Dressing Table Storage Ideas for Stress-Free Mornings

Dressing Table Storage Ideas for Stress-Free Mornings

You will know how untidy they can become if you are lucky enough to have a dressing table. With these easy tips on organizing your dressing area, you will have a functional space up and running again to help prepare for your day. Dressing table storage comes in various forms and can create a space you love by organizing a home for everything.

A dressing table can hold many items, from makeup and perfumes to daily toiletries and hair products. Making these items readily accessible can help you get ready quicker and stress-free. A cluttered worktop and drawers can lead to stress and anxiety, which is not a good way to start the day.

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Why Organize Your Dressing Table Space?

The dressing table is where you prepare for the day ahead and is often where your self-care routine comes into play. Arranging your dressing table is essential to ensure you don’t have to rush or start the day unorganized. Achieving this can create a sense of calm and leave you feeling stress-free.

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The last thing you want is to feel rushed every morning trying to find your most needed necessities. Being unorganized at home can lead to feeling frustrated and stressed out. No one likes a cluttered and unsightly mess in their bedroom, so ensure you begin each morning feeling and looking great with a clutter-free vanity table.

How To Organize Your Dressing Table With These Great Dressing Table Ideas

How you start your day can make a real difference in how the rest of the day pans out.

Make your space look neater and clear your head with these steps to help you organize your dressing table:

Position Your Table in the Best Place

Is your table facing natural light, or do you have a lamp? Good lighting is essential for your dressing table area, enabling you to see the perfect top on your makeup. Move your table under a window so the light shines towards you, giving you an illuminated glow.

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Clear Everything off the Top and Empty the Drawers

Start by removing everything from your dressing table. This will give you a clean slate and allow you to assess what you have. If you need more time, try decluttering one drawer at a time, as this will be less overwhelming.

Sort and Declutter

Go through all the items you’ve removed from your dressing table and sort them into categories such as makeup, toiletries, hair care, and jewelry.

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When looking at makeup and toiletries, check how long they have been open, as most makeup products have a shelf life. Are they out of date? Do they smell? Do you you use them? Keep items you use regularly and love. Throw out old makeup and discard or donate items you no longer need. Be ruthless in decluttering to avoid unnecessary mess.

Designate Zones

Decide on where you wish to keep your newly sorted items. Divide your dressing table drawers into different zones based on the types of articles you have. Use deeper drawers for oversized items such as hair care products or large bottles. Hairdryers and heat styling tools such as a straightener will need a larger space.

Save the drawers towards the top for daily use items such as makeup, skincare, and even hair styling accessories. This helps create a sense of order and makes it easier to find what you need.

Use Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions that suit your needs and help you organize more neatly. Here are some options for organizing your dressing table:

  1. Drawer Dividers: Use drawer dividers or organizers to separate and organize your makeup, skincare, and other small items. Draw dividers make a great way of organizing small items such as eye shadows, lip glosses, and other cosmetics.
  2. Clear Containers: Transparent containers or acrylic organizers are great for storing makeup remover pads and other small items. They also make it easy to see what’s inside. They often have small spaces and compartments for storing brushes and longer items upright.
  3. Trays and Plates: Use decorative trays or plates to corral frequently used items like perfume, jewelry, and hair accessories. Trays are great for easy access to eyeliners, lipsticks, and other essential items in your beauty routine.
  4. Shelves or Wall-Mounted Storage: If you have limited space on your dressing table, consider adding shelves or wall-mounted storage to keep things off the table but within easy reach. Pegboards are a great way of organizing storage as they have many options and ways to hang items. They also use space that is not usually utilized.
  5. Pots and Jars: Pots and jars make great makeup brush holders or are perfect for storing small items like bobby pins.
  6. Jewelry Box: Use a jewelry box or a hanging jewelry stand for objects such as necklaces and bracelets so they do not get tangled up.
  7. Baskets: Baskets are a great way to store items and can fit on shelves or in drawers. Stand perfumes or other beauty products up in baskets.
  8. Label or Categorize: Label containers or drawers if needed. This can be especially helpful for items with multiple components, like makeup palettes or skincare products. Try using a cutting machine such as a silhouette portrait or a Cricut machine to print and cut your labels to categorize.
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Rotate Seasonal Items

If you have many seasonal or occasional items (e.g., holiday-themed makeup), consider storing them in a separate box or drawer and rotating them as needed to keep your dressing table clutter-free. Keep these in a box or basket in an under-the-stairs cupboard or loft space to free up room.

Personalize Your Space

Add personal touches to your dressing table with decorative items such as a small vase with fresh flowers, a decorative mirror, or a framed photo. Just be sure to keep the space manageable.

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Maintain Regularly

Make it a habit to tidy up your dressing table daily or weekly, depending on your usage. Put items back in their designated spots after use to prevent clutter from building up. Keep it clean and tidy by wiping down the sides regularly. Cleaning wipes or a microfiber cloth should be stored nearby to quickly wipe down the surface for a clean look. You can also use a scented spray as you do this to make the area smell and feel fresh.

Evaluate Periodically

Every few months, go through your items again and declutter as necessary. Our beauty and grooming routines change over time, so keeping your dressing table organized and tailored to your current needs is essential.

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How Can I Make My Dressing Table Look Pretty?

  1. Add personal touches: Personalize your dressing table with items that reflect your personality. This could be framed photos, small potted plants, or sentimental objects with special meaning.
  2. Choose a color theme: Choose a pretty theme so everything ties in together. Use pots, artificial flowers, or perfume bottles in matching colors.
  3. Select pretty accessories: Choose accessories like perfume bottles or jewelry stands that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Look for items to match your theme or color scheme.
  4. Add a pretty stool: Add a decorative stool or seat with a matching cushion to dress up the area.
  5. Use decorative elements: Incorporate decorative elements like candles, decorative trays, or small sculptures to add visual interest. Just be mindful not to overcrowd the space.
  6. Invest in a quality mirror: A good-quality mirror is essential for a dressing table. It serves its functional purpose and can be a beautiful focal point. Consider a stylish frame or an antique mirror for added charm.
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What if I Don’t Have Time To Organize My Dressing Table?

Do one drawer at a time! Take your time and start small so as not to overwhelm yourself.

By following these steps and customizing them to your preferences, you can create an organized and functional dressing table that helps streamline your daily routine.

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