Picture Frame Jewelry Box as Valentine’s Day Decor

Picture Frame Jewelry Box as Valentine’s Day Decor

It was pretty funny if you think about it. Shortly after Valentine’s Day last year, I kept finding the same ring box or mini jewelry box while out thrifting. It hailed from Kmart and apparently the recipients didn’t care for the little box. I snapped up one and then another, determined to turn them into Valentine’s Day home decor.

The first ring box I found…

Mini jewelry box at the thrift store for upcycling into Valentine's Day home decor

And then the second one, exactly the same design as the first.

Ring box or mini jewelry box to be repurposed into vintage valentine decorations

From a jewelry box perspective, they were limited in their design. But from an upcycling into Valentine’s Day decor perspective?

They’d be perfect little decorations and/or trinket boxes for candy.

And because they were also a picture frame jewelry box, I could further embellish them with a vintage valentine card, too!

Upcycling a picture frame jewelry box into Valentines home decor

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Upcycling a Ring Box or Picture Frame Jewelry Box

I already had an upcycling idea in mind when I stumbled across a similarly sized photo frame with a heart cut out. I was OBVIOUSLY destined to upcycle these, and why not do it as a coordinated set?

Thrift store decor for Valentine's Day with mini jewelry boxes and wooden picture frame

Painting them in festive pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day seemed like a no-brainer.

First, I raided my “Oops” paint collection and nabbed another sample of pink latex paint from Home Depot.

Pink latex paint and red latex paint for upcycling the mini jewelry boxes for Valentine's Day

I painted each picture frame box so that they popped with bright color- and I decided not to distress the edges. I liked the full color and it saved me a step!

Painting the mini jewelry box or picture frame jewelry box for Valentines home decor

Next, I wanted to insert a vintage valentine into each picture frame jewelry box. But of course, I wasn’t about to chop up an actual vintage card.

But there are loads of digital downloads of vintage Valentines available online. Some are free, and others cost a few dollars. But, it was an easy fix for my problem!

So, I selected a few that worked with my ring box collection, sized them to fit, and printed them out. I saved some in this Pinterest board, if you’re in need of any!

Printable vintage valentines to go in the picture frame jewelry box or ring box

Picture Frame Jewelry Box as Valentine’s Day Decor

And that was it! The vintage Valentines worked perfectly in my small trinket boxes. Such a sweet and simple thrift store makeover for Valentine’s Day home decor.

Picture frame jewelry boxes for Valentine's Day

Pro Tip: Did you know that removing the ring cushions from inside a jewelry box like this is easy? You just need pliers and can gently pry them out (maybe even with your fingers). That way, a ring box like this can become a more useful trinket box or Valentine’s Day gift box for wrapped candy!

I think they are just the sweetest little trinket boxes now! Part of me is hoping to find more cast-off Kmart jewelry boxes while thrifting.

Valentine's day craft with jewelry boxes

But the other part of me knows I already have two and don’t need any more.

I see heart-shaped decor pieces at thrift stores all the time, and they are simply PERFECT for upcycling into Valentine’s Day decor.

V-day isn’t a holiday that needs too much decorating. But when you find outdated “heart” treasures while thrifting, it becomes “DIY Meant To Be”.

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Valentine’s Day home decor, then you’ll love this cross stitch heart that I made on cane webbing!

cross stitch heart on cane placemats

Craft on!


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  1. These are just darling, Sadie & love the vintage images you chose!?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you!! There are SO many vintage Valentines out there to print up, but the challenge was finding the right heart-shaped ones with all the cute wording visible. A fun and sweet challenge, LOL.

  2. What adorable Valentines, these cast off boxes and frame are just perfect!

  3. Anita Montogmery says

    Cute idea, again thanks for sharing. Just wondering a couple of days ago I commented under your Thrift Store cups post also asking the question what do you do with the treasures you create. I love to up cycle too, but am never sure what to do with them all. I went back to find your reply and the whole post was gone. I have one place I consign, 50/50 … used to do craft shows but too much work with a bad back now. Etsy I didn’t even try, too complicated for me! 😉 Any input would be truly appreciated. I love following you, thanks ahead! 🙂

  4. Nancy McCarthy says

    Love this idea! So cute! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hilary Milner says

    I am wondering what the inside of the ring box looked like, after removing the partitions. Did you paper it, paint it or??

  6. These are cute. I love a lot of your upcycling projects.
    Keep it up. You have a lot of good ideas.

  7. Josée Paquin says


  8. Did you need to sandpaper the wood before painting it?
    Not sure if I missed that step if you did that.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I didn’t, actually! No real reason why other than the boxes were small and I didn’t mind doing 2-3 coats since they only took a few minutes to paint. Thank you for asking, though- I probably should have mentioned that.

  9. They are adorable!

  10. Those are precious! I am a sucker for vintage illustrations like that from books, cards, etc. So cute!

  11. Very cute project; might be fun to do with kids for grandma! Thanks

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