Basket Wall Decor with Bohemian Design

Basket Wall Decor with Bohemian Design

A quick perusal on Pinterest (and DEFINITELY on Instagram) will show you just how popular Boho decor still is. And more specifically, that basket wall decor is a pretty common theme in Bohemian design. So, of course, I wanted to get in on the fun with a thrifted version that had some Sadie style flair.

As I studied all the versions on Pinterest and Instagram, I noticed that many of the flat wall baskets used in these basket gallery walls had touches of color or colorful designs woven in.

Do you recall my Thrift the Look: Boho Decor post? In it, I used a colorful wall basket in place of a mirror in the inspiration photo.

Thrift shopping for Boho decor

But when you go thrift shopping for hanging wall baskets, you typically just find the plain versions!

Flat wall baskets from the thrift store for upcycling into basket wall decor with Bohemian design

And I started to wonder, would there be an easier way to add color without having to paint an intricate design?

Well, guess what- there is! I decided to pair up the plain/natural baskets with another thrift store item: woven trivets! (Or straw trivets…I’m not sure which name is better.)

Woven trivets or straw trivets for upcycling into a Boho gallery wall or basket wall decor

The best part about this is that creating my version of basket wall decor only takes a few minutes AND there are no complicated painting techniques required. In fact, there’s no paint involved at all!

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Boho Wall Decor and Basket Wall Art

After thrift shopping for hanging wall baskets, this is what I ended up with. None of them were fancy; in fact, I even picked up a couple of paper plate holders (which I’ve used before at Halloween).

Thrift shopping for flat wall baskets or hanging wall baskets for Boho room decor

And this is the collection of woven trivets that I assembled. I found plenty at thrift stores, with a few additional trivets provided by my friend, Maliasmark.

Woven trivets or straw trivets

If you can’t find these at thrift stores, they are always available on Etsy.

All that was left to do was to pair them up together by size, shape, and color.

Upcycling some baskets from the thrift store into a Boho gallery wall with woven trivets

Once I did that, I simply hot glued the woven trivets to the centers of their corresponding baskets.

Using hot glue to attach the woven trivets to hanging baskets for a Boho wall hanging or gallery wall

You could certainly use craft glue or even super glue, but hot glue worked just fine. Everything is so light weight that hot glue worked perfectly.

And that was it! Now I could hang them on the wall.

Basket Wall Decor with Bohemian Design

Now, before I hung them up, I arranged them on the floor to figure out the placement that worked best for my wall space. Then, I snapped a photo with my phone once I was completely happy with it.

To hang them, I used dainty clear Command Hooks like these. Again, because they are so lightweight, there was no point in getting out the hammer and nails.

Boho wall baskets for basket wall art

Depending on the basket weave, I could simply thread the little Command Hook through the basket itself.

Boho wall decor

For those with tighter weaves, though, I tied a small loop of craft thread through the back of the basket and hung the loop on the hook.

Either way, I love, love, LOVE how they turned out! Who knew that basket wall decor could be so easy to make without a drop of paint?

Basket wall decor for a boho home


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So, what do you think of this idea for basket wall decor? Even if your home decor style isn’t Boho, a basket gallery wall works with other themes, as well!

Plain ones for farmhouse or rustic, or metal (or metallic-painted) baskets for industrial, etc. No need to add trivets to those styles, though.

And if you enjoyed my upcycling idea for Boho wall decor, then you’ll love this idea for Bohemian style bottle charms, as well!

diy boho decor

These boho bookends that I made from a plain set of wooden bookends may also be of interest to you, as well!

boho bookends as botanical home decor

Craft on!


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Woven basket wall decor

Basket wall decor and Boho wall art

Boho wall decor with woven baskets

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  1. How cute Sarah! I had a lot of those. After I saw your post, I went looking to see if I still do. I have ONE in my drawer I still use. So funny. It really shows my age. LOL

    super cute decor idea.



    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ha!! I think a lot of folks still have (and use) these! But they’re all kinds of popular with the younger Boho set now. What’s old is ALWAYS new again, right? Thank you!

  2. I love this project soooo much. I want them!!!

  3. You always brighten my day with your original and beautiful ideas.

  4. Very cute idea. I had flat baskets on my kitchen sheetrock soffit for years till I had collected enough blue and white plates for a changeup. Easy to grab for a serving pieceI used common pins inserted with my needlenoise pliers to hang them–obviously not a brick wall! In addition to all of my other collections, I love baskets, too. I TRY to use them for my gift/ theme baskets to keep them from multiplying, but if it is a bargain, that basket is coming home with me! This year I scored 4 or 5 picnic baskets to hang from bedroom beams to stash yarn and material!

  5. These look so awesome! Perfect marriage…perfect boho!

  6. This is so clever, what a beautiful statement wall!

  7. Oh, my gosh! I see those stupid trivets all the time at the thrift store and I never once thought to make them into wall decor! I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks 🙂 !

  8. So cute and whimsical!

  9. So clever and beautiful! I had to double-take the final when I saw the trivets. Nice work girl!

  10. This is such a cute idea! I’m always seeing these flat baskets at the thrift store and I never get them. I’m sure there won’t be any when I’m actually looking for them. ? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Haha, isn’t that always the case!! I had that EXACT PROBLEM happen to me for the post that I have coming up on Thursday. Sigh…

  11. What a great upcycle, Sarah! I see these trivets at thrift stores all the time! If you have some time, pop on over to Tuesday Turn About this Tuesday and link-up… we’d love to be put on your party schedule!

  12. Love the new boho look!! Now I know what to do with these!!

  13. Gasp… never did I ever think to encourage my mom to hang up her trivets. She had a zillion of these. You turned them into must-haves! This wall is outstanding.

    I’ve featured this project in this weekend’s DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 510. Thanks for bringing it over!

  14. What a fun way to add some flare to plain baskets to make some pretty wall decor. Brilliant idea and so simple!

  15. These baskets you created are so beautiful and s unique, love what you did with the center

  16. This has to be one of the coolest basket walls I’ve seen! What a great idea adding the woven trivets. I’m kicking myself for passing on so many of them during my thrift store jaunts. Love this!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you, friend!! Here’s hoping you see them again once we can return to thrifting regularly!

  17. Great idea! I saw someone make a table runner out of these also


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