Light Up Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern

Light Up Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. One of my favorite places to go for both crafting inspiration and supplies is Habitat ReStore. And for some reason this year, I can’t stop making Halloween decor with vintage light fixtures. This time, I’ve turned one into light up pumpkin jack-o-lantern.

Habitat ReStore almost always boast a sizable collection of vintage light fixture or glass light globes. And I’ve certainly made my fair share of light-up Halloween decorations from them, like these little ghost lights

halloween ghost lights from glass light covers

But for this project, I needed a round light fixture. The kind with a little metal finial on top was key.

vintage light fixture at habitat restore

This darling little gem was perfect for my upcycling idea. He reminded me of Cinderella’s carriage. Which, of course, was transformed from a pumpkin.

And whoosh, just like that, I knew what this vintage light fixture’s fate would be. A light up pumpkin and jack-o-lantern!

light fixture cover

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Making a Light Up Jack-o-Lantern from a Light Fixture Cover

First, I unscrewed his base and cleaned him up a bit. 

Had there been wires and/or insulation in the socket, I would have removed that, as well.

making a light up pumpkin

Next, I needed to sketch out a jack-o-lantern face. But I didn’t want to freehand draw directly on the glass. So, I grabbed some scrap paper and a pencil.

making a light up jack o lantern

Truth be told, sketching out a Halloween jack-o-lantern face on paper was still a gamble because drawing is not something I’m skilled at. But I did my best, first tracing around the width of the glass light globe. Then, I filled in the circle with a traditional jack-o-lantern grin.

jack o lantern face for a pumpkin lamp

Once I had my template sketched out, I simply cut out the pieces and arranged them on the light up pumpkin. Next, I taped them in place and traced around them in pencil.

adding a face to a lighted jack o lantern

Then, I outlined and filled in his eyes, nose, and mouth using black acrylic craft paint.

And just like that, my light up pumpkin and jack-o-lantern was nearly done!

light up jack o lantern on a light fixture cover

Lastly, I needed to add the actual “light up” or part of my Halloween jack-o-lantern. And that would come in the form of an LED battery operated candle that I placed on the base.

led candle for a light up pumpkin

Light Up Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern

This is how the light up pumpkin looked BEFORE I turned on the LED candle…

lighted jack o lantern

And THIS  is what the jack-o-lantern light looked like when I turned on the candle and flicked off the lights.

light up pumpkin and jack o lantern

HOW FABULOUS IS THAT? And so easy to make…

Unlike the real thing, this light up pumpkin won’t rot under the October sun (a real problem for those of us in the South!). And talk about a no-mess jack-o-lantern, too. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

light up jack o lantern

And, if you find a plain or clear light globe- have no fear! Spray it down with frosted spray paint to give it that opaque glow, and simply glue a drawer knob to the top for your “stem”! You’ll get the same effect as this light up pumpkin.

I was also lucky enough to find a larger version of this light fixture cover, albeit without the “stem”. Check out how I upcycled it as a Halloween moon!

Halloween moon and witch decor from a glass globe light fixture

Craft on!


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  1. too cute! It does remind me of Cinderella’s carriage and looks awesome as a jack o lantern! I haven’t been to the restore in a bit, I need to get down there before you snap up all the good stuff! lol

  2. This is so perfect! You have the crisp white during the day and the classic orange at night!

    Found you at the Fall into the Holidays link-up.

    Beth at LWC Wonderland

  3. This is just too cute and clever! I love the Habitat ReStore and their prices are the best around. Thanks for sharing at VIP!!

  4. I loved your light cover ghosts! And Jack-o-Lamp is even cuter. And look at Mr.Cottonballs-ready to give out candy 😉
    Inviting you to share Jack-o-Lamp with my fall themed party Big Autumn Bash:

    [email protected]

  5. This is so awesome! Love it!!

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  7. Fabulous! I’ve seen these globes turned into pumpkins but never thought about turning them into a Jack O’Lantern….or a Jack O’ Lamp as you called it 🙂 Very creative!

  8. This is such a cute idea!
    Thanks for linking up with me!
    Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife

  9. I love your creative Jack O Lantern. Thanks so much for sharing at #theWeekendSocial. Hope you’ll bring more projects next Thursday 9:00 PM EST. Pinned.

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  15. Such a cute and affordable idea!!! I wonder if I decoupaged orange tissue paper on the lamp, if the light would be strong enough. Hmm, maybe I will have to try it! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  16. Habitat Re-store…..I need to start shopping there! Your project turned out so great! Thanks for sharing it with us at Make It Monday!

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  18. distresseddonna says

    Cinderella called and wants her carriage back. I will not look at light fixtures in the same way again. Thank for sharing at Make It Monday.

  19. OH my gosh! I LOOOOOOVE this idea! SO CUTE!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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  22. You did it again! Love this very clever idea, and I love the Habitat ReStore too. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  23. He is cute and the trick or treaters will love it for sure! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. This is adorable! I love it, haven’t seen a light quite like that, makes a great Jack-o-lantern. And it does remind me of Cinderella.

  25. You are always turning trash into treasures. Love this jack o lantern. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm. If you don’t mind telling me – what WordPress plug in do you use to respond to comments left on your posts. I would like to try it out. Hope to see you back at Vintage Charm this Thursday at 8:00am EST.

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  29. Oh he’s adorable! This globe is prefect for a jack-o-lantern. Has the the shape, and finial on top for the stem. Perfect! I am going to have to keep and eye out for one like this. My grandkids would love it. They still have their mummy lanterns that I made for them a few years ago. Thanjs for sharing!

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