DIY Hall Tree from a Hanging Gun Rack

DIY Hall Tree from a Hanging Gun Rack

Ok, I know what you’re going to say- “But Sadie, you’ve already repurposed a gun rack before!”. And you’re right, I have…but what can I say? Another hanging gun rack crossed my path and I couldn’t resist! It was dusty and cheap, and all I could think was that it would be PERFECT as a DIY hall tree and entryway storage.

Hanging gun rack at a thrift store

Once I bought it, it sat in our garage for a very long time. And the reason I’m finally repurposing it? I kept knocking into it and eventually stepped on two of the “hooks”

I was worried I would destroy the whole thing if I didn’t DO SOMETHING with it soon!

So, I decided to upcycle it into a DIY wall tree. Basically, it would become entryway hooks for winter accessories, such as hats and scarves. And I’d salvage the hardware from this broken shelf I also found while thrifting!

Coat hooks for a DIY wall tree

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Adding Coat Hooks to a Hanging Gun Rack

Anyway, I could have left my wall gun rack just as it was…but I had to tweak it ever so slightly first. I wanted to maximize its gear-holding potential by adding another row of hooks.

First, I dug out a piece of scrap plywood from our garage.

Upcycling a hanging gun rack

Then, we measured out a narrow piece that would fit across the back of the wall gun rack, sawed it out, and sanded it down.

Adding more hooks to a DIY wall tree

After that, we attached it to the back of the wall gun rack.

Oh, and we used a couple of extra screws to re-attach/re-tighten the gun rack “hooks” that I had inadvertently stomped on.

Attaching a piece of plywood to a hanging gun rack

And just like that, it was ready for the next steps.

Upcycling a gun rack into entryway hooks

DIY Hall Tree for Entryway Storage

Of course, I couldn’t leave it looking like that, with the original dark wood of the gun rack and the pale new plywood!

I didn’t have the patience to brush paint it, so I tried a new color of spray paint to bring my wall mounted coat rack all together!

Spray painting a hanging gun rack

I distressed it along the edges, as well, before sealing it with clear wax.

Making the entryway wall hooks for winter accessories

Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I’m kind of in love with this new paint!

Distressing paint on the entryway wall hooks

Now all I needed to do was add some more hooks and my wall mounted coat rack would be complete!

Aren’t those great? We carefully removed them from the broken shelf and spaced them out evenly on the new plywood strip.

Hanging gun rack as entryway hooks

Now my coat tree or wall mounted coat rack had even more storage options.

After adding a pair of D-ring hangers to the back of the rack, we were ready to hang our DIY hall tree!

Hanging a DIY hall tree

DIY Hall Tree from a Hanging Gun Rack

Now this hanging gun rack is perfect for all of our winter accessories. Especially scarves and hats which can easily get out of hand. 

DIY hall tree for winter accessories

Entryway storage has never been easier with this repurposing idea!

I do wish we had a mudroom or other space in our home where this entryway storage project would be decorative as well as functional.

DIY wall tree from a hanging gun rack

Next time you see  a hanging gun rack at the thrift store, don’t pass it up! It’s an excellent piece to upcycle into a coat tree or wall mounted coat rack.

And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for a DIY hall tree for winter accessories, then you may also be interested in this clipboard organizer that is perfect for face masks!

Mask organizer or face mask storage for the front door

Craft on!


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  1. Another great upcycle! Love the color you chose too!

  2. Well, I’ve already got gun racks on my look-for list; I’m gonna do mine with dowels to hold ribbons like your scrap fabric one. I LOVE the shape of the top of yours, and that color, too. This project is great, as usual; functional and space saving; it could even fit on the back of a door! In a dark royal blue, wouldn’t it be great in a teen-aged boy’s room? Oh, wait, the floor is easier!

    I think I would have Jon cut a new piece for the broken shelf and upcycle that with a coat of paint and black hooks! Doncha love making projects for the honey-do list?

  3. acraftymix says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gun rack before and if I did I probably would have a cooking clue what it’s used for, well until I saw your re-purpose 😉 What a great idea Sarah. Love the happy blue color you chose

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Haha, I understand that problem all too well- the first one that I repurposed was given to me by someone who TOLD me it was a gun rack. Otherwise…I wouldn’t have known. And the way my mind thinks…this is a much better use for it! 😉 <3

  4. This is another sweet repurpose! Love the aqua color, and is a better use for the gun rack IMO. Pinned.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Yes, yes, yes!! I love repurposing gun racks for anything BUT their original purpose- I’m a tender soul like that. 😉 Thank you, Florence!

  5. Yaaaayyy another awesome idea!


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