Fall Wreaths to Upcycle This Season

Fall Wreaths to Upcycle This Season

As soon as the craft stores fill their aisles with pumpkins, leaves, and acorns, I know it’s time to start thinking about fall projects. And that definitely means fall wreaths because there are so many ways to celebrate autumn on the front door.

Fall Wreaths

michaels fall decor and supplies

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

The colors, the florals, the symbols, the styles…when it comes to fall wreaths, there are no limits when it comes to creativity and upcycling ideas to incorporate. Here are a few inspiring ideas to get your fall crafting started.

Rake Wreath

fall wreath on a rake

Photo source: Petticoat Junktion.

Rakes are usually reserved for gathering up leaves once the trees are bare. But if you have an old rake laying around or bought a new-and-improved version, then an old rake head is a fun and unexpected item to turn into a fall wreath.

Celebrate the Harvest

Leather arrow quiver as a harvest wreath

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

An old leather quiver- even a newer one!- is an unusual but seasonally appropriate item to use as door decor in autumn. Filled with arrows and fall foliage, it’s a curiously stylish nod to the harvest season.

Metallic Leaf Wreath

fall leaf wreath in metallics

Photo source: Domestically Speaking.

There are fall leaf wreaths, and then there are METALLIC leaf wreaths, which truly take it up a notch. Gold, bronze, and copper are perfect for the season, and the subtle shine elevates the wreath into elegant territory.

Rag Wreath

flannel rag wreath

Photo source: House of Hawthornes.

A rag wreath is a cozy, homey touch to celebrate Fall, and this version (that uses flannel fabric) is all about the cozy. It’s easy to make and ideal for anyone with a lot of fabric scraps handy.

Copper Pan Wreath

copper bundt pan as a fall wreath

Photo source: Dukes and Duchesses.

A bundt pan– especially in copper- is a fun and unexpected item to upcycle into a wreath. The color is right on target and the shape lends itself well to filling with all of fall’s finest- pumpkins, leaves, etc.

Fall Wreaths from Picture Frames

picture frame wreath as neutral fall decor

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

A picture frame might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to wreath making, but it works out really well. Plus they’re super plentiful (and cheap!) at thrift stores and easy to personalize to your own preferred style.

Fabric Pumpkin Wreath

pumpkin wreath

Photo source: Lora Bloomquist.

Crafters love to make fabric pumpkins at this time of year, but usually to sit around or fill up baskets and bowls. But here’s a fresh new application- as decorations on a fall wreath! How cute is that?

Simple Wreath

fall wreath with feathers

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

There’s nary a pumpkin or leaf in site on this wreath, but one look and you know it’s for autumn. It’s simply styled without much pomp or circumstance, but the feathers, wheat shafts, and plaid ribbon tie it all together nicely.

And guess what? The ribbon was made from a men’s plaid shirt!

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

hoop wreath for fall

Photo source: Virginia Sweet Pea.

The embroidery hoop is an unsung hero in the crafting world and is perfect for a few non-embroidery projects. Specifically, it works really well as a simple wreath form, like this fresh take on an autumn wreath.

Sunflower Wreath

sunflower wreath in a leather purse

Photo source: Petticoat Junktion.

Sunflowers are a great symbol for that summer-to-fall transition, which make them a fun way to welcome autumn early! This take on a sunflower wreath upcycles an old leather purse from the closet– talk about thrifty and resourceful crafting.

Fall Wreaths with Apples

apple wreath for autumn

Photo source: Domestically Speaking.

If you’re on pumpkin overload and need a change of pace, this DIY apple wreath might be just the ticket. From the straw wreath form to the colorful foliage, you can almost smell the apple cider in the air.

Cheese Box Lid Wreath

fall door wreath with the lid of a wood cheese box

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Upcycling cheese boxes is certainly nothing new. But the lid alone is ideal for wreath making, isn’t it? Plus, with the right stenciled saying, it doubles as a fall sign.

Bohemian Wreath

bohemian fall wreath

Photo source: Salvaged Living.

Neckties are a dime a dozen at thrift stores, especially outdated styles in browns and golds. Which means they are PERFECT for repurposing into a breezy, Bohemian fall wreath unlike any other.

Basket Wreath

flat basket as an autumn wreath

Photo source: Homeroad.

Large flat baskets from a thrift or craft store are a great canvas for transforming into decorations for your front door. Ring one with fall leaves, berries, acorns, or gourds to celebrate all things Fall on your front door.

Flannel Leaves

fall leaf wreath

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Fall and flannel go together like peanut butter and jelly- so it’s no surprise to see it on a fall wreath! This abstract take on a leaf wreath can be used with any fabrics you have on hand and is a fabulous scrap buster project, as well. The tutorial for this wreath can be found in my book, “Crafting with Flannel” by Sarah Ramberg.

Yarn Balls

leftover yarn project

Photo source: Salvage Sister and Mister.

Leftover yarn from your knitting and crochet projects can add up and get out of hand. But if you have a plethora of earthy autumn colors, you can repurpose those small balls into a cozy yarn ball wreath like this.

Inspiration for Fall Wreaths

upcycle ideas for fall wreaths

Photo source: Petticoat Junktion, Sadie Seasongoods, and Lora Bloomquist.

I hope these upcycling ideas inspired you for whatever fall wreath you plan on making this year. There are so many possibilities and craft stores are chock full of supplies.

Happy autumn and craft on!


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