Neutral Christmas Decor with a Receipt Spike

Neutral Christmas Decor with a Receipt Spike

Truth be told, I originally published this blog post in December of 2014. But, I doubt that most of my longest subscribers and readers would even remember it! So, when I recently unearthed them in a moving box at our new house, I decided to republish this post about a receipt spike and how I transformed it into a little Christmas tree.

As it turned out, I ended up finding several of these paper spikes on my vintage-shopping adventures.

receipt spike

And as I studied them, I was struck by how much their ornate bottoms reminded me of a cast iron Christmas tree stand. Once upon a time, I actually found one at a charity rummage sale for the amazing price of $3.

cast iron christmas tree stand

Hard to believe that price, right? That was many, many years ago- I doubt I’d ever find one that cheaply again!

Anyway, since I had some vintage sheet music leftover from my light cage luminaria project (below), I decided to pair it with my receipt spikes.

Christmas lantern for a rustic Christmas by upcycling the light bulb cages into luminaries with sheet music

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Vintage Sheet Music on a Receipt Spike

Turning these spikes into neutral Christmas trees is super easy- and they come together in no time. And if you don’t have old sheet music, an old book (preferably one that is falling apart), will also do. 

Or old Christmas cards…or craft paper…etc.

receipt spike and vintage sheet music

And the only “crafting” step that is required? Tearing paper. Tearing the paper of your choice (vintage sheet music for me) into squares of various sizes.

First, I started with larger squares- about 2” or 3” squares.

building a neutral christmas tree

Then, I simply stuck them on the receipt spike in the center. And each square was rotated slightly to resemble a full and bushy Christmas tree.

After that, slightly smaller squares of paper. Smaller and smaller squares, stuck on the spike. Again, turned just so to make it look full.

neutral christmas decor with vintage sheet music

Could you cut the squares with scissors? Sure, of course. But I liked the uneven rougher edges associated with tearing.

And that’s all there was to it! Just like that, I had a neutral Christmas tree made from vintage sheet music on a receipt holder spike.

neutral christmas tree with a receipt spike

Neutral Christmas Decor with a Receipt Spike

Of course, I made a trio since I had several paper spikes! And I always prefer things in odd numbers anyway.

neutral christmas decor

Aren’t they charming? And they truly require ZERO crafting skills- all you need are the right components to make them.

neutral christmas tree

No glue, no paint, no tools. It’s SO simple that it almost didn’t warrant the first time I blogged about it, let alone a re-publish!

Perhaps the best part, though, is that they are easy to store. I simply pulled all the paper up off the receipt spike together, keeping the sizing in order. Then, I stored them in a plastic sandwich bag and wove the paper spike through the plastic bag.

neutral christmas tree on a receipt holder spike

Everything stays together nice and neat so that I can re-build the trees each year!

Thank you for indulging me as I republish this old, long-forgotten project! AND you are getting the slightest peak of the decor in our living room, which a COMPLETE overhaul from our old decor.

Don’t worry, though- I’ll be blogging about our new house soon. And the secondhand redecorating journey over the coming year- I promise!

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Craft on!


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mini christmas trees from vintage sheet music

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  1. Carmen Montmarquet says

    Love this idea! Now I will be looking for them when I go thrifting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. again, another easy adorable project!

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