Alternative Trick or Treat Idea with a Candy Bowl Holder

Alternative Trick or Treat Idea with a Candy Bowl Holder

Even though I have been trying oh-so-hard to work on projects from my garage stash, I still can’t help but swing by a thrift store now and then. Because, you just never know what you’ll find. And this sewing bucket was definitely calling my name. I had a crazy idea to upcycle it into a candy bowl holder for Halloween. Something that would allow me to welcome trick or treaters while maintaining a safe distance and no contact.

Sewing bucket or sewing firkin at a thrift store

If my idea worked as well in reality as it did in my head, I wouldn’t actually DO anything to the sewing bucket. It would simply be covered up- no paint, no tools, no nothin’!

Upcycling a sewing bucket as a Halloween candy stand

And yes, you’re right- I’ve made a Halloween candy bowl beforeBut it was dainty, perfect for a desk at work, for instance.

Halloween candy basket

This new project, however, would be perfect for trick-or-treaters. So, I gathered up a couple of additional items, including a Halloween candy bowl (which I already had) and a white bed sheet (from another thrift store).

Linens and sheets at a thrift store for a ghost decoration
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Ghost Decoration and Candy Bowl Holder

With thrifted finds in hand, I set forth to create a candy bowl holder that would look like a sweet and friendly ghost!

Candy bowl holder for alternative trick or treating

First, I draped my freshly-laundered sheet over the sewing bucket (which looked like a firkin to me) and pushed the candy bowl into the open top.

Ghost decoration and Halloween candy bowl stand

While the candy bowl kept the bed sheet in place, I used some binder clips just to make sure!

Holding the sheet in place for a Candy bowl holder

They’re so handy…and I rarely use them as actual office supplies.

Next, I took my scissors to the sheet, and cut off the excess fabric fairly close to the floor, so that it draped ever so slightly.

Trimming the sheet of a ghost decoration

No Contact Trick or Treating with a Halloween Candy Stand

Then, I asked our green candy bowl to “take one for the team” and get a white-paint makeover! Thankfully, he didn’t put up much of a fight.

Spray painting a Halloween candy bowl

This way, he’d blend in seamlessly with candy bowl holder that I was hoping to create!

When the paint had dried, I replaced the bowl and removed the clips from sewing bucket. Now I had a cohesive look that was starting to look a little like a Halloween ghost decoration, wouldn’t you say?

Making a Halloween candy holder for no contact trick or treating

Last but not least, I needed a ghost face on my candy bowl holder and ghost decoration! I went into my stash of felt and grabbed some peel-and-stick felt in black.

This would be PERFECT for what I needed. I just adore adhesive felt for a quick and easy ghost face!

Adhesive felt for making a ghost face on a candy bowl holder

And that, my friends, was all she wrote…err…all she did to the sewing bucket. Isn’t it the cutest candy bowl holder ever?

Easy trunk or treat ideas with a Halloween candy bowl stand

Perfect for leaving on your front porch or sidewalk, or even for a socially distanced trunk-or-treat!

Alternative Trick or Treat Idea with a Candy Bowl Holder

Now I’m ready for Halloween trick-or-treaters while staying at a safe distance with minimal or no contact!

Halloween candy holder for trunk or treat and a no contact Halloween

Would you even guess that there’s a sewing bucket (or maybe knitting bucket) underneath? Totally camouflaged without doing anything permanent to it!

Oh gosh, there is a LOT of tasty temptation here. MUST. FOCUS. ON. PROJECT. NOT. CHOCOLATE.

Easy trunk or treat ideas with a candy bowl holder

Oh well, temptation won me over.

Either way, I LOVE the candy bowl holder and ghost decoration. And I can re-repurpose the sewing bucket for yet another project in the future.

I’m also super excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book on flannel fabric
Speaking of Halloween candy, if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween, then you’ll love these ADORABLE fabric pumpkins made from bandanas!

Fabric pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana

Craft on!


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  1. How did you manage to spray paint that bowl ‘so nice’….???? I just tried spray painting a planter for my first time,,,heck…it looked like a bird flew over it…and left something behind !!!! And yes I did two light coats…short even strokes…but nope…that did not work for me…haha…Was not my first time spray painting…but first time spray painting a object of that shape…round and plasticy…(new word..haha)…any tips? I even used the same paint as you…heck…what did I do wrong..must be the ‘operator’ as I always say when ‘I try and do something’….it never turns out…lol….

