Halloween Moon and Witch Decor from a Glass Globe Light Fixture

Halloween Moon and Witch Decor from a Glass Globe Light Fixture

I’ll admit it, when it comes to vintage light fixtures, I am a full-fledged addict. For whatever reason, they are a constant source of inspiration, particularly during Halloween. I had nearly forgotten about this glass globe light fixture in my craft room. But upon re-discovering it, I immediately had a vision of a flying witch in front of a Halloween moon!

Glass globe light fixture for upcycling project

And yes, if you were thinking that I had already upcycled a very similar light fixture for Halloween before, you’re correct! But that one was turned into a jack-o-lantern lamp…

light up pumpkin and jack o lantern

But back to my latest project! After mulling over different ways to bring my vision of a light up moon and witch decor to life, I gathered some craft supplies and got to work. 

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Light Up Moon from a Vintage Light Fixture

Creating a light up moon required me to recreate the texture of our moon with the valleys and craters on its surface. I mulled over different ways to achieve this…

In the end, though, I decided that sponge painting would be the best bet for a naturally textured look.

Transforming a vintage light fixture into a Halloween moon

First, I selected a putty-colored craft paint that was darker than the glass globe. But it wasn’t TOO much darker, which seemed like a more natural way to create realistic moon texture.

I also nabbed a natural sponge (pilfered from an unsuspecting Beach Vacation Memory Jar), I went to work.

I used very little paint on the sea sponge, and simply dotted the paint around the interior of the glass globe light fixture.

Sponge painting inside a glass light globe

Admittedly, this was fairly easy for me to do. The light globe had a large opening, and I have dainty hands and wrists. So, keep that in mind when shopping for the right light globe to make this Halloween craft idea.

By the time I was done, I had touched on paint throughout the entire inside of the globe. And I did so without creating coverage that was opaque.

Making a light up moon with paint in a glass globe light fixture

I purposefully did an uneven paint job for a more natural look.

Adding the Witch Decoration to a Halloween Moon

Once the paint inside the light globe had dried, I moved onto the next step: adding a flying witch to the Halloween moon! I found some clip art online, which I re-sized to fit my Halloween moon before printing it out.

Flying witch clipart to go on a Halloween moon

Next, I cut out the flying witch clip art as carefully as possible to include each angle and curve. 

Then, I traced it on some heavy duty black card stock from the craft store using a white fabric pencil.

Tracing a flying witch on black cardstock paper

I just had one more thing to do before my Halloween moon was complete! I needed to remove the light socket and paint the base of the light fixture.

Base of a glass globe light fixture

Of course, the vintage labels inside the base were too fabulous to paint over. So, I left them alone!

Painting the base of a glass globe light fixture

And while painting the base wasn’t a necessary step to creating a Halloween moon, I figured it would look better during the daylight hours than the naked brass.

Halloween Moon and Witch Decor from a Glass Globe Light Fixture

Finally, I attached the flying witch to the Halloween moon with a bubble of painter’s tape. 

Witch decor on a light up moon

Why tape? So that I could remove her easily and store her safe and flat for the remainder of the year!

Ready to see what my Halloween moon looks like at night? I used a jumbo amber LED tea light (from Party City) that I turned on and placed on the base.

Repurposing a vintage light fixture as a witch decoration and light up moon

Isn’t it seriously awesome?? And so easy to make!

Ok, I’ll stop squealing with glee…for now…But I am SO looking forward to having this in the window on Halloween night.

AND I’m so excited to announce that my first book is now available! If you love working with flannel or fabric crafts in general (sewing and non-sewing), then you will LOVE “Crafting with Flannel”!

Craft book on flannel fabric

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for indoor Halloween decorations, then you’ll love how I gave these plastic pumpkins a rusty finish!

Plastic pumpkins as primitive Halloween decor with rust effect paint

Craft on!


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  1. I love this idea!!! It turned out amazing! Where did you get the witch to trace?

  2. Fonda Rush says

    You done good! It’s amazing that when you take a chance on something and it turns out just like you wanted it to — or even better! If it didn’t work, we would never have seen it. I’m not a Halloween decor person, but I love this moon! I would use it all the time — no matter what time of the year. (Maybe you can find a way to block out more than half of it and make a crescent moon! I know…I’m getting carried away!) Love this project!

  3. WOW, so glad it worked out for you. I love it!

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  12. Yes, it is seriously awesome! I made a globe into a moon with a witch, but I LOVE the way this one glows from the inside. I need to find a light fixture now…and I want to make some of your wonderful ghosts, too!

  13. Nice job! you could add Tinkerbell or Peter Pan and use in a child’s room!
    I’ve sponge painted over mats in picture frames to change the color too.

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    I have a whole bunch of light globes just begging for a glowing witch.

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  55. cecilia Jacobs says

    I made a Fairy Moon Globe….I used a car decal, rated for outdoor use up to 7 years. Put it on a post in the garden. I am going to see if I put a solar light under the globe if it will charge through the paint, then it will not matter if I forget to turn on the flameless candle.

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  75. Theresa Sambrano says

    This is so awesome! I am headed to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill to hunt for light fixtures!
    I can see doing a series on my front porch railing…one with a kitty! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Theresa!! This project is from a couple of years ago but it’s STILL one of my all-time favorites that I’ve made! 🙂

  76. I don’t have a memory jar with a piece of sponge, so I’ll have to improvise on that part, but my dainty hands fit nice in my wide mouth globes so I’m gonna get to crafting!

  77. I made one of these the first time you posted it. I went to the resale store and found the perfect one Globe. I had a gel window stick-on of a witch in black and it turned out really good. This year I think I’ll put some more orange and yellow to get that eerier look!


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