DIY Greeting Cards from File Folders

DIY Greeting Cards from File Folders

Spring and early summer bring a plethora of family holidays and birthdays in my world. But the last thing I want to do right now is linger in a grocery store looking for the perfect cards for everyone. So, I decided that DIY greeting cards were the route to take this year.

The problem with that? I have limited craft paper and no card stock in my craft stash. I’m just not a paper crafter in general, so I was going to have to get creative.

After some thought, though, it dawned on me that I did have something on hand to turn in DIY greeting cards. In fact, I had a whole box of them in our home office.

File folders as a source of cheap cardstock for DIY greeting cards

File folders! Both the hanging kind and the regular version.

They were made with a heavy card stock paper AND they already had a strongly creased fold that would be perfect for DIY greeting cards!

And while I don’t keep much card stock on hand, the same can’t be said for various paper ephemera. Heck, remember this project that I made to store all my little crafty paper bits?

Paper ephemera and scrapbooking supplies to make the handmade greeting cards

I had plenty of labels, used vintage greeting cards, maps, and scraps of decorative paper to play around with.

So, with file folders and craft paper bits in hand, I was ready to make a few DIY greeting cards. Or at least try making them in hopes that they looked good enough to give someone!

Upcycling the colored file folders into blank greeting cards

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Cardmaking with File Folders

Because I would need to mail some of these DIY greeting cards, I had to take stock of the envelopes I had. Most were leftover from boxes of Christmas cards.

Once I had an envelope picked out, I gathered a file folder and some cardmaking supplies (like a self-healing mat, scissors, etc.).

Cheap cardstock for greeting cards from colored file folders

First, using the envelope as a guide, I cut out a greeting card from the file folder that was just smaller than my envelope.

Sizing the DIY greeting cards from file folders with envelopes

But one thing I wasn’t counting on was the fact that the file folders were stamped inside by the maker!


But I had a work-around, and grabbed one of my sheets of label paper that I had leftover from my Etsy shop days.

Label paper to go on the inside of DIY greeting cards

Next, I cut out rectangles of label paper and stuck them on the insides of the card. Perfect- they covered up the Office Depot stamps AND gave me a nice white surface to write on!

Blank greeting cards from file folders and label paper

Decorating the DIY Greeting Cards

Once the interior of the card was done, I focused on the exterior. Otherwise known as the fun decorating part!

First, I trimmed a piece of decorative paper to fit the front of the card. You can find great grab-bags of decorative paper or mulberry paper on Etsy, which are perfect for this kind of craft project.

Decorating the DIY greeting cards with mulberry paper

Then, I salvaged part of vintage used greeting card to place on top of the decorative paper.

Upcycling the vintage greeting cards with file folders for blank greeting cards

With a basic glue stick in hand, I first adhered the vintage greeting card paper to the decorative paper. Then, I adhered the decorative paper to the front of my file folder card.

Glue stick to attach the mulberry paper to the file folders in cardmaking

I used heavy books to keep everything flat as the glue dried and cured.

When all was said and done, my DIY greeting card was finished. And you know what? I absolutely loved it!

DIY greeting cards by upcycling the colored file folders

I highly recommend looking for listings on Etsy for Mulberry paper scrap lots. Inexpensive and perfect for these kinds of paper craft projects!

DIY Greeting Cards from File Folders

In no time at all, I made several DIY greeting cards from various colorful file folders!

Repurposing the file folders for cardmaking with scrapbooking supplies

Some sported just colorful paper, others had layers like the blue one I made. And I also printed some general greetings on a sheet of label paper, which I then could stick on the card fronts.

Either way, the file folders were absolutely PERFECT for upcycling as DIY greeting cards. I’m just so glad I had colorful folders on hand.

old file folders as diy greeting cards

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for DIY greeting cards from file folders, then you may also enjoy this upcycling idea for a vintage magazine holder, as well!

File tote for reusable stencils as arts and crafts storage

Craft on!


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  1. Excellent! You are so clever and creative~that I already knew, but you just keep on amazing me! These look so professional, I would not have guessed you made these yourself. Who wouldn’t want a custom card created just for them?

  2. Ephemera, mulberry paper – see all I learn from you (in addition to the REALLY pretty cards??) I really loved today’s blog – great idea, as usual! PS – don’t apologize about the book release, not your fault! I’ll look forward to it any time. 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, my friend!! Miss our HHs!! Hope you guys are doing well through all this.

  3. Karolyn Love says

    Brilliant!! What a great idea and one more of your ideas I will be using, Sadie!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Tracy King says

    Great idea and very in-depth tutorial, thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun to recycle gorgeous Christmas cards! Especially if you were able to send back the recycle card to the one who sent it!!

  6. Sharon Girvin-Davison says

    Love the real recycled card as a front. So much easier than creating the words etc. i am a card hoarder. I use them or cut pieces out to reuse. Great post. Thanks.

  7. As usual, these are brilliant and beautiful! I had never heard of mulberry paper before, so googled it. So, not only did I get a great idea for cards, I also learned something new. Thank you!


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