Valentine’s Day Decorations from Thrift Store Finds

Valentine’s Day Decorations from Thrift Store Finds

The red and green decorations are packed away which means it’s time for all the heart-shaped red and pink decor! And for us crafty types, there are all sorts of fun upcycling projects we can make as Valentine’s Day decorations- and they start from thrift store finds.

Heart-Shaped Door Decor

DIY wreath from valentines candy boxes

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Modern-day Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes just can’t compare to the ruffled, lacy, and flower-covered boxes from a few decades ago. And if you can get your hands on a vintage candy box like this, it only takes a few minutes to convert it into a sweet Valentine’s Day wreath.

Valentine’s Day Decorations with Hardware

junk sign for valentine's day

Image credit: Petticoat Junktion.

Assemblage signs are so much fun to make- and collecting pieces to use as letters is the ultimate scavenger hunt for junk lovers. And this shorthand “I Love You” sign using handles, a horseshoe, and a tattered quilt is a perfect addition for Valentine’s Day.

Cozy Hearts Garland

valentines day garland

Image credit: My Little Vintage Cottage.

There are lots of things you can make a Valentine’s Day garland from. But this version uses old or thrifted sweaters for an extra cozy touch. Perfect for those sweaters that shrink in the dryer or get ruined by food stains or bad snags.

Vintage Valentines Display

Vintage valentine decorations on an antique rug beater

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Vintage valentines from yesteryear’s childhood are about as cute as it gets. From their quaint graphics to their cheeky slogans, the cards are highly collectible these days. And an antique rug beater in the shape of a heart is the picture-perfect way to display them.

Valentine’s Day Decorations with Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood heart

Image credit: My Repurposed Life.

Reclaimed wood is highly prized for its worn and weathered appearance. Which makes this Valentine’s Day heart sign extra special because it was definitely made with love.

Throw Pillows with Heart

upcycling idea for valentine pillows

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Changing out your throw pillows for each season and holiday can be surprisingly expensive. Which makes this thrifty upcycling idea even more appealing. Clean thrift store pillows are embellished with heart shaped doilies and fabric for Valentine’s Day, complete with handmade felt flowers for an extra special touch.

V-Day Makeover

thrift store makeover for valentine's day

Image credit: Organized Clutter.

The thrift store is full of random items and objects to use in upcycle projects. So why not “marry” two together to celebrate Valentine’s Day like this fun piece? An easy paint job and a couple of screws is all it takes to make unique Valentine’s Day decorations like this.

Industrial Style Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine's Day home decor from heart cake pans

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

If red and pink isn’t really your style, this industrial-inspired idea might be right up your alley! Heart-shaped cake pans from the thrift store were assembled into industrial-style hearts for a unique spin on heart decor.

Wined and DIYed

ombre painted wine corks

Image credit: My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Wine drinkers can’t help but collect a few corks here and there and sometimes need new project ideas for them. This ombre-painted heart collage is not only fun to make, but the perfect thing to use up those corks AND decorate for Valentine’s Day at the same time.

Sweet Trinket Boxes

Picture frame jewelry box as Valentine's Day decor

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Hearts are a favorite cut out in woodworking projects, which means you can find any number of wooden pieces at thrift stores with hearts galore. And while some may look outdated in their natural state, a Valentine’s Day makeover in red and pink is the perfect reuse for them.

Heart Strings

string art heart

Image credit: Domestically Speaking.

String art has made a resurgence in popularity the past few years. This one uses a heart shape, which is particularly easy for practicing string art. And using red-and-white baker’s twine is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day, to boot.

Love Assemblage

valentine's day decor with old hardware

Image credit: Petticoat Junktion.

Old hardware- or should I say, heartware?- really does lend itself beautifully to decorative word signs, especially during Cupid season. This “Love” sign is a junk-lovers dream, using picture frames, hinges, and other bits to come to life.

Cross Stitch My Heart

cross stitch heart for valentine's day decorations

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

If traditional cross stitch intimidates you or your eyesight can’t handle those dainty stitches, then this is the perfect solution. Oversized cross stitch on pressed cane is easy to do AND easy on the eyes- and a heart shape for Valentine’s Day is a great beginner’s project to try out.

Fun and Thrifty Valentine’s Day Decorations

decorating for valentine's day with vintage valentines

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration with these projects for your own Valentine’s Day decorating needs. There’s so much to love about these projects, from the vintage valentines to the clever spin on upcycle crafts. And from my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Craft on!


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