Halloween Ornaments with Upcycled Fan Blades

Halloween Ornaments with Upcycled Fan Blades

I found a bin of fan blades that were SUPER cheap, and there was a pack of white blades on the top. Right off the bat, I saw the potential of creating some Halloween tree decorations or Halloween ornaments. Halloween ghosts from fan blades isn’t a completely original idea, but I had a feeling that I could get two ornaments from each ceiling fan blade.

Fan blades at Habitat ReStore for upcycling into the Halloween ornaments to hang outside

So, I brought the fan blades home and played around with the idea of creating some Halloween ornaments to hang from small trees / large bushes or shrubs in the yard! This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

Upcycling the fan blades from an old ceiling fan into Halloween ghosts

Halloween Ghosts from Fan Blades as Halloween Ornaments

In my mind, each fan blade would yield two similar, but slightly different ghost shapes.

The bottom ghost would require a rounded cut for the head, but would utilize the flowy shape of the bottom of the fan blade. The top ghost already had a rounded “head” (and holes for adding hanging thread and eye placement), but would require a sawtooth cut along the bottom.

Making the Halloween tree decorations from fan blades that came from Habitat ReStore

I did my best to transfer this idea to the fan blades with a pencil, compass, and ruler. There would be a little strip of leftover fan blade from between the two Halloween tree ornaments, but that’s ok.

Sketching the Halloween ornaments that will be cut from the fan blades

Then, Jon used our jigsaw to cut out the Halloween ornaments from each fan blade.

Halloween tree decorations from fan blades to be decorated as Halloween ghosts

Next, I sanded down the cut edges to smooth them out. For the “bottom blade” ghosts, I also had to drill a small hole at the top of each one in order to hang them.

Now, even though the blades were white, the other side was, unfortunately, faux wood grain. So, I spray painted both sides with a fresh coat of white paint- this hid the brown of the wood grain on the flip side and covered up my pencil marks on the white side!

Now came the scariest part (or, rather, most nerve-wracking) part- adding faces to the Halloween ornaments / Halloween tree decorations.

Painting the ghost faces on Halloween ornaments to hang on the trees outside

And, well…I did the best I could! Free hand painting is NOT my forte, but with a little practice, they came out alright.

Halloween tree decorations and Halloween tree ornaments from fan blades

Last but not least, I gave the Halloween tree decorations a coat of water resistant sealant – I’m hanging them outside after all!

Halloween Ornaments / Halloween Tree Decorations from Fan Blades

And for hanging, I used clear monofilament…which can be a pain to tie in a knot but is also good for handling the outdoors. Finally, I hung them on the tree outside – and just like that, I had an entire set of Halloween ornaments!

Halloween ornaments and Halloween tree decorations by upcycling the fan blades

And just for fun, I took them to a hauntingly beautiful spot not far from where I live, the Poinsett Bridge! A fun little photoshoot…

Halloween tree decorations and Halloween ghosts to hang outside in the yard

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for Halloween decor, then you’ll love this Halloween wreath from a paper plate holder!

Halloween jack o lantern and Halloween wreath DIY from a paper plate holder by Sadie Seasongoods

Craft on!


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Halloween tree decorations and ghost decor from fan blades as Halloween ornaments


  1. OMG You are so creative. I also love the way you include such complete directions for your all your projects, from the thrift shop to the finished project. It helps us un-creative people!! Happy Halloween!

  2. Patti Boose says

    Wow! I love this idea. Such a wonderful repurpose.

  3. Oh my these are so cute and to think I threw away some fan blades not that long ago. I’ll be saving the blades of the next fan I take down.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you, Sharon!! Yes, I was already eyeballing the old white ceiling fan in our kitchen and wondering if I should replace it sooner than I had thought, hahaha.

  4. So cute! You did good with the face painting. (My favorite part…I love to paint!) Great use for the blades too.

  5. I’ll never look at ceiling fan blades the same after seeing this, Sarah. What a great idea and I have the perfect tree in my front yard! pinned

  6. Very cute! I don’t decorate much for Halloween, but I have really enjoyed all your projects.

  7. I already had fan blades on my look-for list but don’t own a jigsaw which is probably a good thing with my degree of coordination! These are adorable and won’t take much storage space; always a plus in my book! Do you know the trick of putting a touch of (clear) nail polish on your monofilament knots; it keeps them tied for sure. A jewelry lock knot is also a good thing to do. I scored 2 .50 round white plastic tablecloths; grand can make a couple of ghosts to hang in a tree!

  8. Love this idea and so simple! They can sway in the wind!!

  9. Julia - Vintage with Laces says

    It looks like your home and garden are ready for Halloween, Sarah.That’s another cute ghost project and such a great way to use fan blades.

  10. How cute is that? I wish I had seen this before I chucked the blades I had a while back.

  11. Really clever ! Good job

  12. That mind of yours Sarah!!!! How on earth do you come up with these amazingly cool ideas? Your ceiling fan ghosts are so cute and that picture you took of them at the Poinsett Bridge is wow. If I had to see that for real I’d probably pee in my pretty pink bloomers 😀

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      LOL, thanks, Michelle! Jon and I joked about hanging all my fan blade ghosties near the bridge and then leaving them to spook other visitors…but I didn’t want to leave anything but footprints. 😉

  13. I’ve seen people use the whole fan blade as ghosts, but I like cutting it into two pieces to make more!

  14. how cute!!!


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