very well, and you remember what I said about judging furniture from a blogging point of view!

mid century modern china cabinet

But, at $259.99 WITH the original Broyhill tag still attached inside one of the drawers? I couldn’t resist. It gets better, though- because the store manager saw us standing near it it, hemming and hawing.

And she offered to knock another $50 off. So, it was $199.99. For that price, it was worth the panic and struggle to fit it into the back of our pickup truck and drive it home from a thrift store in Hickory, NC. Yes, I *will* be doing a Junkin’ Journey on Hickory because it’s become a favorite go-to town for our secondhand shopping needs!

Thrift Store Art and Wall Decor

While we aren’t done with shopping for thrift store furniture just yet, we’ve filled up a lot of the house already! But we also have a TON of empty walls in our new home. So, shopping for thrift store art has become our new favorite sport.

The best part of art shopping for a new house is that you just buy whatever you like! No worries about size requirements because, well…you have an endless horizon of big empty walls.

Our good art luck began on Easter Sunday, when I learned that a favorite antiques shop here in Charlotte was open that afternoon! So, we ourselves became a secondhand Easter bunny and found three vintage paintings to launch our collection.

mid century art

The large seascape (to go over our fireplace) was painted by Segundo Huertas and cost $300. The two European oils (one of Venice, one of Paris; to hang in our hallway) were $60-$70 each.

As time went on, I realized that I was drawn to landscapes and European cityscapes, oddly enough. For instance, I thrifted this from a local Salvation Army for $10.

mid century artwork

Shall we pretend it’s Barcelona? Lisbon? Tangier?

And I thrifted this HUGE painting from one of my Charlotte Region ReStores! It was leaning against a wall with the painted side hidden, and I’m so glad I turned it around. $65 dollars later, I carried it to the truck.

thrift store art

I had a fun conversation with another Habitat shopper who stopped to admire my treasure. We chatted for a bit and she asked me where we’d be hanging it in our house. When I confessed that I actually didn’t know, she simply patted my arm and reminded me that thrift store art can always be a placeholder if I changed my mind later!

Next, I fell in love with this busy Paris painting, even though it was pricier ($168) and unframed. It was definitely more of a splurge, but since I found it at a consignment shop (also here in Charlotte), I couldn’t expect any ridiculous bargains.

vintage paris painting

I also recently traveled to Fort Myers to visit my parents and did a little thrifting with my mom. We stopped in a very nice shop that happened to have a storewide 30% off sale! So, I picked up these two little paintings of the ocean and some birch trees.

vintage oil paintings

They were $20 each, but far more palatable at 30% off. Probably worth it for those frames alone, no?

Last but not least, I found this large autumnal painting for $15 at another Habitat ReStore. While it’s not my favorite of our art finds and the colors aren’t ideal for our general style, I couldn’t resist it.

vintage landscape painting

We’ll have quite the thrifted gallery when all is said and done, won’t we? I love that I can be a sassy docent in my own home, and make up wild tales about each piece when I show them off to friends who visit!

Thrift Store Decor and Other Treasures

Now that you’ve seen the furniture and paintings that I’ve found, let’s round out this post with a few of the “extras” that have come home with us, too. 

While on one of my Habitat ReStore photography adventures, I found this 3-headed brass lamp at the store in Cornelius, NC. It was $85 and makes such a statement over our gray couch!

3 head floor lamp

Of COURSE, I found it when I was shopping solo and maneuvering it into the truck was panic-inducing for me! But I was finally able to do it and got it home without issue- whew!

I also thrifted this metalwork record album holder from Habitat for $10. It’s a small treasure, but that’s ok- my favorite part is the “Made in Portugal” sticker that it still sports on the bottom.

vintage record holder

My husband’s favorite treasure is probably this vintage floor speaker by Packard Bell! Maybe it’s his favorite because he picked it out. It doesn’t work perfectly, but since it doubles as an accent table, it was worth the $250 price tag (from an antique store in Charlotte). mid century modern speakers

Yes, I fully expect to use it in blog project photos in the future! And I’ll keep you posted if we’re able to get it working, too.

