Closet Organizer for Accessories

Closet Organizer for Accessories

One of the curses (or blessings) of falling into the “short and round” category of human shapes is our love of accessories. Scarves, bags, hats, and jewelry tend to be more fun than our clothing choices. So, when I spotted this wire rack (for towels?) at the thrift store, I decided it would be ideal as a closet organizer for some accessories.

wire rack for towels

Upcycling items into accessory holders or organizers is nothing new to me. Remember these hat stands that I made from thrifted finds?

DIY hat stand

Or this belt organizer that I made from a vintage hanger?

belt organizer

Anyway, you get the gist! And now with this wire rack, I could do a little more organization in the closet. With its cracked and flaking paint, it was prime for a makeover and a new purpose in life!

spray painting a wire rack

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Making It a Closet Organizer

First, I needed to dust it (hello, cobwebs!) and remove as much flaking paint as possible. To do so, I used a wire brush to slough off paint chips along each length of wire.

After gathering the paint chips on newspaper and dumping them in the trash, I wiped the rack down with a slightly damp cloth and grabbed a bottle of turquoise spray paint and my favorite trigger handle.

painting a wire rack after brushing off the flaking paint

I suppose I could have just gone with black again- nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with a burst of color, either, right?

After making sure I’d covered every nook and cranny, I had quite a colorful wire rack!

painting a closet organizer

Next, I sprayed the wire rack with a clear top coat to help protect the finish of the paint.

Then, I decided that a few more hooks could be added to my closet organizer for more storage options. And they wouldn’t have to be attached in any permanent way!

S hooks from the hardware store to the rescue.

hooks to hang on a wire rack for more storage

And, well, because I love turquoise and gold as a color combo, I painted the hooks with gold spray paint.

painting hardware with spray paint

Now I had hooks I could hang anywhere on the wire rack! (I used a clear top coat on these once the paint dried, as well.)

Last but not least, I decided that protecting floor surfaces from the metal feet might be a smart idea. They weren’t rough, per se, but it would be cheap and easy to ensure nothing got scratched up.

I found some turquoise felt at the craft store, cut out tiny circles, and hot glued them to the underside of each ball foot.

furniture feet with craft felt

And, with that kind of color match, you’d never even see the felt, really!

Closet Organizer for Accessories

And that was it- a super easy makeover that will come in handy in our primary closet.

I gathered the rack and the painted S hooks before grabbing some scarves and bags. (The best part about S hooks is that I can move them around, as needed, depending on how everything fits!)

hooks for more storage options on a closet organizer

Truthfully, I probably could use another one or two of these to really free up some space in our closet! But isn’t that terrific? It holds all sorts of accessories- scarves, bags with straps, clutch bags (laying on the bottom shelf), etc.

wire rack as a closet organizer

I hope you enjoyed this VERY simple but oh-so-handy closet organizer project of mine. Full disclosure- it’s a really old project that I made for a now-defunct Goodwill blog. But since it never made it to my own blog back then, I’m putting it on here now!

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Craft on!


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closet organizer for accessories

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  1. This is such a great idea. Loved what you did with it.

  2. Great way to repurpose that piece! Love the color blue you picked.

  3. Hey! first, is that Gail me? I don’t remember leaving a comment earlier in the week. lol
    Second, it cracks me up how often “we” buy stuff and the thrift store without knowing it’s original purpose! 🙂

    In any case, I love the color, and “s” rings? My favorite way to organize random stuff at home, in the camper, and when I travel!


  4. Such a brilliant organizing idea Sarah! Pinned 🙂

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