Christmas Tree Baskets Upcycled Two Different Ways

Christmas Tree Baskets Upcycled Two Different Ways

Earlier this year, long before I was even THINKING about holiday projects, I found this set of nesting Christmas tree baskets. As I mulled over different makeover ideas, I realized they could be used as Christmas table decor in December, but continue on into the New Year as winter wonderland decorations.

Christmas tree baskets at the thrift store for upcycling into Christmas table decor and winter decor

Not sure what I mean? Well, they were this great burnished gold color and could stand on their own. What if I painted one a dark green, painted one a bright white, and left one as-is?

I could temporarily decorate them as Christmas trees but also use them as elusive winter decor in January and February.

Upcycling Christmas tree baskets into Christmas table decor and then used as winter wonderland decorations

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Upcycling the Christmas Tree Baskets

So, I set up my spray painting station outside so that I could spray paint my Christmas tree baskets, starting with the smallest one. I elected to transform him into a snowy white tree.

Spray painting Christmas tree baskets to use as both Christmas table decor and winter decor

Next, I spray painted the largest tree a dark forest-y green.

Spray painting Christmas tree baskets to upcycle them into Christmas table decor and then winter wonderland decorations

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the green spray paint- so I touched up the largest basket with some evergreen craft paint. NOW I was happy- and my Christmas tree baskets were done!

I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but this is how they’ll look AFTER the holidays, as rustic winter wonderland decorations.

Creating winter wonderland decorations by upcycling Christmas tree baskets from the thrift store

But let’s back up a moment and focus on Christmas table decor, since that comes first on the calendar.

There are lots of ways to decorate my Christmas tree baskets for the holidays- tiny LED lights, metallic braided cord for garland. But all I wanted to do was hang my tiny vintage Shiny Brites on the ‘front’ of my tree.

Decorating Christmas tree baskets as upcycled Christmas table decor with mini vintage Christmas ornaments

However, I faced a conundrum- my daintiest Shiny Brites are ¼” to ½” in diameter but all I had were standard sized ornament hooks. That just would NOT work well- the ornaments would hang too long and the hooks would be way too visible.

So, I nabbed my jewelry-making tools (namely a small wire cutter and round-nosed pliers) and created two mini ornament hooks from a single standard ornament hook!

Making miniature Christmas ornament hooks from standard size ornament hooks with jewelry pliers

I simply snipped the hook in half with my wire cutters and curled the straight ends under with the pliers, creating tight curly-q’s for dainty ornament wires.

And let me tell you- that worked PERFECTLY!! I made dozens of tiny ornament hooks that I’ll just keep in the same box as my tiny ornaments.

Creating tiny ornament hooks for tabletop Christmas trees from standard size hooks

Christmas Tree Baskets as Holiday Decor and Winter Decor

Just like that, the larger of my painted Christmas tree baskets was decorated and ready to be used as Christmas table decor!

Upcycling Christmas tree baskets into Christmas table decor with vintage Shiny Brites

Don’t they look festive? I could have decorated the middle gold Christmas tree basket but elected to just go with the two.

Making Christmas table decor with upcycled Christmas tree baskets from the thrift store

And just like that, my Christmas tree baskets can be used for several months…first as Christmas table decor and later on as rustic winter wonderland decorations. Gotta love the easy decor transition, right?

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Christmas table decor, then you’ll love these small tabletop trees I made with wooden candle holders!

Chambersticks that have been upcycled into a tabletop tree and Christmas candy bowl

Craft on!


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  1. Sheryl Orr Danner says

    Very cute, you never disappoint!

  2. What a great idea. All three look wonderful…Thank you for sharing

  3. OMG those are so cute as Christmas trees and nice as a more neutral winter decor too!

  4. adorable!! you are the best!!

  5. Wow! I never tire of your amazing-ness !!! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas ! Keep them coming!!

  6. acraftymix says

    They’re adorable Sarah. Love the little white one

  7. Another thing to add to my “look for” list! I was also debating lining them with a holiday napkin and serving cookies/nachos/chips in thelm or hanging them on the wall with a simple common pin! These as so versatile and I love how they will take a minimum of storage space once nested! Oh, nested–one would be pretty with a bird’s nest and a winter cardinal, too!

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