St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Even though we’ve lived in this house for a while now, I’d yet to create a wreath project for it! That all changed, though, when I spotted an artificial boxwood wreath at Habitat the other day. And since I’d never made a St. Patrick’s Day wreath, I decided to go in that direction this time around.

artificial boxwood wreath at a thrift store

Why a St. Patrick’s Day wreath in particular? Because that was the closest upcoming holiday, honestly.

But THEN, that idea solidified when I found a shamrock garland at a different Habitat on that same thrifting day!

shamrock garland for st patricks day

I’m pretty sure it’s the same felt garland that Michaels sells at this time of year, but you know how I love me some secondhand craft supplies!

So, I gathered my boxwood wreath, the felt garland, and some rainbow ribbon that I’d gotten on clearance at Michaels a while ago, and started strategizing my approach.

making a st patricks day wreath for the front door

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Rainbow Bow for a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Here’s a closer look at the rainbow ribbon. It’s a faux leather material, so it has body to it as well as a great shimmer.

rainbow ribbon to make a wreath bow

As I mulled over ideas for the wreath, I decided to make the entire thing “short term”. In other words, nothing adhered or glued to the boxwood wreath.

But back to the rainbow ribbon and making a bow! First things first, I unspooled the entire length (which was unsatisfyingly short), and cut it in half. 

cutting the rainbow ribbon to make a wreath bow

Why half? Well…I’m not an expert bow-maker by any stretch. But it seemed fair to use half for the bow and half for the tails. Either way, it was a DIY gamble and I convinced myself it made sense!

Next, I took one half and hot-glued the ends together, forming a cylinder. I snipped a long length of gold jewelry wire, laid the wire through the ribbon cylinder, and pinched the center of the rainbow ribbon together.

I did this a couple of times until I liked how the bow looked. Once I was satisfied, I added another drop of hot glue inside the pinch which held the bow shape together.

making a wreath bow with rainbow ribbon

Then, I cut the other half lengthwise to form two tails for my wreath bow.

tails for a wreath bow from rainbow ribbon

From there, I folded the corners in at one end to form points, using hot glue to hold the corners down.

forming the tails of a st patricks day wreath bow

I suppose in retrospect I could have cut the ends into points, but didn’t. Either way would likely be fine, I suppose.

Anywho, now I was ready to finish up my wreath bow!

Finishing the Bow and Making Shamrock Ornaments

Next, I hot glued the “pointed” ends of my ribbon tails behind the rainbow bow. I also hot glued a plastic gold coin to the center of the bow, as well.

decorating the st patricks day door decor

I’d also gotten those plastic coins at Michaels when I needed them to decorate these shamrock bowls from last year!

Finally, I fixed the bow to my wreath using the gold jewelry wire that I’d inserted at the very beginning! (And I trimmed the tails to be a more appropriate length).

attaching a wreath bow to a boxwood wreath

Now for the St. Patrick’s Day garland that I’d thrifted! Each felt shamrock had a glued-together cut in order to string them together.

So, I simply pulled apart the cut again to isolate single shamrocks for my St. Patrick’s Day wreath!  

felt shamrocks for a st patricks day wreath

After that, I re-glued the cut as cleanly as possible. Once I’d done that, I then glued a coin to the center of each shamrock. Easy peasy!

decorating the felt shamrocks with gold coins

Then, I arranged the shamrock ornaments along my wreath and used green thread to tie them to the wreath and hold them in place. Remember, I didn’t want to do anything permanent to the wreath itself so I can reuse it again!

decorating a faux boxwood wreath with a shamrock garland

And that was it! My St. Patrick’s Day wreath was finished and ready to hang on the front door.

artificial boxwood wreath with st patricks day decorations

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

I suppose it may be too simple and understated for some folks, but it captured everything I love about St. Patrick’s Day: rainbows, shamrocks, and gold coins! And of course, plenty of green.

Here it is on an interior white door before I brought it outside.

st patricks day door decoration

Then I hung it on our front door! Which is actually a deep peppercorn gray but looks weirdly blueish in this light. Don’t believe that, it’s definitely a dark gray!

decorating a boxwood wreath for st patricks day

And if you recall the photo of our house from the top of this blog post, then you may recall how far set in the front door is. Nicely protected from the elements, so wreaths are safe outside!

I really do love how it turned out! And with a quick snip of threads on the shamrocks and untwisting the wire behind the bow, it can be a plain wreath once again. Which means, yes, yes, I’m afraid you’ll be seeing this boxwood wreath again on the blog someday!

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And, of course, it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without showing off this cute little mason jar project I made a long time ago! I mean, who wouldn’t want the Irish countryside miniaturized in a vintage jar, right?

miniature version of the irish countryside

Image credit: Sadie Seasongoods.

Craft on!


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st. patrick's day wreath from the thrift store

celebrating st. patrick's day with a diy wreath

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  1. Woohoo Sarah! Your St Patrick’s Day wreath is delightful! Everything about it makes me smile. I agree about making it temporary, as the holiday is so underrated, and gone in a blink of an eye.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with it next!

  2. Ohhh I love how the wreath turned out, what a find! It’s perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day and that ribbon is kind of amazing!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thanks, Kristin- the rainbow ribbon is seriously gorgeous in person. The pics don’t do it justice at all!

  3. Nice!!!

  4. Cathy Razor says

    Very cute, my dear. I wish Habitat had a store in Henderson NV. The two in Las Vegas are too far away for me to travel.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Ohhh, that’s too bad, Cathy, but I understand the distance is limiting. Maybe there are plans to open one there- my fingers will be crossed for you!

  5. Amanda Lake says

    I love the wreath. You are so creative.

  6. Carlene Blair says

    Very cute holiday idea on a find that will work year round! Pinned.

  7. This is such a fun wreath Sarah! Pinned! Happy St. Patricks Day!

  8. That wreath was a find on it’s own but I love how you jazzed it up for St. Paddy’s Day!

  9. Sarah,
    This is such a fun wreath! I really love the rainbow ribbon. It’s just perfect for finding that pot of gold over the rainbow.

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