Cloth Produce Bags for Fruit and Vegetables from Kids T-Shirts

Cloth Produce Bags for Fruit and Vegetables from Kids T-Shirts

Like so many other eco/cost-conscious shoppers, I love to bring my own tote bag(s) to carry my groceries home. Any time I can avoid plastic or reduce plastic, I take it! So, I decided to make some cloth produce bags for fruit and vegetables by upcycling some kids t-shirts. They are plentiful at thrift stores and on a smaller scale that is perfect for fresh produce!

I went to my local thrift store and found a couple of kids graphic tees, including a Paris Barbie shirt and this charming aqua shirt from Georgia.

Kids graphic tees from a thrift store for upcycling into the cloth produce bags

As in, Georgia the country. Georgia in Asia. I mean, how kooky-awesome is that?

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve upcycled t-shirts. Remember this one that I turned into a DIY cat tent for Cottonball?

Repurposing tshirts into a DIY cat cave or pet tent

Anyway, I digress- back to today’s project! With colorful kids t-shirts in hand, I was ready to transform them into cloth produce bags that were washable and reusable.

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Upcycling T-Shirts into Eco Friendly Produce Bags

After washing the kids graphic tees, I first spread one out on the floor (my work surface for now).

No need to iron it or anything at this stage!

Upcycle t shirt as the reusable bags for fruit and vegetables

Next, I proceeded to cut off the neck and sleeves- essentially transforming the tee into a tank top.

Removing the sleeves and neckline from a kids graphic t shirt

Then, I turned the “tank top” inside out and folded up the bottom seam on both sides, pinning it in place.

Sewing the bottom of the cloth produce bags that started as a kids t shirt

Finally, using my sewing machine, I double-stitched across the folded seam, effectively sealing the bottom of the shirt.

Bottom seam of the eco friendly produce bags

Adding Structure to Cloth Produce Bags with Box Corners

Now, the next step is optional, but easy enough and adds a nice structure to the reusable bags.

While still inside-out, I decided to box the corners by folding the shirt across the front and back (lengthwise). In other words, I re-folded it so that the original side seams of the t-shirt were now in the center of my t-shirt bag.

Boxing the corners of the cloth produce bags

Boxing the corners adds a nice seam perpendicular to the bottom of the bag, giving the bag structure at the bottom.

Anyway, a couple of inches up from the corner, I pinned a line perpendicular to the side seams.

How to make the vegetable storage bags from a t shirt

Next, I double stitched a line over the straight pins.

How to sew box corners

And that’s all you need to do to sew box corners! Easy right?

To finish off my bag, I then folded over the raw edges along the sleeve and neck holes, and gave them a nice zigzag stitch.

Using a zigzag stitch on jersey material

And before you ask, I purposefully used white thread on the bright aqua shirt-bag because I liked the contrast.

Also, you could totally use a regular straight stitch on this step…but the zigzag adds a fun element!

Cloth Produce Bags for Fruit and Vegetables from Kids T-Shirts

And there you have it! A cloth produce bag or reusable bag for fruit and vegetables from a kids graphic tee. Ready for the grocery store or farmer’s market and a great way to use less plastic.

Cloth produce bags by upcycling the kids graphic tees

Remember how I said that boxing the corners gave the t-shirt bags some structure at the bottom? This is what they look like when your reusable produce bag is right-side-out.

How to sew box corners on the eco friendly produce bags

Thus, the bottom of the bag is wider and more accommodating, and I think it adds more durability to your bag, too.

Oh, and I’m totally using the Georgia bag for peaches this summer. I’m punny like that!

Reusable bags for fruit and vegetables by upcycling a t shirt

Think about how many cute kids t-shirts you could transform into reusable produce bags! And what a fun way to use your children’s favorite tees after they grow out of them?

Plus, these are just a wonderful way to avoid plastic / reduce plastic, which is SO important to consider.

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for reusable produce bags, then you might also be interested in this reusable grocery bag or market bag project idea, too!

recycled tote bag from a framed cross stitch

AND, if you are interested in other bag-making ideas or fabric crafts, please check out my new book, too! It is filled with 55 craft project ideas and tutorials that all use flannel shirts and fabric.

Craft book for flannel shirts

Craft on!


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  1. These are great! I love that you can easily wash them too.

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    i just came from home talk’s post with the bucket of portulacas and the spigot which i adore and have spent an hour scrolling through your posts….. i think we could be best friends so i signed up for emails, as arnold said i’ll be back xx

    • I’m so glad you came over!! Are you a crafter/upcycler, too? Thank you so much for the sweetest compliment- and if you’re on Facebook, I have a very active Sadie page where I post project sneak peeks, pics from my picks, etc. 🙂 (

  3. Diana Rambles says

    Great idea! Pinned!

  4. how super cute these sound so easy to make and I love reusing what we don’t need
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  6. These are perfect because A) I have many spare shirts sitting around my house. B) The bags would be so simple to clean (that’s my hesitation with most reusable bags) C) They are cute!

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  21. What a great idea!! Now I know how I can repurpose some of the old tshirts my kids have outgrown.

  22. I need about a dozen of these to use as grocery bags. Those plastic bags multiply like rabbits and I always think I’m going to need them so I have way too many on hand.

  23. Dorky Mama says

    I love this! My daughter has been wanting to make these but it seems like every tutorial I find for it does something other than sewing them…and they just don’t seem sturdy to me lol. You have solved my problem though, thank you haha! We are so doing this now. I love all of the possibilities you have with thrifted shirts…you never know what you can find to make something with lol.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s so funny you should say that- I’ve wondered the exact same thing!! And trust me, the sewing of these is super basic, which is all I’m capable of doing at this point- so I think you’ll find these really easy to make. 🙂

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  25. These are so cute, I know I have some old tee shirts that would be fun to use as bags. I might just have to ask my sister to sew them for me, though. I am not handy with my sewing machine. We just don’t like each other very much! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

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  33. These are super cute! Great way to upcycle old t-shirts. I need to make some and they look pretty simple. Even someone that doesn’t like sewing could probably whip some out pretty quick.

  34. I love this idea. I lost quite a few pounds the past two years and so many of my favorite shirts are all way to big. I am a fan of “Christine Alexander” whose T Shirts and loaded with rhinestones. I hate to part with them and now I don’t have to. I made a few bags out of lace tablecloths and curtains that I picked up at thrift stores and garage sales really “CHEAP”. I just make them with drawstring closer. I use these for fresh fruits and veggies. I wouldn’t use them for anything heavy. I use my serger to do the seams. You could also use french seams…..turn your fabric wrong sides together, stitch…turn your fabric right sides together and stitch again. Makes your seams a little stronger…..just saying! Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Oooh, thanks for the tip about French seams! I may be old hat at upcycling, but still have a LOT to learn about sewing!


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