Winter Decorating Ideas from the Thrift Store

Winter Decorating Ideas from the Thrift Store

After I posted my Halloween mantel and received such positive feedback, I decided to do more decorating posts moving forward. Our current house is more amenable to that- more space, better natural light, etc. I ran out of time to do a Christmas mantel, so I’m moving right into winter decorating ideas instead.

But rather than use our mantel as a backdrop, I decided to arrange our corner hutch for a winter display. They’re white with a pale blue interior, which reminded me of a sunny day over a snow-covered meadow.

Plus, I didn’t need to do ANY additional thrifting for this and was able to use pieces from my home.

Winter decorations DIY with milk glass and pussywillows

I focused on a neutral landscape of white, off-white, silver, and crystal. All of which I had thrifted (and purchased from antiques stores) over the years.

Winter decorating ideas from thrift stores and antique malls

I thought you might enjoy the process of gathering treasures and arranging them together. Especially since winter home decor can be confounding at times.

And I also had a couple of pieces that I’d inherited that would work, such as this cut crystal pitcher. My grandparents’ received it as a wedding gift in the mid-1930s.

Antique crystal pitcher with blue hydrangeas

Once I had gathered bunches of pieces from cupboards and other hiding places, I started arranging the shelves.

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Secondhand Supplies for Winter Home Decor

Decorating like this- gathering pieces from here and there to assemble together- is like a trip down memory lane. For instance, I had nearly forgotten about this bud vase that I had (mildly) splurged on several years ago.

Vintage glass and silver vase from The Plaza Hotel

A fancy vintage shop that I used to frequent had obtained an entire set of these. They had been the vases set on room service trays at The Plaza Hotel back in the 20s and 30s. 

Imagine the stories it could tell. The Roaring 20s, the glitz and glamour of a fancy hotel in NYC. Oh, my…

It was PERFECT for the look I was going for.

Next to the vase, I added my vintage deer salt & pepper shakers. I purchased these while updating my Junkin’ Journey blog post on Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Winter decorating ideas with ceramic deer

What’s more iconic for winter than deer in snow?

Then, I added a very chippy tool box filled with vintage milk glass vases. I bought the tool tote from a favorite Instagram seller (she also has an Etsy shop). 

DIY winter decorations with chippy white wood

I could use it more throughout the year, I suppose. But I’m always drawn to it for winter decorating ideas.

My shelves were REALLY coming together nicely. The whites, creams, and silvers looked lovely against the blue interior of the shelves.

And the clear glass and crystal added a icy elegance to it all.

Winter decorating ideas with thrift store items

Some of you might recognize that hobnail milk glass dish and its compote neighbor from this Easter project, too! And that etched pewter-y vase was thrifted for a Boho decor blog post.

But I finally had a reason to showcase it after all!

Well, shall I pull back and show you the shelves in their entirety?

Winter Decorating Ideas from the Thrift Store

Here they are from this angle which gives you a good shot of the silver pitcher I thrifted a few years ago!

Winter decorating ideas with vintage milk glass

You can actually see the pitcher in the background of the thrift store picture from this blog post about old bobbins that I found!

The old stoneware mixing bowl was something my mother picked up at a garage sale several decades ago. The most recent acquisition was that ribbed glass bottle on the bottom shelf, which I bought at Habitat ReStore just a few weeks ago.

January decorations with vintage glassware from the thrift store

But I think all in all, everything works cohesively as DIY winter decor, don’t you? Once I started musing on all my random pieces of milk glass, a winter vision started blooming in my mind.

Thrifting for winter decorating ideas

Individually, none of them scream “winter”. Well, maybe the child-sized ice skates do.

But assembled together? Against the blue and white shelves? A winter landscape waiting to happen! 

I love the different heights and textures, too. Hobnail like a nubby white sweater. Cut glass like frost on a window or a frozen pond scarred by ice skates.

Thank you for indulging me in another decorating post! I enjoyed putting it all together and hope it gives you a few winter decorating ideas of your own!

And if you’re looking for some winter-specific upcycling ideas, too, then this collection will make you feel cozy AND crafty!

Non Christmas winter decorations

Craft on!


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DIY winter decor from the thrift store

DIY winter decorations with milk glass and silver

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  1. I love your hutch display . Please keep sharing decorating ideas .

  2. That light blue background is just perfect for your collections. I love how you put stuff together–and it looks like it belongs that way. THAT often escapes me!

  3. What a great idea to use the white bud vases for winter! I collected a bunch a while back, with the thought that I’d be more likely to swap out one or two flowers in them, rather than redoing a larger arrangement in a bigger vase. Didn’t turn out to be the case, lol. So I added this to my “Winter Decor After Christmas” board.

  4. Girl, you nailed it!!❄❄❄

  5. I LOVE this Winter setting of things!! I think I’ll do my mantel that way, as soon as I can get the Christmas stuff put away, that is. I love all your ideas and stagings with your thrift store finds and make-overs. You give me lots of ideas and inspiration. Thank you, Sadie, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  6. Your winter hutch looks lovely, Sarah… and love those little deer for a pop of color! We’d love to have you join us at Tuesday Turn About, via . Hope to see you there!

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