Craft Paint Storage in Wooden Drawers

Craft Paint Storage in Wooden Drawers

One thing that all crafters have in common is dealing with craft room organization (or the lack thereof). We have so many materials (lots of them little and spill-able), and craft paint storage or paint storage in general is often a problem. I mean, let’s face it…those little bottles of craft paint can really get out of hand!

After falling in love with this paint storage idea from Create & Babble, I wanted to create something similar.

But of course, I wanted to repurpose something as part of my project. So, I decided to use some wooden drawers that I found at Habitat ReStore.

Wooden drawers for upcycling ideas and repurposing projects

I found these old kitchen drawers during a 50% sale (in fact, I found 3)! I loved that they were solidly constructed and I also loved the retro liner paper inside each one.

Upcycling idea for old kitchen drawers

Because I had different sizes of craft paint, I wanted a few different options for craft paint storage.

So, we grabbed some inexpensive birch plywood, some tools, and got to work!

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Upcycling the Wooden Drawers as Craft Paint Storage

First, we needed to create the shelves for all my little bottles of craft paint! And I wanted them to be angled so that the bottles of craft paint would be slightly angled up.

After measuring the drawer length and taking into account the space needed for rows of little bottles, Jon used a speed square to measure out 15° beveled shelves. Next, he cut them from the plywood with our circular saw.

Craft paint storage in old kitchen drawers

I set them in the old kitchen drawer so you could see what my plan was. But they’re not screwed in yet.

See how they are cut at an angle? This will keep the craft paint bottles tilted up while stored in the acrylic craft paint rack.

Beveled shelves for acrylic paint storage

Next, I wanted straight shelves for my collection of short, squat craft paint bottles.

So, Jon measured and cut out basic shelves for the smaller wooden drawers that I had bought at the thrift store.

Upcycling the wooden drawers as craft paint storage

These will sit straight inside the drawers to hold fatter and shorter bottles of craft paint.

Wooden shelf to put in a kitchen drawer for craft paint storage

Once all the shelves were cut and sanded down, I painted everything (drawers and shelves) in a basic white paint.

Making a craft paint organizer with a wooden drawer

And when the paint was dry (two coats on all surfaces), we set up shop to attach the shelves!

DIY Craft Storage for Acrylic Craft Paint Bottles

First, we drilled in the beveled shelves inside the largest drawer (set 2” apart to accommodate the craft paint).

Craft paint organizer with beveled shelves

Because of an aggressively large wood knot near the bottom of the drawer, we decided to just attach a small piece of trim along the bottom upon which I could stack bottles.

DIY craft storage for acrylic craft paint

Then, I started filling the shelves with bottles of craft paint. And let me tell you- the wooden storage shelves worked PERFECTLY!

Acrylic paint storage rack in an old kitchen drawer

It was almost like an open paint locker for acrylic craft paint. Complete with a handle on top for carrying around!

Next, we did the same thing with the smaller drawers.

DIY craft storage for paint in a wooden drawer

I was thrilled to finally have craft paint storage that was going to make a HUGE difference in organizing my craft room!

Acrylic paint storage for craft room organization

Craft Paint Storage in Wooden Drawers

It didn’t take long for me to fill up the wooden drawers with all my little bottles of craft paint. Look how colorful and cheerful they look!

Repurposing a kitchen drawer as an acrylic paint storage rack

I love that DecoArt paint has stickers on the tops- that way, I can set them on the shelves with the tops out (to prevent leakage) and still see the color.

And the white paint really lets the paint colors pop, eh?

Craft room organization with an acrylic paint storage rack

Because the wooden drawers have handles on top, I can carry them around!

We will eventually hang them (using load-bearing anchors) in my craft room. But until then, my craft paint storage needs are taken care of in a fun, upcycled way.

Craft paint storage in wooden drawers for craft room organization

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for craft room storage, then you’ll love these craft organizers that also started out as thrift store finds!

organizing craft supplies with a paint brush holder

Craft on!


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  1. I love this idea! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to store my paint collection – other than in a bin. This would be an awesome way & now I just need to find some drawers! 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you, Kristie!!! They REALLY can get out of hand…and I agree, the bins are less than optimal. 🙂

  2. Sarah, You’ve done it again girl! These are sweet looking and super functional storage shelves. I really love seeing the paint colors against the white paint too!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Kaycee! Yes, I debated on paint color for the drawers/shelves…but in the end, decided white might be the least exciting when empty, but would look the best when full. 🙂

  3. I have a speed square but I do not know how to use it to get 15 degrees. Would you please show how to do this? Thanks. (Love your site and look forward to seeing more about Deco Art supplies.)

  4. chris tucker says

    what a really cool idea sarah xx

  5. Fonda Rush says

    Excellent project! It’s always best to be able to see the paint color, isn’t it?

  6. acraftymix says

    Oh yes please, I sooooooooooo need some of these. Best idea ever Sarah

  7. The ONLY thing that will keep me from making these is 1) cutting the wood, 2) the fact that I scored a second spinner rack @ a church rummage sale CHEAP. You add glass stains and fabric paints to the acrylics….I think they multiply like 2 night time dirty dishes in the sink do; in the morning the sink is full! Another great project. My $3 gun rack is waiting for a scrub and a coat of paint to become another badly needed ribbon rack! We have been a week in Maine with no electricity after last Mon. nite’s storm; it is SOOOO good to see what you bloggers have been doing!

  8. This is an excellent idea. I like the idea that they are neatly stored and visible so you can find the color you need.

  9. Drawers are great for a lot of things. I have one on my all and I hang my collection of keyrings in it.

  10. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says

    This is such a clever idea Sarah. I have a bunch of paints just like yours and am always looking to find some way to organize them. Very smart repurpose.

  11. This is such a great idea! I would need several drawers though 🙂

  12. They certainly don’t make heavy duty drawers like that anymore! You are the queen of “want not waste not” and I love that you see what can be from what once was. I don’t do many crafts but I can see something like this for storing napkins. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  13. I love this, And I have some of this sitting around. Thank for or ideas.

  14. Fantastic project. I love that you can see the paint colors. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  15. what a brilliant project. i did something similar to make spice drawers but i did not think about the speed square trick (darn mine are glued in now). never thought outside the box and to turn a drawer on it’s side.

  16. OMG I have trying to find the perfect thing to house my paints and I absolutely love this!!!!!! I just so happen to have several drawers to work with that I have picked up in my journeys. So to heck with all the others I’ve seen this is the one for me! Can’t wait to get started! The funny thing is, I just boxed them all up because family has moved back in and I have to give up my craft room. I didn’t want them boxed up so this is a great alternative! Not to add…well done!

  17. Brilliant! I have several drawers I’ve bn figuring out how to use. thanks!

  18. Great idea for repurposing drawers – my shop needs some of these!

  19. Hi Sadie, Love this idea. As a passionate upcycler myself, I did a similar project from salvaged wooded mirror crates (I rescued drom a dumpster). I burnished and hung them on my studio wall to house many of my paint and other supplies. I also, have a small craft/art studio at home and wanted to do the same (loved the look and functionality) but lacked the wall space. So, I employed the use of of 2 old drawers (from this idea) and mounted them to the side of my big wooden craft armoire, with the addition of an elastic band across the front of the paint jars held in with a decorative thumbtack at each side; I can easily grab the “handle” and mount and dismount my “drawers” an take them with me if I want to paint outside or in another room or at the clubhouse.

  20. Could you be any MORE brilliant? I’m in love with this project…

  21. Super cute and easy storage idea. Love it. I paint the top of my non DecoArt paints so I can see the colors ?


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