Christmas Porch Decor with DIY Candy Canes

Christmas Porch Decor with DIY Candy Canes

There are a few Christmas “staples” that I’ve never created for my blog, and candy canes or candy cane decorations are one of them. And honestly, I had no earnest intentions to do something about that…until I came across some walking canes at Goodwill.

Walking canes at the thrift store that can be upcycled into DIY candy canes for Christmas porch decor by Sadie Seasongoods /

Well, well, well…what do we have here?

THAT’S when the “duh” moment happened. As if the walking canes had tripped me up, saying “HELLO! DON’T WE LOOK LIKE CANDY CANES TO YOU?”. And well, here we are, upcycling some old walking canes into DIY candy cane decorations. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

How to Upcycle Walking Canes into Candy Canes

Once the upcycling seed was sown, I kept my eyes peeled for more walking canes. I found one more, and because it was similar in size and texture to one I already had, I nabbed it and got to work.

Transforming walking canes from the thrift store into Candy Cane decorations for Christmas porch decor by Sadie Seasongoods /

Let’s do this!

Now- there were several decorating possibilities here: I could stick them in the ground along my front walkway. Or I could just use them as Christmas porch decor. But first I had to paint them to look like candy canes.

The easiest plan was to paint each walking cane white, and then add the red stripes over the white paint. So, I set up my spray painting station and employed the use of a heavy right angle clamp to hold my walking canes while I spray painted each end.

Spray painting upcycled walking canes white to resemble candy canes by Sadie Seasongoods /

First comes the white paint…

After both walking canes were completely white, I wrapped painter’s tape around each cane to create the ribbon shape for red paint.

*Important to note- I used wider painter’s tape along the straight “staff” portion of the walking canes, and narrower painter’s tape around the crook. I also REALLY made sure that the tape was perfectly smooth to prevent paint bleed.*

Starting to look like a candy cane, eh? Just needed to lightly spray my glossy red paint over everything to get that ribbon-y look.

And now for the ribbon of red!

Walking Cane Candy Canes- The Reveal!

When all the paint had dried, I very carefully removed the painter’s tape, revealing that perfect red and white ribbon of your standard candy cane! And don’t worry too much if there’s a little paint bleed here and there- you can either leave it as is or touch up with white craft paint! 

How to upcycle a cane or walking cane into candy canes or candy cane decorations to use as Christmas porch decor by Sadie Seasongoods /


I had decided to use them as Christmas porch decor- crisscrossed and standing up on my porch. So, I needed to “connect” them, doing so with a little hot glue and then wrapped (figure 8 style) with basic cotton string (aka, my kitchen twine).

Making candy cane decorations to use as Christmas porch decor by upcycling walking canes by Sadie Seasongoods /

Gotta crisscross my walking cane candy canes!

And yes, I know that looks kind of ugly! Which is why I used a large wreath bow (from the craft store) to cover it up (held in place with basically jewelry wire).

What to do with old walking canes- a tutorial on upcycling them into candy canes or candy cane decorations for Christmas porch decor by Sadie Seasongoods /

There- now you can’t see it.

I also glued small circles of anti-slip shelf liner (you know what I’m talking about- that sponge-y kind of grip liner) to the bottoms of my upcycled walking canes to help anchor them in place. Now my candy cane decorations were ready to decorate my front porch!

Making candy cane decorations by repurposing walking canes into candy canes by Sadie Seasongoods /

Oh my gosh, they’re so cute!

My salvaged chunk of picket fence made for a fun backdrop and then some thrifted holly garland added a touch of (necessary) green to complete the look. Ta-da! DIY candy canes from upcycled walking canes- perfect for Christmas porch decor!

What to do with old walking cane or walking canes- upcycle them into DIY candy canes or candy cane decorations to use as Christmas porch decor by Sadie Seasongoods /

I love them!

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful way to preserve the walking cane(s) from a loved one? I can definitely envision someone not being able to give away an old cane for sentimental reasons…but not being sure what to do with it either. So, if you’ve ever wondered what to do with an old cane or walking canes, this is an excellent idea.

And please don’t forget to check out my full collection of upcycling ideas for Christmas here before you go!

Craft on!


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  1. Adorable, as usual. I had to smile when I saw them as I thot they were just the large plastic ones! I remember getting those, shoving them onto a broomstick, covering them with pieces of masking tape, then shoe polishing them to antique them to make shepherd’s crooks for the kids’ Sunday school play! And here you are, doing just the reverse!

  2. Very nice idea. It looks lovely.

  3. great idea! thanks for sharing all your dyis!

  4. Love the candy canes! You have such a creative eye. However, I’m more in love with your sawhorse table… genius!! 😍😍

    • Sadie Seasongoods says:

      Haha, we have two!! The small one (which you saw) and then one that is about twice as long. We built them from basic plywood and 2″x4″s! Super handy.

  5. Fantastic idea! This is a “duh” moment for me, too! Merry Christmas!

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