Mirrored Tray from a Picture Frame

Mirrored Tray from a Picture Frame

As a fun change of pace, the Charlotte Region ReStores had asked me to develop a project that celebrated the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 (“Very Peri”). There were lots of ways I could go about this, but I didn’t just want to do a simple periwinkle makeover. So, I decided to take it one step further and upcycle a small picture frame from one of their thrift stores into a mirrored tray.

small picture frames

And yes, Pantone Very Peri is quite the color and might not be the choice for everyone. But, the fundamentals of making a mirrored dresser tray are definitely worth noting.

Now, I’m certainly no stranger to repurposed projects that start with a picture frame that came from a thrift store. Such as this framed cork board

Framed cork board from a picture frame

And this embroidered wall art project.

cottagecore art from vintage floral sheets

But a mirrored tray would be a fun new project to add to my repertoire. AND I could hunt down a paint substitute for Very Peri, which sounded like a challenge that was right up my alley.

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Dresser Tray with Pantone Very Peri

But first, back to the picture frame. Ideally I would have loved to have found a good oval or even circle picture frame. But I also needed it to be small and delicate, and I simply came up short while thrifting.

So, I settled on this rectangular one instead.

repurpose a picture frame

Even though it wasn’t oval or round, it had the delicateness that I was looking for. And the frame itself had some nice detail that I knew would look pretty after I painted it. Plus, I mean- the price was right, too!

making a mirrored tray

Transforming this frame into a mirrored tray is wildly simple. And, I certainly understand that painting it in a bright color similar to Very Peri might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But the frame color isn’t critical to the success of the transformation.

mirrored tray in pantone very peri

For anyone interested, the frame color is “Wild Pansy” by Behr, which I decided was a good version of Pantone Very Peri. Some photos make it look more purple and others make it look more blue- depending on the lighting I had at the time.

But, like I said before, the frame color can be anything you want! Heck, you don’t even need to paint the frame- it’s the glass painting that is the key step to this transformation.

If you are interested in the full tutorial for creating this mirrored tray, please pop over to the Charlotte Region ReStore’s blog post! All of the details and step-by-step photos can be found on their website- I sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Upcycling ideas with Habitat Restore Charlotte Region

Mirrored Tray from a Picture Frame

Whether you love the periwinkle paint color or not, this is still a super easy project to make. And I just LOVE the results. I mean, who doesn’t love a mirrored tray for some of their favorite pieces of jewelry?

krylon looking glass for a dresser tray

This is definitely one of those upcycling projects that you can certainly make for yourself. But it’s also a terrific project to make as a gift, as well. I could totally see making one of these for my niece when she’s older. 

I would have LOVED one of these when I was just out of college in my first apartment, too. My mom would probably like one, as well, but definitely in a different color!

mirrored tray from a picture frame

Do you think you’ll be upcycling a thrift store picture frame into a mirrored tray any time soon? The reflection quality is perfect for a dresser tray, too. Not bright and shiny like your bathroom mirror, but almost a dusty reflection that has a vintage feel to it.

mirrored tray

I hope you enjoyed this simply upcycling project idea that I did in conjunction with the Charlotte Region ReStores. As always, I appreciate you understanding that the full step-by-step tutorial is on their website, and not mine.

And for even more upcycling ideas for picture frames, please check out this collection of them before you go!

Upcycled picture frames and things to do with old picture frames

Craft on!


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  1. I love the color. It reminds me of the mirrored tray my grandmother had on her dresser with matching brush, comb etc. It was made of bakelite from the 30’s +. I would hang it up and use it as a mirror but that’s just me.

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