Artificial Topiary Trees in Vintage Candlesticks

Artificial Topiary Trees in Vintage Candlesticks

Do you ever spot something at a thrift store, see the price, and start laughing maniacally to yourself because the thrift shop is crazy? Crazy for thinking someone will pay the price on the tag? Well, that happened to me when I spied these vintage candlesticks. I left them on the shelf for some other sucker to overpay for, but they haunted me. Whispering to me to upcycle them into bases for artificial topiary trees…

Vintage candlesticks at a thrift store for upcycling into Spring mantel decor

The project idea crystallized in my mind right there in the store. And despite muttering to myself all sorts of colorful words about the price, they ended up in my cart.


But the color of the glass was too much for me to leave behind.

Upcycling the vintage candlesticks into artificial topiary trees

Plus, I had a project idea in my mind that was clear as a bell, and I had a pretty good hunch it would work.

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Spring Topiaries with Wine Corks and Vintage Candlesticks

My upcycling idea for the glass candlesticks came from an old Christmas project of mine. Remember how I repurposed these chambersticks as Christmas tree bases?

Well, my plan for the candlesticks was similar, but for Spring. So, I gathered a few crafting materials, including a narrow wooden dowel, wine corks, topiary balls, and wrapped floral wire.

Craft supplies and vintage candlesticks to make the Spring topiaries

After ensuring that the wine corks fit inside the vintage candlesticks, I grabbed my drill to create a larger hole for the dowel. I also sawed the dowel in half.

Wine cork project with vintage candlesticks to make the artificial topiary trees

First, I outfitted the drill with a smaller bit and grasped the cork in my left hand. I slowly drilled through it, then did it again with a larger bit. Once the holes had been drilled, I trimmed down the length of the corks with a serrated knife. 

I didn’t do that before drilling so that I had plenty of cork to hold while slowly drilling.

Then, I made sure the dowels fit snugly inside the corks and propped them up in the the vintage candlesticks.

Drilling holes in wine corks to create the topiary trees for Spring decor

Since most of the artificial topiary trees that I see in home stores have “vines” wrapped around their trunks, I wanted to do the same thing. So, I used the wrapped floral wire to wind around the dowels as vines. 

Wrapped floral wire to create the vines on artificial topiary trees

Building a Spring Topiary

I wrapped the floral wire around each dowel once, and snipped it off with wire cutters. Next, I did it again, but in the opposite direction of the first “vine”.

When I was satisfied with my “vines”, I slid them off the dowels and set them aside.

Wrapping the floral wire around the trunks of the Spring topiary

Next, it was time to paint the trunks of my artificial topiary trees! I used a couple of shades of brown craft paint and grabbed a stenciling brush. 

Sometimes, I find that stippling paint does a better job on porous surfaces, like dowels and cork. Even if there’s no stenciling involved!

Painting the trunks of artificial topiary trees for Spring mantel decor

The paint dried quickly, and I placed the trunks of the topiary trees back in the candlesticks.

Vintage candlesticks as the base for a Spring topiary or artificial topiary tree

So far, so good!

Next, I slipped on the “vines” that I had created earlier, carefully weaving the dowel through the center.

Wine corks as artificial topiary trees in glass candlesticks

All that was needed was the finishing touch- the topiary balls, of course!

Artificial Topiary Trees in Vintage Candlesticks

You may have noticed that I had two different topiary balls in an earlier photo. I couldn’t decide in the home garden store, but in the end, I preferred the faux succulent ball better.

I didn’t even need to glue it in place, as each ball fit snugly on the top of my artificial topiary trees!

Spring topiaries with vintage candlesticks and wine corks

And yes, I also trimmed a little length off of one of the dowel trunks, too. I decided I wanted my topiary trees to have varying heights.

But aren’t they perfect? The vintage candlesticks worked brilliantly as bases! And that pop of blue color with the green of the topiary balls is so fresh and Spring-y.

spring topiary in blue glass candle holders

Perhaps the best part is that everything can be broken down and removed for storage. And I can still use the glass candlesticks as, well…candlesticks if I want to!

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Craft on!


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Wine cork ideas with glass candlesticks for Spring mantel decor

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  1. I was a little scare to see what you did to those beauties, but you did not disappoint. LOVE them!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      You’re not alone!!! I’m sure there were more than a few readers that were ready to rain down upon me if I had painted them!

  2. Sarah! You’re so clever to repurpose these pretty candlesticks. 🙂 I have some of that wired twine and I’ve yet to use it for anything. hmmmm now you have me thinking!

    I love the blues and the greens, so calming!



    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s perfect for some faux vines! I’ve used it before for pumpkin curly-q’s, too- works like a charm! (and thank you 🙂 )

  3. These are beautiful!! I love the color of the glass candlesticks. It’s such a beautiful blue!

  4. Such a unique and beautiful find, I love what you did with them!

  5. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this!

  6. The glass pattern name is “Moon and Stars”. Early ones are by L.E. Smith. I got my first piece in turquoise in ’73 for a wedding gift–a large covered candy dish. Been collecting it ever since. So even if you paid more than you wanted to, you probably got a bargain! If I had sunny windows, I’d collect ALL of the colors; I love it. Your project is a great way to upcycle old candlesticks without “harming” them if you want to re-use them. I think that wired twine is gonna be the way I use my next “40% off coupon”!

  7. I can see why you couldn’t leave those candlesticks behind because of that gorgeous blue. Your idea turned out perfectly! I’m visiting from Morning Cup of Joe.

  8. I LOVE this! Those candlesticks are to die for and turning them into topiaries is a fabulous makeover.

  9. I love this diy project. very creative and fab. I also love the gorgeous blue candle stick holders, and happy that you kept their outstanding color.

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