40+ Upcycling Ideas for Coffee Lovers

40+ Upcycling Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Several years ago, I put together a blog post that was full of upcycling ideas for wine drinkers. It showcased all kinds of projects using corks, wine racks, glasses, and more. Since it was awfully fun to put together and well-received by my readers, I thought it might be fun to do it again. But this time, the collection of projects would be geared towards coffee lovers and all things associated with a cup of joe.

This meant, of course, that I could skip down memory lane through my own collection of coffee-related projects! One of my most recent projects was, of course, this planter that I made from a plastic Folgers tub.

turning a coffee can into a boho planter

It was SUCH a popular project that I may just need to come up with more ideas for coffee tubs like this!

Another popular project of mine revolved around upcycling a coffee mug from the thrift store. Remember how I turned one into a suet feeder for the birds?

How to make bird suet for a suet feeder in a ceramic coffee mug as a DIY bird feeder for the winter

Given how plentiful coffee cups are at thrift stores, it’s never a bad idea to figure out ways to repurpose them, eh?

And of course, I even made a coffee-related project in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”. Not just any kind of coffee sleeve, though. An insulated version made from a flannel shirt!

insulated coffee sleeves that are made from flannel shirt sleeve cuffs

Just like wine, there is a huge spectrum of upcycling ideas that one can make related to coffee. Perhaps you repurpose something that coffee beans came in, like a sack, bag, or can. Or perhaps you focus on drinking coffee, with projects that use mugs or coffee pots.

Or perhaps you even recycle coffee grounds in a crafty way, like I did with this green vase on the right!

making an artisan vase with coffee grounds and a clear glass vase

All I know is, that there are endless possibilities for coffee lovers who also enjoy making coffee-related crafts and DIY projects! Whether you start as small as crafting with coffee beans, or whether you build a large coffee bar for your home.

Mug scarf from a flannel shirt

There are just a ton of ideas out there and I wanted to share them with you. Ready to see the full collection of coffee crafts?

Upcycling Ideas for Coffee Lovers

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See, what did I tell you? I just LOVE all of these coffee-related project ideas and I’m so inspired to come up with something new myself. What about you- did any of these projects catch your eye?

Crafts and Projects for Coffee Lovers

A collection like this is such a great reminder of how many coffee-related items are available for upcycling. And how many of them are readily available at thrift stores, such as a mug tree (which I then fashioned into a small Christmas tree).

Nordic Christmas tree from a coffee cup tree

For any coffee lovers out there, I hope you found some inspiration here for your next coffee-related project! And it doesn’t even have to USE something coffee related. It could truly be any old upcycling project that celebrates your love of all things coffee…

farmhouse coffee sign

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while putting it together. And who knows, maybe you’re sipping on a cup of joe while reading this, which is quite poetic, if you ask me…

upcycling idea for a shirt cuff

And for the tea lovers out there, I’ve made a few tea-related projects, as well! My most popular one is this secret pin cushion that I made from a vintage teapot.

diy pin cushion in a vintage teapot

Craft on!


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  1. Lily F Gosney says

    Very interesting. I am not a coffee drinker, but there was a couple that caught my eye.

  2. I didn’t think I’d done any coffee projects until I started to think! I love used coffee grounds to use as “dirt” for my dollhouse flower pots (tea leaves work well, too!). And I have dyed the little wooden “buttons” that you use to cover a countersunk wood screw with coffee to become dollhouse cupcakes (fabric paint for frosting!). Most people think big….I think small!

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