Pumpkin Centerpiece and Food Dome from a Wooden Mixing Bowl

Pumpkin Centerpiece and Food Dome from a Wooden Mixing Bowl

Even though I am busy-busy-busy working on projects for my book, I couldn’t let the season go by without making at least one pumpkin project! And for this one, I went “garage shopping”, and came across this set of wooden bowls. I set aside the smaller ones for my book, and decided that the large wooden bowl might be perfect as a food dome and pumpkin centerpiece.

Wooden salad bowl set at a thrift store

As you can see from the date on the price tag, I had bought the set last year! And it had been waiting patiently in my garage for an idea (or two) to come to mind.

Anyway, he was beat up, dry to the point of brittle, and cracked in places. In other words, the PERFECT candidate for an upcycling project.

Wooden mixing bowl for upcycling project

And while he was meant to be used as a bowl like this, I planned on turning him upside-down for my project.

Upside down wooden bowl as a food dome

Still skeptical? Let me take you through my upcycling process!

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From a Wooden Mixing Bowl to a Food Dome

First things first, I needed to paint the bowl, inside and out. And to do so, I grabbed my favorite orange chalk paint for pumpkin crafts and a craft paint brush.

Orange chalk paint for a wooden mixing bowl

There! Much better and much more pumpkin-esque, don’t you agree?

After I painted the entire wooden bowl, I sanded down the paint (without overly distressing it) and buffed on some clear wax.

Annie Sloan soft wax over orange chalk paint on a wooden mixing bowl

Next, I needed to add a pumpkin stem! So, I drilled a small hole in the center of the bottom of the wooden bowl.

In other words, the bottom of the bowl will become the top of my food dome!

Drilling a hole for a pumpkin stem

Decorating a Pumpkin Centerpiece and Food Cover Dome

I also drilled a pilot hole in a chunk of birch branch and used a small screw to attach the stem to the top of the wooden bowl.

Pumpkin stem and handle for a food dome

Not only does the stem make it look more like a pumpkin, but now my food dome had a handle!

Upcycling a wooden bowl into a pumpkin centerpiece

Now I needed to decorate my pumpkin centerpiece!

First, I salvaged some bright green leaves from a floral stem and used my hot glue gun to attach them around the stem or handle.

Food dome and pumpkin centerpiece with a large wooden bowl

Last but not least, I wanted some fun, vine-like curly-q’s. To make them, I wrapped some natural vine floral wire around a wooden dowel and then hot glued one end under the leaves.

Decorating a pumpkin centerpiece with leaves and wrapped floral wire

And that was it! The wooden mixing bowl had been completely transformed into a food dome and pumpkin centerpiece for Fall parties!

Food cover dome and pumpkin decor from a wooden mixing bowl

Pumpkin Centerpiece and Food Dome from a Wooden Mixing Bowl

Wasn’t that so easy? For a base, I bought a plain wooden charger or plate from the craft store and stained it a deep warm brown.

Food dome and pumpkin centerpiece for Fall decor

I sealed it with a top coat, but to be on the safe side, I will always use parchment paper to protect unwrapped food from the charger.

Either way, though, the wooden mixing bowl was positively MADE for this. He will be the hit at every Fall party I go to from now on, don’t you agree?

Upcycling a large wooden bowl as a food dome and pumpkin decor


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Craft on!


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  1. That turned out so darn cute! I need to run to the thrift store and pick up a beat yp salad bowl now (like I wasn’t going to run to the thrift store today anyhow)!

  2. Debbie- Dabble says

    Love this!! What a great transformation!!

  3. Robyn Wright says

    Absolutely fantastic! You have such an eye for pumpkins!

  4. Hi, I love,love love your website.You are so creative and clever,AND thrifty, Your instructions are so clear and easy looking, that I feel that I may attempt to do something.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Sarah! How I love your pumpkin cake dome! You have such an eye for “junk”. 🙂


  6. This is just awesome, Sarah! Love, love, love it.

  7. Oh my cuteness!!! LOVING this!

  8. So cute. You have great vision!

  9. Your pumpkin projects never disappoint! I love this idea, and I think that the wood stain and orange chalk paint pair together perfectly!!!! Well done girl, it’s pumtastic!

  10. You always amaze me with your creativity! This is an adorable makeover!

  11. You always come up the best ideas, Sarah. ADORABLE!!!

  12. How clever! That made the cutest pumpkin ever! Perfect for those fun fall parties and get togethers.

  13. So pretty… I love how you think out of the box! #diyergoals Would love if you would join us at Tuesday Turn About and share your project with us! We close the party tonight at midnight CST, and open again on Tuesday 5pm CST. Hope to see you there, friend!

  14. Oh my gosh I absolutely am going to do this one. I have enjoyed all your ideas but this one takes the cake. Love it.


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