Boho Pumpkin from All-Natural Craft Supplies

Boho Pumpkin from All-Natural Craft Supplies

Last year when I was vase-shopping for this project, not only did I find a perfect vase, but an interesting basket, as well. It wasn’t flat on the bottom but had an intriguing appearance with wonderful texture. As I held it in my hand and flipped it over, I realized it could become a boho pumpkin when turned upside-down.

a clear glass vase at a thrift shop

A boho pumpkin because it had that macramé-natural-fiber look in neutral colors. I knew right away that no paint was needed.

Fast forward a few months, I spotted this little coaster-holding basket (‘twas empty, unfortunately) at another thrift store. So, I snatched it up…and the little Pyrex carafe next to it, of course, too!

vintage coaster basket

And even though I already made a version of woven pumpkins earlier this year, I decided that I was being called to do another version with my baskets!

vintage trivets as pumpkins for fall decor

What’s the harm in making a few more, right? And I had an idea to use completely natural craft supplies this time, for a more authentically Boho approach.

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Upcycling Baskets into Boho Pumpkins

So, with my two thrifted baskets in hand, it was time to start turning them into woven pumpkins. And it was going to be incredibly, almost laughably, easy to do!

pumpkin baskets

First, I gathered up my all-natural craft supplies. That included some dried natural pumpkin stems (purchased on Etsy from this shop), some humanely-sourced cruelty-free feathers (also available on Etsy), and some natural-colored raffia (from Michaels, I think).

cruelty free feathers and other natural craft supplies

Some of you may recognize these feathers from Running Bug Farm: I used them on this Fall wreath and these quirky coat brooches.

Next, I hot glued a real pumpkin stem to each basket. Boom, done, that was easy.

pumpkin stem that has been dried and heat treated

Then, I tied pieces of raffia around the base of each stem as pumpkin tendrils. On a few of the pieces, I added a small bead of hot glue underneath the tie or knot.

pumpkin tendrils from raffia

Lastly, the leaves! I mean…feathers. I selected two feathers for each boho pumpkin, spread a thin line of glue along the quill or shaft, and slid them underneath the raffia tendrils.

cruelty free feathers

Minutes. Minutes, I tell you- that’s how long it took me to make these boho pumpkins! But I loved how they turned out (especially the larger one). And I loved the challenge of limiting myself to natural supplies this time (ok, not the glue).

boho fall decor from a basket

Boho Pumpkin from All-Natural Craft Supplies

Ok, I promise this is the last woven pumpkin project I’ll make this year. I make no guarantees about *next* year, but for now, I think I’m done.

craft idea for a boho pumpkin

I still wonder what this larger basket was used for since its bottom (now top) is rounded and it doesn’t sit flat. And it was clean inside, so it wasn’t used as a hanging planter, either.

boho pumpkin for fall decor

I’m mystified. But also completely tickled with it as a boho pumpkin with feathers as leaves! And that real pumpkin stem is truly the cherry on top.

boho fall decor with a pumpkin basket

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If you enjoyed today’s project for a boho pumpkin, you might also enjoy my Fall fireplace decor project, as well.

decorating the fireplace and mantel in modern fall decor

It might be time for me to reimagine this display again, but with a few new boho pumpkins “woven” in, eh??

And for you fellow basket-lovers, here’s a collection of all sorts of ways to upcycle and repurpose them!

repurpose and upcycle wicker baskets

Craft on!


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repurposed basket as a boho pumpkin

diy boho pumpkin

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  1. Now that is just too cute! Brilliant idea👏🙌🏻👍

  2. That larger pumpkin is terrific. 🙂 What a great project.


  3. Carlene@OrganizedClutter says

    Super cute! The feathers are perfect for boho style!

  4. I would have never thought to use feathers on the pumpkins. Great idea!

  5. This is adorable Sarah and what a steal! It’s funny when I saw the before, my brain went, how is she turning it into a pumpkin, duh never thought to turn it over. Now my mind is spinning!

  6. So cute!!! Love your boho pumpkins!!!

  7. Naomi S Shelton says

    Love it, love it, love it, Sarah! Sure wish I could find a little basket just like that. It turned out to be a very cute pumpkin, indeed. Inspired to use the feathers and the real pumpkin stem! Thanks for sharing your project!

  8. Adorable pumpkins Sarah! You do the cutest Fall projects. You have a keen eye at thrift stores.

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