Concrete Craft Ideas

Concrete Craft Ideas

Using concrete as a craft supply sounds far more intimidating than it is. With the right setup at home and a few basic supplies, making concrete crafts to use as home decor is easier and far more doable than you may think.

Fairy Light Base

light base made from concrete

Photo source: A Crafty Mix.

Twinkle lights or fairy lights are a perennial favorite when it comes to magical illumination. And a decorative concrete base like this is perfect for capturing those twinkling lights under glass.

Decorative Garden Stones

decorative garden stones in quirky shapes

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Decorative garden stones like these look far more complicated to make than they really are. Using vintage copper molds (the kind that used to hang on kitchen walls), these stones are easy to create and fun to decorate when finished.

Jack-o-Lantern Planter

concrete pumpkin

Photo source: Cali Girl in a Southern World.

You know those plastic pumpkins that kids use for trick-or-treating? Well, they’re also fun to repurpose as a mold to create concrete jack-o-lanterns, too. Decorated or naked, they add a fun modern touch to your holiday decor.

Terracotta Concrete Craft

terracotta tray

Photo source: Petticoat Junktion.

Want the terracotta look on something unique and different? Concrete is a great base and can be painted to look eerily similar to terracotta, like this DIY tray.

Hypertufa Planters

large concrete planters

Photo source: House of Hawthornes.

These planters may look like impossible-to-lift concrete planters, but they’re actually made from something called Hypertufa. Which means it’s a blend of things, including a specific type of concrete, that makes them sturdy but less heavy than you may think.

Modern Candleholder

modern candleholder from concrete

Photo source: A Crafty Mix.

Concrete is a great base for making candle holders because it’s fireproof and acts as the kind of stable, sturdy base all candleholders should be. And this one has a modern twist with its shape and a paint job that is reminiscent of cut agate stone.

Vases as a Concrete Craft

diy concrete vases

Photo source: Hearth and Vine.

They look modern and uber-chic, but these concrete vases are made from the most common of household items. Think potato chip tubes and other items in your recycle bin- how thrifty is that?

Stepping Stone with a Secret

DIY mosaic stepping stone with key hider

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

This DIY stepping stone may look like a pretty basic concrete craft. But there’s a secret hiding underneath it and might save the day if you ever get locked out! AND it adds an extra punch of upcycling, to boot.

Decorative Orbs

concrete orbs that look like geodes

Photo source: Made By Barb.

Think of these decorative orbs as abstract geodes- but those aren’t crystals. Believe it or not, but these DIY orbs blend in broken safety glass with concrete. Talk about making lemonade from lemons, eh?

Concrete Craft with Leaves

concrete leaf dishes

Photo source: Shop at Blu.

Leaves from your yard, especially elephant ears or something similar, are ideal supplies to press and mold your concrete craft. These large leaf dishes are perfect for some whimsical, but understated garden decor that your HOA might not even notice.

Concrete Flowers

dipping fake flowers in concrete

Photo source: Anika’s DIY Life.

Dipping faux flowers in concrete is a fun experiment to do with the (older) kids because it uses very little cement. Plus, there’s always the fun part of painting or decorating them after the concrete dries, too.

Modern Clock

concrete clock

Photo source: Remodelaholic.

Simple and straightforward, this concrete craft is a good starter project for anyone Especially if you’re a fan of modern decor and the clean lines that go along with it.

DIY Doorstop

upcycling idea for vintage tools

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

Let’s say you inherited some old tools from a family member or other loved one. Wouldn’t this DIY doorstop be a great way to treasure their memory by uniquely upcycling one of the tools?

Think You’ll Try a Concrete Craft?

Mixing the cement to make the decorative garden stones in the copper molds

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Yes, concrete crafts do come with a few precautions and wearing gloves/eye protection is definitely recommended. But it’s also fun to try out a new craft supply and DIY technique, too. So, if you do try out a concrete craft now, just be careful and have fun! I think you’ll love whatever it is that you make.

Craft on!


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