Dapper Drink: Upcrafted Wine Bag

Dapper Drink: Upcrafted Wine Bag

Raise your hand if you appreciate a well-dressed man. Raise your other hand if you appreciate a well-dressed bottle of wine.

Both hands in the air?

Then this project is for you!

Most thrift stores have an abundance of men’s dress shirts and neckties and a recent trip to Miracle Hill Thrift Stores proved this fact to be true.

The line-up of shirts...

The line-up of shirts…

...and the selection of ties.

…and the selection of ties.

Since orange-tagged clothing was half-off, I got busy in the men’s section and found a couple of nice button-downs for $2 each. Since my husband is used to strange things coming home with me for craft projects, he didn’t bat an eye at the fact that I laundered some oxfords that didn’t belong to him.

Not his shirt, not his problem.

Not his shirt, not his problem.

Wink, wink.

To make this cute wine gift bag, all you need are the sleeves. Lay down the bottle of wine on the sleeve to determine where to cut.

Need a sleeve!

Need a sleeve!

Ready to cut.

Ready to cut.

Then all you need is a needle and thread (or machine- but seriously, it only takes 5 minutes to do it by hand). First, turn the sleeve inside out. I like to fold over one corner of the wide end of the sleeve so that the bag isn’t quite as slouchy- but that’s a personal choice. Then, simply baste stitch across the bottom of the sleeve.

Am I keeping you in stitches?

Am I keeping you in stitches?

Easy, Breezy.

Easy, Breezy.

After you finish stitching, turn the sleeve back to right-side-out and slip a bottle of wine into your cute bag.



Now, the necktie.

Full disclosure- I love a good necktie. The crafter in me loves the variety of patterns, the quality of silk, and the inexpensive-ness of thrift store tie options. The straight gal in me appreciates, well, everything else…

WAIT. Back to the project.

Keep those scissors handy…all you need is the skinny end of the tie.

This one will do nicely...

This one will do nicely…

Then, you just tie it around your wine bottle neck in standard Windsor knot fashion. Use the folded over cuff as your collar and voilà- a dashing bottle of wine!



How natty is that? And undressing it is even more enjoyable.

Craft on!




  1. At the top of my list to make. THANK YOU!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

  3. Love this! Thanks for linking to Whimsy Wednesday! Pinning and sharing!

  4. So how much of the tie did you cut off?

    • sarahwpb@yahoo.com says:

      Hi, Corrie! I basically cut off the entire skinny end, up until the point it was gradually widening toward the fat end. Once I tied it and got it to be as perfectly cute as possible, I trimmed off the rest. Does that help?

  5. So cute! And clever! Great idea for parties. :)

    Found you on the Linky Party at Fit Foodie Runs.

  6. Incredibly brilliant!

  7. Adorable! Pinned!

  8. Thanks for coming and linking up at #TheWeekendSocial. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on http://mccallumsshamrockpatch.wordpress.com/ ! I hope to see you there! We really enjoyed reading your blog and can not wait to see what you stun us with next!

  9. great idea!! my husband has lots of old shirts I could you! Thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire! You are featured this weekend at my round up of last minute Father’s Day gifts… hop on over and check it out. I’ve spread the word all over social media… would love a reshare, tweet or pin ;o) Thanks, Emily

  10. Thats a handsone bottom of wine. What a neat idea! I wish i would’ve seen it earlier this week. I would’ve wrapped my dad’s bottle like this. I’m stopping by from the blog hop. Happy Sunday!

  11. Very cute!! I added this to my 101 Necktie Craft Projects curation (http://www.squidoo.com/necktie-craft-projects – hope it’s okay to share the link) and found you through the Merry Monday Link Party. Thanks for sharing!

    • sarahwpb@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks, Monica! I’ll have to check out your link- I have more necktie projects in mind myself. :)

  12. These win bags are so awesome!! Love these and I think I have some sleeves around here :) Thanks for sharing with us Sarah!

  13. What a great way to use an old shirt. Pinned. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday Linky Party.

  14. Such a cute and clever idea!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party!

  15. These are just too cute! Thanks for sharing these! Pinning!

  16. the tie just pushes it over the edge. this is adorable and would be a great way to give a guy who loves wine a great gift.

  17. These are sooo cute!! Thanks for linking up to the #BestofDIY Link Party. Coming over to say hi and featuring them on my Fb page today. Have a great day, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  18. These are adorable! <3 Thanks for sharing! – Karen

  19. So cute and fun, thanks for sharing!


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