Winter Cabin Decor

Winter Cabin Decor

“Thrift the Look” is one of my favorite challenges that I do as a blogger. If you’re new to my blog, then “Thrift the Look” is when I take a gorgeous photo of a home decor style and recreate it with items from the thrift store and upcycling when necessary. Today, the theme is Cabin decor; but more specifically for me, I’m working on decor for a winter cabin with a touch of rustic chic.

Before I begin, here’s a quick recap of Thrift the Look challenges of the past:

Now, let me tell you- this Thrift the Look challenge was supposed to take place last Fall. I had my inspiration photo all picked out and I had thrifted and upcycled all my pieces.

But when I put it all together, it looked HEINOUS. Absolutely disastrous. So, I waved the white flag and moved on to other projects.

The group of bloggers that I do these challenges with were gracious enough to delay our Cabin Decor challenge until now. (Check us out on Facebook: Creative Vintage Darlings)

So, I found a NEW inspiration photo. It’s actually from a Christmas article that featured Deuce Cities Henhouse and appeared in the December 2018 edition of Better Homes & Gardens.

Christmas cabin decor by Alison Allen in Better Homes and Gardens magazine

But I thought that the mantel, specifically, could be isolated alone as decor for a winter cabin. It has the perfect feel of lodge decor, but in a very rustic chic way.

You can also see another variation of the mantel on the original photographer’s (David Land) Instagram feed here.

Anyway, keep that mantel in mind and let’s Thrift the Look!

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Thrift Shopping for a Winter Cabin and Rustic Chic Decor

I took screen shots of both versions of the mantel to save on my phone and hit up several thrift stores. Here are some of the things I gathered for my version of the mantel:

Thrift store shopping for a winter cabin or lodge decor that is rustic chic

They included a wooden peg board to use as the centerpiece “shield”; a pine cone tree; a birch bark canoe (which isn’t represented in the inspiration photos, but how could I resist?); a bag of taper candles; a paper mâché reindeer; candlesticks; and a basket of pine cones.

I also picked up a very cheaply made anniversary clock.

Anniversary clock at the thrift store for upcycling into a cloche for a winter cabin

The base was metal and the dome was glass, but the rest of it was plastic! In fact, I later discovered that it was broken.

Upcycling an anniversary clock or dome clock into a cloche for log cabin decor

But that made it the perfect candidate to be upcycled into a cloche! I spray painted the base, cleaned the glass, and used it to display the largest pine cone from that basket that I bought.

Glass cloche from a dome clock to display the log cabin decor for a winter cabin

The inspiration photo displayed a much larger pine cone in a glass cloche, but this was good enough for me!

Now. The candlesticks.

I FULLY expected to find wooden candlesticks on my thrifting trips. I mean, I see them all the time! But when I need them? NONE TO BE FOUND.

If you study the collage of things I thrifted, then you may see that the candlesticks were silver. As in metal. So, I obviously need to make them a little more rustic.

First, I painted them with spray primer and then brushed on a caramel colored craft paint. After that, I broke out the antiquing wax.

Using dark wax or antiquing wax to create the faux wood on a pair of metal candlesticks

Next, I brushed on a thin layer of dark wax and let it set for a few minutes. Finally, I wrapped my finger in a clean cloth and slowly turned each candlestick in my hand under my wrapped finger.

I didn’t move my cloth finger and kept as even pressure as I could. My goal was the look of faux wood or turned wood.

They weren’t perfect and they clearly aren’t wood- but they were going to work for what I needed!

After that, I gathered a few more things, including a black and white photo and some greenery from my yard. I also spray painted a vintage thread cone and that paper mâché deer with white spray paint.

Ready to see how my winter cabin decor came together?

Winter Cabin or Lodge Decor from the Thrift Store

And here it is, all assembled and together. I combined elements of both versions of the inspiration photos!

Lodge decor for a winter cabin by thrift shopping for rustic decor and upcycled crafts

See what I mean, though? It may have been from a Christmas scene but it has such a modern rustic feel to it that made me think of a winter cabin.

A winter cabin with a touch of rustic chic…

Winter cabin or log cabin decor that is rustic chic and came from the thrift store with upcycling


And make sure you check out the other “Thrift the Look: Cabin Decor” posts from my blogging friends. We all selected different inspiration photos, so each one is unique!

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How close did I come to the inspiration photo? Did I marry the two photos into one thrifted look pretty decently?

