Making a Password Book / Password Organizer with an Address Book

Making a Password Book / Password Organizer with an Address Book

Here we go again with another upcycling idea of mine that maybe doesn’t warrant a blog post – but I’m doing one anyway! There I was in my in-laws’ rental cabin and my mother-in-law mentioned that she needed a password organizer from an office supply store. I didn’t actually realize that a password book or password logbook was a “thing”, to be perfectly honest.

But as she talked more about it, it occurred to me like a flash of upcycling lightning that a small address book or phone number book would serve the same purpose!

And on one of my recent thrift store adventures, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Small address book or phone number book at thrift store to be used as a password organizer by Sadie Seasongoods

Remember how common these once were? And how you couldn’t live without it?

Alphabetical tabs in a small address book that could be upcycled into a password book by Sadie Seasongoods

But now that we store phone numbers in our cell phones and addresses online, these little books have fallen by the wayside. Which is unfortunate because there are a LOT of them out there.

Vintage phone books and vintage address books for upcycling idea into an internet password book by Sadie Seasongoods

With their alphabetical tabs or other alphabetizing function, they would be PERFECT for using as a password book for password organization, though. Don’t you agree?

Upcycling idea for vintage address books to be repurposed for password organization by Sadie Seasongoods

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Making a Password Organizer from an Address Book

Obviously, I could have stopped here, right? Just use the little phone book as-is for password organization – no additional steps needed.

But what’s the fun in that?

I decided to give a couple of my small address books a little makeover, starting with shimmery green craft paint.

Why green paint? Because I wanted to transform them to look like little circuit boards! I used to have a recycled circuit board notebook, but it has vanished over the years.

And I just so happened to have a vinyl stencil with a circuit board pattern on it.

Using a vinyl stencil of a circuit board pattern for upcycling a small address book into a password organizer by Sadie Seasongoods

Once the green paint had dried on each small address book, I used painter’s tape to fix the stencil on top. Then, I simply stippled gold craft paint over the circuit board pattern.

Stenciling on a circuit board pattern for recycling a phone number book into a password book or password organizer by Sadie Seasongoods

Password Book for Password Organization

And that was it – my phone number book had a brand new look to go along with its brand new purpose.

Using a phone number book or small address book for password organization by Sadie Seasongoods

My plan is to use the alphabetical nature of the address book to help organize passwords. For instance, I’d store a gmail password under “G”…Facebook password under “F”, and so on.

Password organizer or password book by upcycling a phone number book with paint and a vinyl stencil by Sadie Seasongoods

Now, I will caution you about password safety and security to go along with a password organizer / password book. Some alternative things to consider:

  • Use hints in your password book instead of actual passwords;
  • Store the password organizer in a secret location away from windows, perhaps in a safe or fireproof box;
  • Redact old passwords in the book as you change them over time. Better yet, use a pencil and erase outdated passwords entirely;
  • Don’t be afraid to rip pages out and shred them to be sure; and
  • When it comes to good passwords, longer is better / safer (and more important than a super complicated password).

Either way, though, I think this is a modern new way to use those little phone / address books that end up at thrift stores. Plus, finding a quirky vintage phone number book makes for a fun scavenger hunt, too!

Upcycling a small address book into a password organizer or internet password book by Sadie Seasongoods

Speaking of technological changes, if you enjoyed this upcycling idea, then you’ll love my industrial side table made from VHS tape storage drawers!

Industrial bedside table or modern industrial furniture that started as VHS storage or cassette tape storage by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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How to upcycle vintage address books into a password organizer or internet password book by Sadie Seasongoods

A new use for old tech with a vintage address book or phone number book for home office organization by Sadie Seasongoods


  1. Sadie, you rock! See, I recycled an old phrase! Might you remember where you obtained that wonderful stencil? It’s a bit larger than most I’ve seen, which is what I want. Thanks Sadie!

  2. That’s a simple but really good idea. I really need to organize my passwords because they’re all randomly listed in a little notebook and it can take a while to find something. I had not thought of a vintage address book — now I have something to hunt for at my favorite thrift.

  3. I’ve resisted the idea of a password notebook but honestly these days we wind up with so many of them. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to create an account on a site only to find out I already have one I forgot about!

  4. This is a great idea. I’ve been looking for an old Rolodex to use with my passwords. It’s easy to replace cards! I have so many, though, that I really should research online password vaults. Anyone know about those? 😳

  5. Wendy Oyler says

    I actually still have an address book that I use! But now I am going to have to search the thrift stores for a smaller one that I can up-cycle for all my passwords! LOVE the circuit board stencil, very cool! Great job as always!

  6. I recycled an old wooden box and 3X5 cards for my passwords…you really hit it out of the park with the green paint and circuit board stencil. I have a very bad habit of taking a card out and not filing it back as quickly as I should and a book would help with that, however, I also can see me misplacing it…LOL

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      LOL!!! I used to keep all my addresses for Christmas cards in my mom’s old recipe box from the 60s!

  7. What a great idea! On the lookout for an address book.

  8. What a great idea Sarah, I love the stencil and colors you used!!!

  9. Love this idea! I also use a notebook but it’s not as organized😊

  10. Fonda Rush says

    I’m way ahead of you, because I have been using the vintage metal kind for a few years for my passwords. One thing I’ve done differently is organize some of my entries by type. For example, under B I have listed all of my banks and credit cards, and under H all of my healthcare including social security, Medicare and My Chart for my doctors. Under S is Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This way, I can access all of my category information on one page. Luckily, my metal address “book” has two pages — one down and the back of the page just before it — just in case I need more space. I must admit that I have it next to my computer, and hopefully whomever breaches the house just sees it as an address book. I’m on the computer frequently, so stashing it away in my lock box would just make my life more difficult. Thanks for sharing (unlike I did!).

  11. vickie l obrien says

    I love reading your BLOG — and this is something that I can really use –to keep up with all the passwords to different sites —

  12. Robyn Wright says

    I’m surprised you found ANY old phone number books. I haven’t seen them in years!

  13. I’ve been using an old address book for passwords for several years now after I started using different ones for different things–so frustrating having to wait for them to send me a new one! I love the circuit board idea, though. Would be such a great gift idea for a techie. I don’t have my addresses on the computer and still only have a trac phone so I am WAY behnd the times!

  14. Sadie I love your idea about the password organizer. I have often tried to figure out how to keep them in one area and safe, so I developed a excel spreadsheet and have four pages of them. So I am going to try this idea to be a bit more professional about it. Thank you for sharing this idea. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Sue Addison says

    I love how your brain works! Another great idea!

  16. Another great idea for the books! Haha. I have never been able t let my address book go altogether. I definitely use my digital contact list, but there’s a little vintage piece of me that doesn’t 100% trust it over pencil to paper. I never connected the dots though, to use one of these little gems for passwords. I’m in! Thanks for sharing!!

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