Non-Pumpkin Fall Decorations

Non-Pumpkin Fall Decorations

I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely LOVE pumpkins when it comes to decorating for Fall. I have “pumpkinized” countless thrift store items over the years, and yes, there will be MORE in the future. But even I recognize the fact that they can be easily overdone. So, I thought it’d be fun to create a post about non-pumpkin fall decorations in case you would like a bit more variety, as well.

I’ve certainly created a few non-pumpkin fall projects along the way. Fall is my favorite season, after all, so I get giddy over ALL the elements of the season. 

Since I never get tired of fall leaves, I’ve made a few leaf-centric things- such as these faux amber glass bottles.

decorating for fall with amber glass bottles

And these autumn leaf dishes that allowed me to play around with gold foil flakes for the first time.

autumn leaf dishes

Acorns are another symbol of Fall that I’m drawn to, so of course I’ve made those (from tweed coats) before. I also made a flannel version of these in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”.

acorn decorations from tweed jackets

And let’s not forget wreaths for the front door! There are a myriad of non-pumpkin options for door decor, that’s for sure. My vintage leather quiver full of wooden bows was one of my very first blogging projects- and not a pumpkin in sight!

Leather arrow quiver as a harvest wreath
Bottom line, if you’re craving some variety in your fall decor this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Turns out, there are TONS of non-pumpkin fall decorations out there when you push past all things round and orange.

painted over corn bowls that now look like indian corn decorations for thanksgiving

Whether you like leaves, acorns, owls, Indian corn (like the dishes above), or something else entirely during autumn, there’s likely a repurposing project for it! So, I’ve gathered a few favorites- some of mine and some from fellow bloggers- to help you find some non-pumpkin inspiration.

Non-Pumpkin Fall Decorations

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SO many great ideas here! And a good reminder of just how many autumn symbols there are to play around with.

Whether you love anything to do with apples

fall apple decor from monkey pod bowls

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Or you want to focus on cozy fabrics, such as my favorite: Flannel..!

fall leaf wreath from flannel shirts

There are plenty of autumnal options that have nothing to do with pumpkins! I guess you could say that “Variety is the <non-pumpkin> spice of life”…

fall leaves decor on an autumn sign

I hope you enjoyed perusing these non-pumpkin fall craft ideas with me! And don’t worry, I still love all the pumpkin-y things…it just seemed like a fun challenge to gather lots of alternative ideas.

Especially since I *do* get the occasional “Not another pumpkin project, Sadie!” email or comment. And I enjoy challenging myself with wacky-turned-nifty upcycling ideas, like this DIY loom…

upcycling a casserole dish holder as a loom to weave on

Either way, this is a fun reminder of all the alternative ways to celebrate fall that aren’t centered around the mighty (and still beloved) pumpkin. And if any of the projects REALLY caught your eye, I’d love to hear about it. Feedback like that inspires me to create future projects that really speak to you!

And for a little more fall decorating without pumpkins, check out this project where I made my own wired ribbon for a fall wreath!

Plaid ribbon from upcycled clothing for a harvest wreath

Craft on!


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upcycling ideas for non pumpkin fall decorations

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  1. What a great collection of fall projects. Thanx for putting it all together! I did get my fall bouquet of faux sunflowers together on the kitchen table, but that’s it so far! Worked on a thrifted kit of penguin ornaments to sell and for my church’s bazaar this a.m.!

  2. Great collection of Fall projects! Thanks for including my Wool Blanket Bunting:)

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