Making an Artisan Vase with Coffee Grounds

Making an Artisan Vase with Coffee Grounds

Forgive me if this project is similar to a previous project. But I recently saw a tutorial on Postcards from the Ridge that involved making an artisan vase or stoneware vase. And it involved coffee grounds! So, I knew I needed to try out the technique myself and share the results with you.

So, in the blog post I linked above, the blogger made her own textured paint with baking soda, like I had done in this post here.

But, you may recall that I found a fantastic pre-textured paint that I used to make this boho vase.

boho vase with terracotta paint

Now, for that project, I purposefully selected clear glass vases that had texture and patterns in the glass. Patterns that would be enhanced by the terracotta paint. But for the artisan vase project I’m making today? Smooth glass that were plain were on deck instead.

clear glass vases at a thrift store

So, I selected a couple of plain glass vases to try out this idea.

a clear glass vase at a thrift shop

Would the terracotta paint and the coffee grounds yield an attractive result? It was definitely time to experiment!

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Textured Paint for an Artisan Vase

Unlike last time (where I used a flat primer before the terracotta paint), I decided to just paint the glass directly with the textured paint.

terracotta paint by folk art

Why skip the primer? Because for the previous project, the textured paint was basically the supporting actor and the glass itself was the star. So, I wanted the terracotta paint to go on evenly and smoothly to highlight the glass underneath.

This time, however, the paint was the star- and the “texturier” (not a word), the better! First, I gave the vase a base coat and purposefully changed direction, etc., and did not use long, clean strokes with the brush.

using a textured paint on a clear glass vase

Next, I added a second, similarly haphazardly brushed coat. And before the second coat dried, “sponged” the surface of the paint with the flat side of my brush.

It was a fairly saturated brush by this point, which was just fine. I was definitely going for a “stucco” type surface on the vase.

how to add texture to paint surface with the side of a paint brush

When I was satisfied with the texture-y surface, this is how I left the vase to dry.

glass painting for a textured look

A Creative Use for Coffee Grounds

Once my two vases had dried completely, it was time for the experiment- the coffee grounds! So, I carefully moved the filter full of grounds into a medium-sized bowl.

uses for coffee grounds such as aging a diy vase

Then, I set up a “coffee grounds crafting station” on our kitchen island. Basically, I spread out some used packing paper to collect the mess.

Next, I took a handful of coffee grounds and started to lightly “pack” it and smear it gently on my artisan vase. It was, in fact, messy with lots of grounds falling off but that was fine.

crafting with coffee grounds to make a stoneware vase

I knew this part would be messy! I mean, how could it not be?

After a few hours, I could tell that the grounds had dried. So, I used a fairly stiff paint brush to brush or slough off the remaining grounds.

And they looked pretty good! Sufficiently aged, just as I had hoped. So, I took the vases outside to seal them with a top coat.

sealing a faux finish on a glass vase

Last but not least, I decided to add a little accoutrement to each one. Sure, I could have left well enough alone, but then I remembered how much I loved how these vases looked.

So, I gathered some hemp twine and beads for a little extra pizazz.

decorating a stoneware vase with beads and hemp cord

Making an Artisan Vase with Coffee Grounds

And there you have it- an artisan vase or stoneware vase that used coffee grounds in the process. What do you think?

an artisan vase that was made from a clear glass vase

To be honest, I haven’t decided if I love the look or not. Maybe because I absolutely LOVED how the terracotta paint looked on the patterned glass in my previous post. So, the bar was set pretty high!

painting a glass vase to look like earthenware or stoneware

But I do like them- the aged/weathered look that they have, thanks to the coffee grounds. And, I also love the idea of reusing something like coffee grounds in my projects!

making an artisan vase with coffee grounds and a clear glass vase

It *feels* like a free craft supply in a way, you know? Because I’d otherwise just be throwing them out since we haven’t figured out composting yet.

Now, I need to share a secret with you before I go! I didn’t mention it at the time, but I actually used these vases (pre-coffee grounds) in my modern fall mantel decor post! You probably didn’t even notice them at the time, but there they were on the hearth.

decorating the fireplace and mantel in modern fall decor

Tee-hee! I snuck them in there and didn’t call them out at all. Sneaky Sadie strikes again…

And if you LOVE the ideas of using food scraps like coffee grounds in inventive ways, you may enjoy this collection of clever ways to use food scraps!

Clever ways to use food scraps and kitchen waste as well as food waste solutions

Craft on!


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making a stoneware vase by painting glass and reusing coffee grounds

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  1. I love the technique, and you just sent the vases over the edge with the addition of the beads! Great job!

  2. I love them! The beads look like jewelry – so pretty!!

  3. These are beautiful! Who comes up with these techniques?!? Simple, low cost crafting with expensive looking results!

  4. KARAN QUELCH says

    Great Job I agree the Beads took it to top class rating!

  5. Deb in Oklahoma says

    Ooh, coffee grounds are a medium I never thought about using in crafts. Coffee stains anyway, so why not take advantage of it? This is really ingenious, and the patina it leaves behind looks like it developed over time. Thanks for sharing this one.

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