I’ve also been gathering a lot of colorful and unique treasures to display in the Broyhill china cabinet that I showed you earlier in this post. Now, I grew up with a hutch full of fine china, silverplate, and cut crystal. But MY hutch will be far funkier and full of whimsy…

vintage decor from the thrift store

As far as prices are concerned, I know that the vintage lion cookie jar (stamped Los Angeles Pottery 1969 on the bottom) was $15. Definitely the priciest piece in this bunch- everything else was $1-$5 each from thrift stores in South and North Carolina. Several of these pieces have been used in various Thrift the Look blog posts, including Boho Decor and Eclectic Decor.

Thrift Store Furniture, Art, and Decor for Our New Home

So, now you can see a LOT of what we’ve thrifted and secondhand-shopped for our home. Very mid century modern, very eclectic. Nothing matches and yet everything coordinates well enough.

And I do promise that I’ll eventually get to a done or nearly-done point and take photos of the main rooms with everything styled. But I hope this is a good midway point so that you could catch of a glimpse of our decorating direction.

And insight into the prices that we paid for things. As I prefaced at the beginning, there were plenty of bargains and few full-price vintage items that we decided to “splurge” on.

I can also give you a couple of preview photos that I shared on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Here is that large seascape painting before we hung it over the fireplace. And Ruthie claiming ownership over the biomorphic coffee table!

thrift store furniture in our house

And a turn-around shot of the area that faces the fireplace! The art above the couch was bought at a consignment shop after this post was published.

eclectic living room

And a preview of my china cabinet filled with colorful and thrifted treasures. Those glass doors will give me photography fits, but that bargain basement price was too good to pass up! And they WILL keep the dust at bay, so that’s always a plus, too.

styling a mid century modern hutch

So, what else are we in the market for? Dining room furniture! But we may end up buying new for that. Neither my husband nor I are dainty people (he’s tall and strong, I’m short and round) and we both find vintage dining chairs uncomfortable.

But, also more artwork, an entryway table, and another chair for our sitting room, as well. So, our thrifting and vintage shopping adventures will surely continue. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our treasures thus far. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed pulling it all together!

Craft (and Thrift) on!


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  1. What wonderful finds! Can’t wait to see how you use them all in your lovely new home!

  2. What a great post! I really enjoy seeing thrifted finds from different areas of the country, and am fascinated by the pricing as well. I love how you staged your new hutch. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your “finds”! My favourites are the leather egg chair and the Paris painting.

  4. Nancy Hawks says

    I love you blog and always look forward to it. Todays edition was especially interesting. While I’m not a mid-century fan, I love what you have done with your finds. You also had some great hints for thrifting. Good luck with your new house. Can’t wait to see the final result.

  5. Sarah, you’ve done an EXCELLENT job of finding your style in thrifted finds for your new home! MCM is quite hot, so even your coffee table was a great deal. I’ve done the same for our new home since last October, and can say I spent less for all that I purchased collectively than I did for the new desk and rollaway file cabinet I bought new for my husband! I shared mine in a post in January. Looking forward to seeing your house all styled (checking it out on FB too).

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s so gratifying to save money on several pieces so that you can make the splurge-purchases when you need to, isn’t it?? Thanks so much, Rita!

  6. Enjoyed your article. Furniture selections are perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  7. such wonderful treasures!

  8. I, personally, am not into mid-century modern. I lived it, and didn’t like it then. BUT I really enjoyed your post and must admit that you have made stupendous — and tasteful — finds. All was not dreck back then..but you really had to look. Only the best seems to have survived. Can’t wait to see your finished rooms.

  9. Vintage Quilter says

    Great post. Thank uou for sharing all your super finds.

  10. Carol Sundermeier says

    How fun to have a new home to decorate in a different style. And MCM, of course! I love every pieces of furniture, every painting, everything!

  11. fondarush says

    The double-spouted blue pitcher is a signature piece from Blenko glass, made in Milton, West Virginia. I want one, but I can’t justify it! I have nowhere to put it! Love to see all of your bargains. Like you, I bought most of our wall art from our neighborhood ReStore in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, which is close to where we live. Love the black cat fixture on your new coffee table. What’s this one’s name? I’ve never seen this one before. I love the lines of the antique speaker/end table! You go girl! You’ve got this!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I was worried that it might be a repro Blenko- if there’s such a thing?! Because at $5 for it, I couldn’t believe my good fortune! And that kitty is Ruthie, but her full name is Supreme Court Just-hiss Ruth Bader Ginspurrgh. 😉 We adopted her in January from the Humane Society here in Charlotte.

