Repairing a Rustic Birdhouse with Barnwood

Repairing a Rustic Birdhouse with Barnwood

Several years ago, I saw a rustic birdhouse that was done up like a “junk shop”. And while I didn’t make the purchase, I never forgot how cute it was. So, when I found this broken birdhouse while thrifting, it seemed like I had been given a second chance at a junky birdhouse. I just needed to fix it up and I already had the right piece of barnwood to do it!

Here’s the original (that I didn’t buy).

decorative birdhouse at an antique store

And this is my thrifted find (for about 10% of the cost of my inspiration birdhouse!).

broken birdhouse

I honestly didn’t have to do much to fix up my fixer upper. Just a new base, a new roof, and a hanging wire. Easy peasy and I knew it would look adorable in my yard!

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Using Barnwood to Update a Rustic Birdhouse

To fix up my broken birdhouse, I first wanted to disinfect it as best I could. So, I made a light bleach solution in a spray bottle of water and spritzed the whole thing down. Inside and out.

Then, I let it sit overnight to dry out before tackling the old roof slats that needed to be removed.

birdhouse roof ideas

With work gloves on, I pried them off and gave the interior a good sanding to remove splinters and extra-rough surfaces.

replacing a birdhouse roof

Next, I retrieved the plank of barnwood that I planned on using for the base and roof. It was wonderfully weathered and already a good width.

Plus, it was on the thin side and wouldn’t add too much weight to my rustic birdhouse.

birdhouse roof from barnwood

After taking some measurements, we sawed off three sections of barnwood. I needed two coordinating sections for the roof (which I planned to make hinged) and one for the base.

barnwood to fix a rustic birdhouse

Theoretically, this is what it’ll look like when I’m done. I just needed to add a splash of color first! 

making a new birdhouse roof and base

Fixing a Rustic Birdhouse for a Junk Garden

I wanted the barnwood roof and base to coordinate with the existing colors of the shutters and doorframe of my rustic birdhouse.

YES, I love the natural barnwood, but for a decorative birdhouse, a touch of paint was warranted.

painting a barnwood birdhouse

To keep the paint job “washed out”, I used a wet chip brush and just a drop of paint (sometimes blue, sometimes green).

After the paint dried, I lightly sanded each piece of barnwood to both smooth it out and weather the colors.

barnwood for a rustic birdhouse

After this, I sealed the roof pieces and base with top coat and used a spray-on sealant for the birdhouse itself.

Now it was assembly time!

Using a combination of small screws and wood glue, I first attached the small section of barnwood roof to the birdhouse, lining it up with the peak. Then, using two small hinges, I connected the second section of roof, linking it up with the edge of the screwed-on roof section.

After that, I drilled a couple of small holes in the middle of the birdhouse base (for ventilation/drainage). Then, I used wood glue on the base, centering the birdhouse on top. How did I weigh it down and help the wood glue adhere without clamps?

I made a makeshift “weight” by filling a produce plastic bag with our coin jar contents! It sounds silly but it worked like a charm! 

fixing a birdhouse roof with barnwood

Once the glue had thoroughly set and dried, I reinforced the base by tapping in some small nails through the bottom.

And just like that, my rustic birdhouse had been thoroughly repaired and was nearly ready to be used.

rustic birdhouse

Here’s my new hinged roof on the birdhouse! This will make it easy to clean out each season.

birdhouse with a hinged roof

Repairing a Rustic Birdhouse with Barnwood

Lastly, I drilled pilot holes under each gable and inserted a small eye screw. Then I simply strung some braided picture hanging wire between the two screws.

Ta-da! My rustic birdhouse was all fixed up and ready for the yard.

barnwood birdhouse

It really is adorable wildlife habitat – I’ll let you know if any of my resident wren or chickadee families move in.

As you may recall, those are my most frequent birdhouse nesters.

repairing a rustic birdhouse with barnwood


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Craft on!


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  1. That hinged roof is brilliant!!

  2. That’s adorable! I love the way the painted barn wood came out.

  3. Oh my gosh Sarah!!! I LOVE this barn,wood birdhouse!!! I want one! It’s soooo you! 😉

  4. This turned out beautifully! OMG…your cat ready for the birds!! I’m quickly becoming that crazy cat lady with our new cat. 🙂

  5. Rita Corblies says

    How cute and you only had to do a little bit of work to get what you envisioned. Great hint using a plastic bag filled with coins to weigh down the roof while the glue dried.

  6. Béatrice Tanguy says

    Bravo et merci pour ces créations de l’autre bout du monde !!!! Je vous souhaite une fabuleuse année 2019 faite de créations de partage et d’amour !!!!! Grosses bises d’un petit coin de France ;…

  7. Ok! That birdhouse is too cute!!!

  8. Robyn Wright says

    I would have bought that in a HOT second!

  9. You are so creative, this is adorable!

  10. Your bird house is just adorable, wish I had your talent

  11. What a great up-cycle. I love these fancy birdhouses but they are always so expensive! I like your addition of color; it brightened it right up! The hinged lid will be great for cleanouts (and even checking on the baby birds!). Great save!

  12. adorable!! So stinkin’ clever!!

  13. You know that adorable Cottonball, the photo bomber, is determined to be hired as your assistant. Maybe on this project especially considering the contents could be considered dinner!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      He *does* love to watch the birds out the window!! I keep telling him he can’t eat his friends! 😉

  14. Naomi Shelton says

    That is an adorable bird house, Sarah! I would love to pin it but I can’t figure out how to. What do I click on on your post page to do that? If I click on the big P at the bottom I go to your Pinterest site and have to look through a b’zillion posts. Is there another way? Am I missing something? Thanks for any help you can give me here!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hmmm- I can definitely help you out with that, but are you looking at the blog post on your phone or on your computer (the pin location is different in each)? Conversely, if you’re on your computer, you can click on this pin and save it to your own board!


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