Thrift store decor for a winter cabin or lodge decor and repurposing craft projects

I hope you enjoyed this iteration of Thrift the Look! Now that you know what decor styles we’ve already completed, which style should we do next?

Craft on!


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Rustic chic for a winter cabin by thrift shopping and upcycling ideas

Lodge decor and modern rustic decor by thrift shopping and upcycling craft ideas

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  1. You found the best things to use for this challenge! My favorite is the birch bark canoe. Now that I’ve seen how you upcycled the clock under a dome, I’m going to look for a similar piece when I’m out thrifting. It was so much fun to do this challenge and I’m loving what everyone created.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      That canoe seems to be an all-around favorite!! I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted it. And YES- those flashy gold anniversary clocks are just begging for a fresh start, aren’t they? Thanks, Paula!!

  2. Great job! I think I like yours better with the canoe ?

  3. I love your version of winter cabin, Sarah…you nailed it! The “wood” candlesticks are wonderful! Such a FUN challenge….thanks so much for all you did to make it happen!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I mean, what are the chances of not finding any wooden ones when I need them!?! And I know I had a couple of pairs in my garage but had purged them recently. SIGH! (but thank you!)

  4. Barb Partyka says

    You do a fabulous job on everything you show us! Where do you store all these items? ?

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      It’s an endless battle, Barb! I don’t keep them all…and sometimes I purge them as I cycle in more. But if you open any kitchen cabinet, you’ll see thrifted finds and photo props tucked away in every corner. Same goes for closets…and I have some dedicated shelves in our home office for my photo props, too!

  5. You nailed it! I especially love how you added in the birch bark canoe, it is just perfect with this vignette.

  6. Love it!! Looks better than the original, so cozy. Great job!

  7. I’d never have believed those candle sticks weren’t wood! Magic! Everything looks so good and you’ll have to share one of these so called ‘heinous’ photos because I just don’t believe something heinous can come from your magical mind! haha. Great job as always Sarah and thanks again for heading up my favourite blog hop!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      No, but it REALLY looked bad. Despite having a lot of similar elements, it looked NOHING like the inspiration photo…and the vinyl backdrop I ordered for it just didn’t look right. SO MANY PROBLEMS.

  8. Well done! I think you hit it! I really like your pinecone in a dome!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      I LOVE the inspiration photo’s version of it- such a HUGE pine cone. Alas, southern pine cones just don’t get that big!!

  9. vickie l obrien says

    Sadie, I love how you do the thrift the look — and I really like your blog — you inspire this little old lady every time I receive your email! thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

  10. I think you nailed it: I liked your version better–naybe just knowing it was thrifted???? I hope the next style involves something springy (Winter in Maine in just TOOOO long!). I think my preferred style is evolving into a romantic/French country/farmhouse blend. Loved the clock cloche. When a cat knocked my anniversary clock off, the glass globe survived but the tiny filaments holding the balls on broke. SO, I put a small white Nativity set ( Mary, Joseph, the manger and 3 kings) in its place. A visiting minister had challenged us to leave some Christmas ornament out year round; well, it’s been there at least 15 years now! It is OOAK!

  11. Charleen Adams says

    Great job!like it better than the inspiration photo. How is your book coming along?Have a great New Year.

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      The book is in the end game stages as we speak! I’m compiling everything into a cohesive manuscript right now, to be delivered to my editor on Feb 1!!!

  12. Always fantastic. This looks incredibly high end- love it- just beautiful.

  13. I love it!


  14. Wendy Oyler says

    Love the look you came up with. Fits my home pretty much all the time, not just winter! ?

  15. I think you nailed it! Your posts always make me want to jump up and head to the nearest thrift store to see what I can find! The cloche idea is genius! I love pinecones in post-Christmas decor. (:

  16. Winter cabin fabulous! I think you totally nailed this one Sarah. I can’t imagine what the first time around must have looked like because what you’ve done here is just awesome. The cloche turned out beautifully, and holy cow, those candle holders! What silver? 😉 Thanks again for bringing this challenge to us. I really love being a part it!

  17. Love all these simple rustic elements together-birch, pinecones, evergreen, wood. My fave is the simple bunch of greens on the wood! Thanks for organizing us!

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Lora!! And I appreciate y’all giving me an extension on this after my first fail!

  18. How sweet your version is, I adore that canoe and now must make a pinecone tree!

  19. I love your interpretation of rustic cabin decor!


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