Demijohn Vase from an Empty Wine Bottle

Demijohn Vase from an Empty Wine Bottle

Since my county no longer recycles glass, the last thing I planned on buying from the thrift store was an empty wine bottle. But this particular glass bottle was an unusual shape and seemed ideal for upcycling. It made me think of a demijohn bottle that you might see French country decor. So, repurposing it into a demijohn vase seemed like its decorative destiny.

Empty wine bottles or glass carboy for upcycling into a demijohn vase

A quick search on Google told me that based on the embossed name on the bottle, it was an interesting vintage piece from Petri Wine.

In other words, not just your average glass bottle!

Demijohn vase with a bottle of Petri wine that came from the thrift store

But back to my idea for a demijohn vase or demijohn bottle. You know what I’m talking about- those HUGE wine jugs that sit in an old wooden crate.

They’re typically big enough to live on the floor as a massive vase or to hold loose change.

Anyway, I started wondering if I could create a smaller, tabletop-sized version of a demijohn bottle with my glass carboy from Petri wine. All I’d need was some basswood from the craft store.

Craft wood for building a wooden crate for a demijohn vase

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Making a Demijohn Vase

With craft wood in hand, we first measured the circumference of the glass bottle to determine the size of our demijohn crate.

Upcycling the empty wine bottles into a glass demijohn with craft wood

After measuring twice to cut once, we made the first piece of the crate- a square ring held together with super glue (using this kind because it has a dainty little brush).

Making a demijohn vase as glass bottle crafts with a wine jug

The sizing was perfect, so we recreated the square ring a second time, but added three slats as a platform bottom.

Building a wooden crate for a demijohn bottle to use as French Country decor

Then we cut four equally long pieces of square dowel to act as the risers (or, corners of the demijohn crate).

DIY Demijohn for French country decor with basswood from the craft store

Finishing Up the Crate for a Small Demijohn

Once I had all the components of the wooden crate cut and sanded, I glued them together.

It was the perfect little craft for my demijohn vase!

Wooden crate for a demijohn vase as an upcycling idea for empty wine bottles

But I had to do something about that naked wood color.

I decided to try a new-to-me stain on it, starting with one of the scraps I had leftover. And let me tell you- this weathered oak stain by Minwax was PERFECT on the basswood.

So, I wiped the weathered oak stain on the entire crate for my demijohn bottle. And it looked GORGEOUS!

Weathered Oak Stain on basswood as a wooden crate for a glass demijohn

I mean- can you believe it? That perfect brown-grey color that just screams “vintage”. I’ll definitely have to try it on other species of wood to see what the results would be!

Anyway, while the weathered oak stain dried on the wooden crate, I turned by attention back to the glass carboy.

I decided to give it just a kiss of green color with some stained glass spray paint.

Stained glass spray paint on a demijohn bottle for glass bottle crafts

I gave the glass demijohn just two or three light coats of the stained glass spray paint.

And when everything had dried, I had both adorable components of a demijohn vase.

Making a demijohn vase with a wooden crate from empty wine bottles

Demijohn Vase from an Empty Wine Bottle

The demijohn bottle or glass carboy looked wonderful inside the little wooden crate. Wouldn’t you agree?

Glass bottle crafts for French country decor with a demijohn vase

I was doubly pleased with my choice of stained glass spray paint and weathered oak stain once I saw them together!

And now I had a demijohn vase that looks like it comes straight from an beautifully appointed home done up in French Country. And all with an empty wine bottle from the thrift store!

Empty wine bottles for glass bottle crafts by making a demijohn vase

I love that this demijohn vase is small enough to sit on a table or bookcase and not some enormous glass carboy on the ground.

And if you enjoyed this idea for a glass demijohn, then you’ll love this collection of glass bottle crafts for even more inspiration!

glass bottle crafts

Don’t forget to check out this post for more upcycling ideas for French Farmhouse decor, too!

French farmhouse decor from the Thrift Store

Craft on!


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Glass carboy or wine jug that has been upcycled as a demijohn bottle for French farmhouse decor

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  1. This came out gorgeous!

  2. Cathy Bizri says

    love this. I enjoy getting your emails with all of your various ideas. Love everything you create

  3. Very cute, love the little crate!!

  4. Beverly Satchfield says

    I LOVE this. You know I love to do things with wine bottles. (As well as drink the wine!) Nice find by the way…very cool bottle.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Bev!! It felt a little oxymoronic- to buy a bottle when you know all too well our recycling hindrances here- but it’s such cool shape and it’s definitely older. I think the winery was sold in the 50s or 60s. Which, while not old per se…but old for a wine bottle that would otherwise be thrown away!

  5. Sarah, OOH LA LA. . . . . that stain color, with the perfect hint of green from the Kyrlon stained glass paint on the wine jug – girl this is just perfection! I love, love, love it!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much!! Girl, you should have heard the inappropriate noises I made when I first tried that stain on the basswood. I was PRETTY ecstatic!

  6. What a great project…the crate turned out wonderful, and the bottle, too! Great job!

  7. Love this idea but it made me think. I see you used the stained glass green paint. Do you know how it differs from the sea foam sea glass paint?

  8. Genius! I’ll bet no one else has thought about doing this even though they would want a “real” demijohn. You rocked it!

  9. So very gorgeous. Also, it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming project. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


  10. Love this project. I am obsessed with demijohns. Now I create my own.

  11. super cute…I gotta get some of that spray paint. I’ve used wine bottles –the regular kind, as garden bed edging. Bury them upside-down to just beyond the shoulder. Mine is mixed colors but you could do all one color too, depends on the wine you drink. No pics– it’s night here now.

  12. So pretty! I have one of the large antique versions… but this is such a fun smaller version!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I’m only ever admired the real-deal big versions…and those just won’t work in my small-ish house, so… 😉

  13. Janet johnson says

    Even though I’ve never used one of your ideas exactly as presented, I always learn some little tidbit to file away in my mind for some use in the future.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I love that, Janet! I learn little tidbits along the way, too, and am ever happy to share. 🙂

  14. I can’t help but ask… did you buy the adorable little (sugar?) bowl to the right of the glass bottle?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I did not!! It’s funny (or maybe sad) what I miss when I’m laser-focused on the item that I’m purchasing!

  15. Wow, this is amazing. Very clever and creative!

  16. Wow, wow, I love, love, love this. You did a fabulous job. Beautiful!

  17. You are the queen of recycle and DIY!! I LOVE this project and will have to do this for my home!! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous idea!!

  18. acraftymix says

    How on earth did I miss this one Sarah. It looks gorgeous. You’re so clever with the ideas you come up with. I’ll be hunting for unusual wine bottle, empty or maybe full 😉 to make this for our little holiday cottage. It’s perfect

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Awww, thank you!! And I think you’ll have WAY MORE FUN if you locate an unusually shaped wine jug that just happens to be full. 😉

  19. Awe, such a cute idea!

  20. Great project, as usual! Great tutorial, too!

  21. Wow, nicely done. I love this post.

  22. angela carrera says

    love this!!! I am not handy with power tools. how did you cut the strips of wood?? great project!!! thanks
    Angela from NJ

  23. Oh I just love this! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. Just a question…what was the exact stain color you used on this? I just have to have one of these! I already have the perfect bottle I purchased quite some time ago. I’m pretty sure I also have the wood…so all I need is to make it! This reminds me of something you would see going into a museum showing…the set up of it all when they bring the pieces in and uncrate them.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I just double checked and I link to it in the blog post where you see all the capital letters in bold blue font!

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