  12. I love all your purchases!! I have a couch like the one behind the biomorphic table in the first photo. Do you know anything about its maker or timeframe? I don’t know how to go about finding the info

  13. Love, love, love your finds. I downsized a few years ago and part of it was a granny unit apartment above the garage which I plan to use quite a bit of MCM pieces. I think the thrill of finding a piece you love and at a bargain is just unmatched!! Can’t wait to see your transformation of your new house! ( But don’t forget to show your mom’s old stuff some love too! )

  14. I absolutely love following along with your new house and it’s decor. You have purchased some beautiful pieces at some really good prices. I am amazed at the beautiful frames your art came dressed in. I look forward to seeing more.

  15. Caroline says

    So FUN!

  16. Awesome job! MCM is not a time period that moves me–figuring out I am more a romantic cottage-core type–but YOU have done an awesome job. You were really brave to get rid of all of your old stuff. I liked all of your art pieces. Styling the china cupboard with whimsey is just great!!! I envy you your empty walls–I have an open concept house–and not enough walls for all that I love! Please show us more of your home–even if it is only little bits at a time. I would love to see your work area, too. I know what you mean about comfortable dining room chairs–I havor bow backed Windsor types. I have Art Deco 90 degree backs on my grandmother’s set–no one lingers over coffee!

  17. Naomi Shelton says

    I enjoyed your post so much! One of my most favorite things to do is go thrift shopping so this was such fun to read. You found some real bargains and treasures, for sure! Will look forward to reading more along the same lines.

  18. Love your finds! The blue water jug on the left in the picture collage is a Blenko water bottle. I just bought two of them myself from the factory.

  19. Just started following you. Can you share the locations for the ReStore and Salvation Army store’s you frequently shop at in Charlotte, NC area?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hi, Elaine- absolutely! So, the Charlotte area has 6 different ReStore locations, but my favorite is in Cornelius, NC (just north of Charlotte). My favorite Salvation Army Family store is in the NoDa neighborhood on Central Ave. I also do travel itineraries for lots of different cities that include my favorite thrift stores and antiques shops in each city; here is my Charlotte blog post, if you’re interested:

  20. Enjoyed the treasures you found! Great prices!!!

  21. Ann Brookens says

    Love this post! Never underestimate the noseyness of a blogger’s subscribers; we live for personal information! My favourite piece is that coffee table; that organic shape with the glass insert that lightens it up is phenomenal! The seascape is also a favorite. I love seascapes. (Born and raised in landlocked Central Illinois, here!) That speaker! I love the wooden cabinet of it; the shapes of the legs are particularly lovely. Just an all ’round fun tour of your stuff. After all, if I can’t afford to shop for furniture and have no place to put it anyway, at least I get the vicarious satisfaction of seeing and admiring your stuff!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so very much, Ann- and you’re right, I definitely have underestimated it in the past! LOL. But maybe I’ll do more of these posts from now on!

  22. Michelle says

    Wow, such great finds! I especially love the leather chair, the hutch and the lion. Look forward to seeing more posts of your decor journey.

  23. Tammy Scott says

    What a fun post! You have such a good eye for bargain shopping. Love everything you’ve purchased and can’t wait to see it all come together.

  24. I love it all!

  25. Deborah Brown says

    I recently moved to a new home and my husband and I are also starting fresh. I decided I was going to try and thrift as much as possible. I have been following you for about 6 months and I love your upcycling. Today I dove a little deeper into your website and saw that you live in NC and you come up to the Asheville occasionally. From your Asheville post I have added some thrift stores I hadn’t seen before. If you come up here again I would suggest going to Lulus. It is a great place to thrift really good furniture and housewares. There is also a big salvage store called Underground Salvage in Brevard that is great.

    • Oh, wow, I’m not familiar with LuLus! I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in western NC- thank you! And I do love Underground Salvage- I did a thrifting itinerary for Brevard, but it’s really outdated. I need to make a return visit to update my article!

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