Architectural Wall Art from Porch Brackets

Architectural Wall Art from Porch Brackets

For someone who loves architectural salvage so much, I don’t work with it often enough. Sure, I’ve created a few projects in the past, but far fewer than those using, say…thrift store finds. So, I’m here to add another architectural salvage project to my collection. And this time, I’m using some porch brackets that I spied at Maliasmark’s booth during a local vintage market.

Porch brackets at a vintage market

I acquired four of the porch brackets from her, each one in slightly different well-loved condition.

Porch brackets

I knew right away that I wanted to upcycle them in a way that could be used as architectural wall art.

And I decided to incorporate this flower medallion I found at the thrift store, as well!

Flower medallion by Syroco

Once I had collected all the elements of my vision, it was time for a makeover on each!

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Rescuing the Porch Brackets

So, here’s what I plan on doing with the porch brackets…

Upcycling idea for porch brackets

But, because the pieces of architectural salvage were a little rough here and there (like they had been glued to something and then ripped off), I had to take a few steps back before I could move forward with my idea.

What do I mean by that?

First, I needed to sand them a bit and repaint them the same shade of white. So, that’s what I did- using my orbital sander to remove the rough patches and slivers-waiting-to-happen.

Sanding the decorative corner brackets

Next, I applied a little white spray paint to give them a brighter and more uniform appearance.

Painting the porch brackets

While the porch brackets dried, I moved onto that flower medallion. It was vintage by Syroco and fit perfectly in the center.

I just wasn’t crazy about the gold. Instead, I wanted it to look like oxidized copper.

First, I painted the medallion in a Statue of Liberty-esque green, the same color I used in my DIY cork board project.

Painting the Syroco medallion

Faking the Look of Green Patina on Copper

Once the green paint had dried, I used this shade of Rub n’ Buff to add touches of copper over the green.

Copper patina with rub n buff

Just a scant amount of metallic wax on my fingertip was all it took. Doesn’t that look fantastic?

Getting the look of copper patina with paint

When I was done, I had a faux finish of green patina on copper, which is EXACTLY what I was going for.

Using paint to get the look of green patina on copper

Now it was time to put all my architectural wall art together!

There were various ways to do this: glue, mending plates, or screwing in thin pieces of wood behind the architectural salvage.

Making some architectural wall art from porch brackets

Ultimately, I used a combination of super glue and wood connectors behind the porch brackets to hold them together.

Making the architectural wall decor with corner brackets

And a little super glue under the medallion, placed right in the middle.

Architectural Wall Art from Porch Brackets

That was it! My architectural wall decor from porch brackets was all done.

Architectural wall decor

I love how it turned out! From creating a circle with the porch brackets to the green patina on the gold medallion.

Architectural salvage like this is MEANT to become architectural wall art, don’t you think?

Architectural wall art from porch brackets


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And if you enjoyed this upcycling idea for architectural salvage, then you’ll love these bookends I created with wooden finials, as well!

Farmhouse bookends with architectural salvage

Craft on!


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  1. Rita Corblies says

    Reminds me of a ship’s wheel…you have an incredible imagination…love it

  2. Mmmm! My first idea was to darken that gold medallion with Judea bitumen, but I like it this way too!

  3. Wow!!! I just never would have seen that in that pile of stuff poking out of the Pepsi crate. LOVE your vision!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color of the medallion in the middle and the bronze accents wow! Awesome job Sarah ❤️

  5. Hello!

    What are “wood connectors”?

    Front looks great, but please show us the back.

    Love your blog… A LOT! Always something fun here.

    Thank you,

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Hi, Susan- I’m currently in Hurricane Florence prep mode so I can’t really take more photos right now. Imagine a paint stirrer stick cut into small pieces, like 2″ long? That’s what’s behind the straight edges of my piece. Either glued or screwed in. Hope this helps!

  6. Kristin salazar says

    This turned out so beautiful, you always have the best projects!

  7. Neat upcycle!!

  8. OHHH! I LOVE IT!!!!! Now I want one!!!!

  9. Sarah, What an amazing, and one of a kind wall decoration, it’s really pretty! I love Rub-n-Buff too, it really transforms things with ease.

  10. This is so cool! I’ve seen ginger bread trim before but never thought of using it that way. Very clever! Love it! I see you had a pretty little helper to show off your project.

  11. Great find! I love the rubnbuff! Pinned it!

  12. You’re so clever and creative Sarah! I would never have thought to put the architectural pieces into a circle. Love the medallion for the center. Who doesn’t LOVE rub-n-buff?

    sooo pretty!

  13. Maryann Caballero says

    What a fun transformation! I love the finish you did on that medallion.

  14. Love it!!

  15. This is so cool! Would be a perfect at our beach cottage!

  16. Debbie- Dabble says

    Love this idea!! Great job!!


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