Christmas Ornament Hooks for Mini Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Hooks for Mini Ornaments

Many years ago, I published this post about a set of Christmas tree baskets that I had thrifted. The project itself was not, admittedly, overly amazing. But I included a quick discussion on how I made some Christmas ornament hooks for the mini ornaments that I hung on the baskets.

And that part of the blog post was INCREDIBLY popular. Far more so than the baskets themselves.

So, I decided to publish a stand-alone post about those mini ornament hooks!

My love affair with Shiny Brite ornaments (or similar vintage Christmas balls) is well-documented…what with this cola crate project

Wooden bottle crate as a wooden ornament stand

And this upcycled wine rack project, too…

Boho Christmas tree from a bamboo wine rack

But I also have quite a few itty-bitty vintage ornaments, as well. And when I say itty-bitty, I’m not exaggerating!

mini christmas ornaments that need a mini ornament hook

But as you can see, a regular hook just looks silly on such a miniature ball! So, I had to remedy that problem with an easy DIY, and well…here we are.

putting a miniature ornament on a christmas ornament hook

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Making the Mini Christmas Ornament Hooks

Because I had a tabletop tinsel tree in silver, I wanted a lot of silver ornament hooks to match and blend in. So, I started with the most basic kind of Christmas ornament hooks you can find.

First, I snipped a regular hook in half with a pair of dainty wire cutters.

cutting an ornament hook in half

Then, and this was optional, I snipped off a tiny extra piece from the curved end. Just an ⅛” or so, because my tinsel tree arms were not that big. But again, this is optional and personal preference, depending on your tabletop tree.

diy ornament hooks for mini ornaments on a tabletop tree

Next, I used some dainty round pliers to curve the straight end into a tiny spiral. Ultimately, the mini Christmas ornament hook looked like a lopsided or top-heavy “S”.

mini ornament hook for small christmas ornaments

And that, my friends, is literally the extent of it (minus, maybe a little flattening or straightening out, as needed, with the pliers)! It takes just a few moments to do, but makes a huge difference for your tiny ornaments.

I mean, doesn’t that look so much better?

small ornament hooks that are easy to make from christmas ornament hooks

Not all of mine turned out perfectly, some are definitely wonkier than others. But, trust me when I tell you that it really won’t matter once your ornaments on hung on your little tree.

ornament hooks for mini ornaments

Christmas Ornament Hooks for Mini Ornaments

Did this little DIY idea warrant a separate blog post? Maybe, maybe not. But it did give me reason to post new pictures of my darling little tinsel tree.

tabletop tinsel tree

Because let’s face it, mini ornament hooks make a BIG DIFFERENCE on tabletop trees!

mini ornament hooks from christmas ornament hooks

Did y’all get into the mini Hallmark ornaments that they had in the 80s and 90s? I remember those came with small gold hooks, but finding replacement hooks was not easy (or inexpensive). My mom ended up using small paperclips when the matching hooks got lost over time.

But paperclip hooks didn’t work nearly as perfectly as these DIY ornament hooks, believe me!

ornament hooks for mini ornaments on a tabletop tree

Thank you for humoring me as I created this stand-alone post that maybe…wasn’t warranted. But hopefully some of you benefit from this idea for your own tabletop trees and mini ornaments!

Of course, it goes without saying that these are small (as are the ornaments), and should be kept away from children and pets.

And while your glass balls are in use this month, use the empty boxes as a different kind of tree, too! I topped mine with one of my grandmother’s cookie cutters.

Vintage ornament boxes as thrifty Christmas decor

Plus, here’s another way to display a tabletop tree, especially if it doesn’t have a reliable base. And it doubles as a candy dish, too, which is always a bonus during the holidays.

chamberstick as a christmas candy dish

Craft on!


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how to make christmas ornament hooks for tiny ornaments

using metal ornament hooks to make mini hooks

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  1. OMG how cute 🙂

  2. Miss Sadie,any reason is good for a post from you.! I think I may have missed this post,spool,all’s good. Enjoy your blog very much. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Jennifer Bosten says

    I bet that little curly part at the end keeps the ornament from falling off as easy, too! I might do this with ALL of my hooks!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Totally! And you can control how tight you want that spiral to be, so you could make variations for different sized ornaments!

  4. Susan Verbaan says

    Love this simple idea. Now I want a tiny tinsel tree !!!

  5. Pamela Thomason says

    I Believe your post was both informative and beautiful and I needed to hear it. Thank you. Mini ornaments Wonderful. Smart idea for making smaller ones!

  6. Amanda lakr says

    Great instructions. I’m glad you posted it. I have that cookie cutter and I am a grandma. 😀🎄

  7. Marie Phelps says

    Thank you for all you share. Happy Holidays.

  8. Mercy! The hooks are so simple…so brilliant!

  9. Gilmer Gal says

    EVERY TIME I go into a thrift store, I look for that rattan wine holder because I want to make that ‘Christmas tree!’ One day, I’ll find it!

  10. Your cute little hooks reminded me very much of French ear wires for earrings which I have been puttting 3/4″ and 1″ Clhristmas bulbs on–great earrings to go with Ugly Sweaters! Your way is a lot more economical, though! Love your little tinsel tree!

  11. I am delighted that you shared this! I am preparing to donate homemade ornaments to a local nursing home and this will be the extra added touch to say that I care. Thank you!

  12. Naomi Shelton says

    What a good and practical idea! So simple, yet a big impact on h ow those tiny ornaments look when they are hung. Thanks so much!

  13. Great idea!
    Need those “dainty” wire cutters!

  14. What a cute idea

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