Upcycling Ideas for Vintage Tennis Rackets

Upcycling Ideas for Vintage Tennis Rackets

Vintage tennis rackets hide in the corners of our garages and the back of thrift store shelves. Made of wood and sometimes encased in a racket press, they have long since retired from the game. But don’t let them fool you: their sweet spot has simply changed from the court to the crafting table. Because there are some FUN ways to upcycle old wooden rackets.

Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Tennis Rackets

what to do with old tennis rackets

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

If you “love” old tennis rackets like this but aren’t sure what to do with them off the court, then allow me to “serve” up some ideas for you. And yes, some of them are definitely “aces”!

Wooden Pendants

wooden pendant necklace from old tennis rackets

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

The inside of a tennis racket is quite a lovely surprise. Thin layers of different wood are pressed together to create them, and when sliced like this, the cross section becomes a gorgeous necklace pendant.

DIY Racket Press Shelf

trapezoid shelf from a tennis racket press

Photo source: Little Vintage Cottage.

With its trapezoid shape, a vintage tennis racket press is an ideal piece to upcycle for vintage modern decor. And since it no longer needs to stop a racket head from warping, why not recreate it as a wall shelf for your home?

Patio Table

vintage tennis rackets as table legs

Photo source: Virginia Sweet Pea.

Perfect for the sports enthusiast, a few wooden tennis rackets are what you need to create a whimsical table for your patio. It’s quite the conversation starter, too!

Woven Flag Decor

weaving in a tennis racket

Photo source: Lora Bloomquist.

A tennis racket head is just begging for a fiber craft, isn’t it? Stitching and weaving in the strings is just too tempting- such as this American flag made from patriotic ribbons.

Memo Boards

memo boards from wooden rackets

Photo source: House of Hawthornes.

Technically vintage badminton rackets, the concept still applies to all wooden rackets: They can be turned into memo boards pretty easily! Whimsical, charming, and handy when you need a reminder nearby.

Fall Pumpkin

wooden tennis racket as a pumpkin

Photo source: Dukes and Duchesses.

A lot of things can be upcycled into pumpkins for Fall decor, but have you ever seen it done with vintage tennis rackets before? Just remember not to smash this kind of pumpkin; you might end up fined for poor sportsmanship!

Racket Basket

upcycling ideas for vintage tennis rackets and presses

Photo source: Virginia Sweet Pea.

Here’s a fun idea for the rackets AND the presses: a DIY magazine rack! Talk about putting the “rack” in racket, eh? I bet you could use this idea for a funky planter, as well.

Cross Stitch Frames

Christmas cross stitch on a wooden tennis racket

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods

Traditional cross-stitch is intimidating (and hard on the eyes). But oversized cross stitch with chunky yarn on a tennis racket head? Quick, easy, and satisfying for a cross-stitch newbie!

Framed Cork Board

diy cork board in a tennis racket press

Photo source: Homeroad.

Those old racket presses are great frames for any number of items, including cork tiles for a fun memo board. Plus that geometric shape is so on trend right now!

What Will You Make with Vintage Tennis Rackets?

craft ideas for vintage tennis rackets

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods and Virginia Sweet Pea.

From furniture to stitching to jewelry and beyond, there are any number of ways to repurpose those old tennis rackets. When it comes to upcycling them: Game, set, match! Because the DIY sky is truly the limit.

Craft on!


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upcycle ideas for wooden tennis rackets

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  1. I made a very cool accessory holder.

  2. Thank you for including my project! I love all these ideas… gonna have to pick up a few more tennis rackets on my next thrifting trip!

  3. my husband was a Tennis Pro- for 50 years. I’m looking if I could sell his wooden rackets. We have over 50 rackets.

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