Bracelet Holder from a Coffee Mug Tree

Bracelet Holder from a Coffee Mug Tree

I had first seen this idea at thrift store counters. The thrifts had used a coffee mug tree as a bracelet holder. It displayed cuffs and bangles that they had for sale. It was SO simple and SO genius that I needed one for myself.

I found this coffee mug holder at a thrift store for a whopping $2.95. 

Coffee mug holder from the thrift store

Compared to some I had seen earlier, it seemed more sturdily built, being constructed from solid wood as opposed to bamboo. So, I snapped it up to make my bracelet holder.

Coffee cup stand that was made by Bartelt Design Manufacturing

The truth is, this upcycling idea probably doesn’t warrant a blog post – but I did one anyway. All you need is a coffee cup holder or mug tree (and thrift stores have PLENTY of them).

I simply complicated matters by giving it a coat of paint! 

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Simple Makeover for a Bracelet Holder

First things first, this is what originally drew me to this particular mug tree. The “knobs” at the ends of the “arms”.

Arms of a mug tree

I liked the idea that cuffs, bangles, and bracelets couldn’t just fall off. The knobs would act as a catch, preventing a mess.

Anyway, back to the makeover. Since I intended for it to ultimately sit on my dresser, I decided to use some leftover paint from our bedroom.

Using fancy-shmancy Benjamin Moore paint on a $2.95 coffee mug holder is a little ridiculous. But it meant I wasn’t buying more paint or brushes by using materials I already had

Painting a coffee cup tree to be a bracelet organizer

I’m ALWAYS a fan of using DIY materials that are already in the garage. No additional money spent!

Because my garage was way too chilly to work (as it was January when I worked on this bracelet holder), I set up a painting zone in the kitchen.

Making a bracelet holder from a mug tree stand

Within an hour, I had a sky-blue coffee mug holder that was instantly becoming a bracelet holder for all my cuffs and bangles. Does it get any easier than that?

Bracelet Holder for Bangle Bracelets and Cuff Bracelets

And that was it! Once the paint had dried, my bracelet holder was done and ready to become full on jewelry organization for my dresser top.

Bracelet organizer from a coffee cup holder

Even though I show some clasp bracelets on here for now, I have other plans for those. This coffee mug tree turned bracelet holder will ultimately be dedicated to my cuff bracelets and bangle bracelets.

See what I mean about those knobs, though? They keep the bracelets wrangled and in check! Exactly as I had hoped they would.

Jewelry organizer by upcycling a mug tree stand

Super easy, surprisingly functional, and the perfect indoor craft on a cold rainy day. AND, this idea for bracelet storage even made a cameo appearance in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”.

using flannel for upcycled jewelry

Did you recognize it? Still working hard all these years later!

My bracelet holder now joins the ranks of ALL my jewelry organization projects, which you can scroll through here.

bracelet storage and diy necklace display

I can’t stop upcycling thrift store treasures into jewelry organization projects, but I suppose there’s really nothing wrong with that. Like this vintage cigar box, for instance…

Making the ring cushions for a vintage cigar box to use as a DIY ring holder

Looking for other coffee mug tree ideas? Perhaps this tabletop Christmas tree might inspire you, too!

Nordic Christmas tree from a coffee cup tree

Craft on!


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