Nature Crafts to Make

Nature Crafts to Make

Money may not grow on trees, but sometimes craft supplies do. From flowers to acorns to pinecones, there are any number of nature crafts you can make with natural elements. And whether you collected them from the beach, the forest floor, or your own backyard, the supplies are relatively unlimited…and free.

From a Walk in the Woods to the Craft Table

nature craft ideas

Photo source: Shutterstock via PicMonkey.

The woods, the beach, even your backyard are filled with creative possibilities. Craft supplies that fall from trees, wash up on the shore, or end up in your yard work clippings are all around you- and they’re free! So, why not make some nature crafts with these all-natural supplies?

Beach Treasures

beach mason jars

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

If you want to preserve the loveliness of a beach vacation, there’s no better way than recreating it in a mason jar. Saving the sand, shells, and other natural treasures you collect like this is a wonderful way to capture those breezy memories.

Pinecone Flowers

pinecone flowers

Photo source: The Decorated Cookie.

Pinecones are not only plentiful and easy to find, but they come in a variety of sizes for any number of nature crafts. These pinecone flowers are about as pretty as can be and perfect to add to a wreath or other decorative project.

Natural Winter Decor

winter decor from nature

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods for the Charlotte Region ReStores.

Collecting elements from the outdoors- pinecones, dried seed pods, pretty river rocks- is a very thrifty way to decorate for winter. And using clear glass dishes from the thrift store is not only budget-friendly, but adds that icy touch that winter is known for.

Acorn Caps for a Fairy Garden

Crafting with junk for a homemade fairy garden

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Fairy gardens are still incredibly popular and crafting your own pieces from nature is a match made in DIY heaven. This “path light” started with an acorn cap and is about as darling as it gets.

Dried Flower Wall Hanging

drying flowers for wall decor

Photo source: Hearth and Vine.

What prettier way to save your wildflowers than with a simple wall hanging like this? Different colors, sizes, and stem lengths add interest and curiosity to this form of natural art.

Wood Slice Coasters

wood slice coasters with flannel

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Even yard word can create and provide craft supplies! And if you prune some larger branches on a tree, a few smooth slices are easy to transform into a set of rustic coasters. Paint, stain, and decoupage are all easy ways to personalize the coasters to your taste.

The tutorial for this project is found in my book, “Crafting with Flannel”.

Fairy Garden Path

Golf tees as light poles in a DIY fairy garden

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Smooth rocks that are too small to skip on a lake are ideal for a winding path through your fairy garden! No paint needed, just arrange them in a whimsical way to add adorable charm to your fairy garden of choice.

Fire Starters

natural fire starers

Photo source: Inspired by Charm.

Who knew fire starters could be this lovely and seem like magazine-worthy decor? But you can make these yourself with natural elements from around your yard-  plus, they’re an eco-friendly way to help coax along a warming fire.

Bowl Filler

tree embroidery on a steamer pot insert

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Fall and winter decor is as easy as filling a bowl with smaller pinecones! To further craft with them, a little white craft paint and/or glitter on the edges give them a snowy look that doesn’t melt.

Frosted Branches

frosted branches for winter decor

Photo source: Virginia Sweet Pea.

If you craft with branches from the backyard, does that also count as yard work? I sure hope so because these DIY frosted branches are STUNNING and the perfect winter filler for your vases and jars.

Faux Flowers

chive blossoms from sweet gum tree balls

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Stepping on one of these sweet gum tree balls is NO fun whatsoever. But crafting with them is an entirely different matter. Especially when they can be transformed into pretty (albeit spiky!) flowers.

Painted Acorns

acorns as bowl filler

Photo source: My Repurposed Life.

If your yard is overwhelmed by acorns, then it’s time to collect them for some nature crafts! Use them in their natural state or paint them in festive colors. Either way, they’re a cheap way to fill bowls and jars in your home.

Beneficial Bug House

insect hotel

Photo source: Hearth and Vine.

Collecting natural elements for a bug house (or insect hotel) is a fun scavenger hunt that the kids can help with! Bug houses like this help beneficial pollinators and other helpful insects find safe refuge in your yard. Which means your garden will also get some extra help along the way, too!

Beach Sand Collection

Sand collection display in a vintage spice rack

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

If you’re a fan of collecting sand from every beach you visit, then you may be looking for unique ways to display your collection. And an old spice rack like this is an excellent way to show them off without taking up a lot of space.

Rock Cacti

painting rocks to look like cactus

Photo source: Rachel Teodoro.

Smaller rocks that are the right size and shape are fun to paint like cactus plants. Especially if you aren’t skilled at keeping houseplants alive, and/or you don’t want to get pricked by the real thing!

Have Fun with Nature Crafts

pinecones on the ground for craft supplies

Photo source: Sadie Seasongoods.

Think you’ll be making some nature crafts soon? You honestly can’t beat the price point, so get outside and happy crafting to you!

Craft on!


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