Fabric Pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana

Fabric Pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana

After making these vintage bandana bowl covers, I couldn’t stop myself from snapping up vintage bandanas wherever I went. Over the years, I’ve collected them in all the colors of the rainbow, including plenty in orange and black. So I decided they would be perfect for some fabric pumpkins for Halloween decor.

These are the bandana bowl covers that I was talking about. Aren’t they cute?

reusable bowl covers from bandanas

But let’s get back to my Halloween idea and the appropriately-colorful vintage bandanas that I collected for my project.

Halloween bandanas in orange and black

I also bought some embroidery floss in matching hues.

Embroidery floss in Halloween colors

I have a sneaking suspicion that bandana pumpkins are just going to be ADORABLE – what do you think?

Now, these fabric pumpkins are not a new idea and tutorials for them are all over the internet. In fact, I believe Martha Stewart might be the originator of the idea.

But, I just think they will be extra special when made with Halloween bandanas. Ready to find out?

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Beginning Steps for Fabric Pumpkins

To create a bandana pumpkin for Halloween decor, I needed a piece of bandana fabric that was twice as long as it was wide (14” x 7”, 13” x 6.5”…etc.).

Measuring the halloween bandana

Next, I cut out my bandana rectangle, trying to capture as much fabric pattern as possible.

DIY fabric pumpkins from a Halloween bandana

Next, I folded the rectangle of bandana fabric over on itself, short ends together and “good” sides of the fabric facing together (on the inside).

Then, I stitched along those short edges on my sewing machine so that it formed a fabric tube/cylinder.

Sewing the fabric pumpkins from a bandana

After that was done, I ran a wide running stitch along one edge of the fabric, all the way around the “tube”.

Sewing a running stitch to make a plush pumpkin

I know it still doesn’t look anything like a fabric pumpkin yet, but bear with me!

Filling the Fabric Pumpkins

Next, I gathered the fabric by pulling the thread tightly (but not pulling the knotted end through).

Pulling a running stitch to cinch the fabric together

After it was cinched, I pushed my needle through the ruffled fabric a few times before knotting off the end.

Closing up the bottom of the fabric pumpkin

Then, I turned my Halloween bandana my right-side-out. What had once been a fabric tube was now like a little bag.

Preparing to stuff a plush pumpkin from a bandana

Then, I stuffed it positively FULL with fiber fill. When it was positively stuffed, I once again ran a wide running stitch along the raw edge. 

Filling a bandana pumpkin with fiber fill

The first of my fabric pumpkins was coming together!

Next, I gathered the bandana fabric like I had before, tucking the fiberfill in as much as possible. Finally, I stitched the opening closed and knotted off the thread.

Sewing shut a fabric pumpkin from a Halloween bandana

Now came the fun part – turning my bandana sphere into a bandana pumpkin!

Finishing the Fabric Pumpkins for Halloween Decor

I still needed to add “ridges” to my fabric pumpkins. So, gathered some embroidery floss and a doll needle for this step.

Embroidery floss in a contrasting color to add the ridges to a fabric pumpkin

First, I pulled a long strand of floss (triple-knotted at one end) through the center and pushed it back into my bandana pumpkin at the top.

Making the ridges on DIY fabric pumpkins

I pushed the doll needle all the way through the other puckered end and pulled the floss super tight, squishing the fabric pumpkin. I did this over and over again, pulling super tight, to create ridges.

Bandana pumpkin for rustic Halloween decor

I’m telling ya, the doll needle made this SO much easier than an embroidery needle would have. I tried it with an embroidery needle and nearly lost it inside my bandana pumpkin!

After pulling my floss through about 6 or 7 times around the fabric pumpkin, I knotted off the floss (while pulled tight).

And there it was…a little fabric pumpkin that was very much indeed a bandana pumpkin.

Plush pumpkins in bandana fabric

To finish off my bandana pumpkin, I just needed a stem. And while you weren’t looking, I made a several more fabric pumpkins from my Halloween bandana collection!

But back to the stems – I wanted a rustic look to complement the bandana pumpkins. So, I grabbed some sticks from the yard. Can I check “yard work” off my to-do list now?

Pumpkin stems from branches on fabric pumpkins

Fabric Pumpkins from a Halloween Bandana

I lopped off 1” and 1½” stick stems and hot-glued them to the center of each fabric pumpkin.

So easy and the sticks had the perfect against the Halloween bandana fabric.

Bandana pumpkins for DIY Halloween decor

And that was it! I had a whole collection of fabric pumpkins or bandana pumpkins for my Halloween decor. I mean, DOES IT GET ANY CUTER THAN THIS?

DIY fabric pumpkins by upcycling a bandana

Aren’t they adorable?? I think the bandana fabric is just divine, and you can get at least two fabric pumpkins out of each one. That makes this a really affordable Halloween craft project, as well.

I loved these so much that I even made a version in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”! So, if bandana material isn’t really your style, may I suggest flannel instead?

fabric pumpkins in crafting with flannel

Now I can fill a bowl or small vintage crate with my fabric pumpkins and they’ll look wonderful for autumn and Halloween!

If you also enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween decor, then you’ll also love my Trick-or-Treat stand made from a vintage sewing bucket!

Halloween trick or treat ideas with a candy bowl holder

And don’t forget to check out these faux rust jack-o-lanterns from candy buckets, too!

Plastic pumpkins as primitive Halloween decor with rust effect paint

Craft on!


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      I love the idea of making memorial pumpkins from his bandanas! It’s just a lovely idea – I know I’ve had readers do that using my various flannel shirt blog projects, but it never dawned on me that the bandana pumpkins could become a memorial project. Thank you for sharing your plans with me, Erin- it warms my heart!

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