    • Hmmm…well, I will say that spray painting isn’t as easy and fool-proof as people think it is. And when something doesn’t turn out, it could be due to any number of reasons- not just operator error! I have most definitely purchased “bad” cans of paint…that no matter how much I shake the can or how perfect the conditions/item are, I still get a bumpy or cracked or uneven paint job. But I always recommend spray painting on a dry, low-humidity day. Even a touch of moisture in the air can ruin an otherwise glossy smooth paint job! And to help with operator error, I always use my trigger handle (affiliate link: ). It makes painting so much more comfortable for me- and keeps my hand/arm from fatiguing. I swear it leads to better results!

  2. Barbara Malkus says


  3. That is absolutely fabulous, cute idea as well as functional, and what a great addition to the Halloween decor!

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    Oh he’s super cute Sarah, what a great idea and really functional too. Thank you so much for sharing him with us at the Sweet Inspiration party 😉

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    I could see this being used for different holidays using different colored sheets or holiday tablecloths to hold Christmas crackers, a Pot O’gold, Easter eggs or even a plant!

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  34. Cute idea! Did you ever do anything with the barrel stand afterward? No one keeps that much mending around in a corner anymore! It’d make a cute planter (maybe with a round plastic dishpan so the wood wouldn’t rot. By the way, you can NEVER have too many Halloween projects for us Halloween lovers!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Kathy!! I actually sold the barrel stand in a garage purge sale and a friend of mine with a furniture painting business bought it. I’m not sure what she did with it…and YAY for more Halloween projects!!

  35. Oh how cute! I bet the trick or treaters love this.

  36. This idea is brilliant, I love it. Since I’ve already decorated my small stoop, next year I plan to use THS idea. I want to sit the candy out by tge front door and let the kids help themselves Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  37. This “barrel stand” as you call it, was a staple when I was a child. My mother owned one (she probably sold it at her garage sale….everything that disappeared went in that sale!) and used it as her sewing basket. It had a round lid with a round knob on it. The memories you’ve just brought back 🙂 I love your use of it though. Super cute!

  38. Love it! Had to make one of my own last night. Thanks for the inspiration. Check my version out on my blog

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      That’s great, Christa- just a note, though, when you link to other bloggers that inspired you, there’s no need to make them no-follow links. 🙂 Happy crafting!

  39. Barbara Cameron says

    This is so cleaver & cute!

  40. BOOOOO…. FYI the barrell candy ghost thing is from over 50 yrs ago. It was bought with things called Green Stamps. It also had a lid. My mom used it for a sewing caddy. I use it for the samething today!

  41. My 8 year old son just read this article out loud to me and said:

    “Love it!! It’s great!!!”

  42. How do you do it? I NEVER would have come up with this idea!! So cute and original.

  43. What a fun idea and super cute! I have one the neighbor gave me sitting in my junk stash.

  44. Easy peazie and it is adorable! I love this.

  45. Holly Siebach says

    I just found your site and you have the most wonderful ideas! I LOVE your flannel crafts, too! Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Holly! I actually have my first book coming out and it’s completely dedicated to flannel crafts! It was supposed to come out this Fall, but the publisher has pushed the release until early next year, unfortunately, due to everything going on. But I think you’ll love it when it does come out!

  46. What a fantastic idea for Halloween candy

  47. I wish my area thrift stores had wonderful items like this awesome bucket – it looks like a firkin on legs to me! For $7.99 I would have snatched it too. And the wonderful thing about the Halloween Ghost Candy holder? It’s the perfect height for little trick or treaters. Thank you, Sadie, for the wonderful inspiration.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Well, even my thrifts are hit-and-miss from week to week, that’s for sure. But totally YES, perfect height for the cutest trick-or-treaters!

  48. FYI – this showed up in my inbox titled “Thank You for Swinging By” with some text from 2013. Did you repurpose a posting template, perhaps? : )

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hi….oh, I’m so sorry about this. I accidentally misfired an email alert while trying to remove my very first blog post. (forehead slap!). Since the damage was already done, I quickly redirected that old/bad URL (Hello World!) to an older seasonal post that may be of interest. But, it was a total mistake that I feel awful about!!

  49. Cari Beth Penn says

    Thanks for posting this – you’re right, it was perfect for no-contact Halloween this year. Sans sewing bucket, an office waste basket on top of a small plastic pail (for height) worked quite well.

  50. creativelybeth says

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for linking up this week! We will be featuring you at the TCC Linky Party #63 starting on Wednesday!

  51. I was getting ready to bring my antique sewing basket to the thrift store when I stumbled upon your post. I also checked my stash & found a white tablecloth & large white plastic bowl. Win, Win, Win!! Now to add the ghost features & candy & I’ll be all set for trick or treaters! Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! No TRICK… this post was a TREAT!! 👻

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