Winter Decorations Inside the Industrial Light Fixtures

Winter Decorations Inside the Industrial Light Fixtures

Even though I’ve already made waterless snow globes before, I wanted to make a NEW version. You see, I found these industrial light fixtures (or jelly jar lights) at my Habitat ReStore and thought they’d be wonderfully upcycled into snow globes. But instead of making Christmas ones, I wanted to create winter decorations instead.

Industrial light fixtures or jelly jar light fixtures at Habitat ReStore for upcycling

See what I mean? Definite snow globe potential!

And since I’m always short on good winter decor, I think that’s the route to go with. There are a few extra steps involved because these are light fixtures and not jars (with a sealing lid), but I think it’ll be worth it! 

Jelly jar lights or industrial light fixtures from Habitat ReStore for upcycling into winter decorations

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Upcycling the Industrial Light Fixtures into Snow Globes

To transform the industrial light fixtures into winter decorations, I decided to spray paint the bases. First, I removed all the wires and insulation using needle nose pliers and wire cutters.

Sure, I could have left them white, but between the clear glass and the artificial snow I’d be using, I wanted the bases to be darker. So, I used my favorite “galvanized” spray paint to do the job.

Spray painting the base of a jelly jar lights to give them an industrial look for upcycling

When the paint had dried, I brushed on my favorite matte top coat for protection.

Then, I needed to seal off any spaces/openings in the base so that my artificial snow couldn’t leak out. Hot glue to the rescue– just like crafty caulk.

Upcycling idea for industrial light fixtures or jelly jar lights as the winter wonderland decorations

For my first winter snow globe, I wanted to go “all natural” with just a bottle brush tree and some mini pine cones.

First, I needed a wine cork that fit snugly in the light fixture socket. Once I found one, I cut it in half. Next, I jabbed a bottle brush tree inside the center of the cork.

You may recall that this was I’ve done something similar with wine corks before!

Adding a bottle brush tree inside an industrial light fixture to make a snow globe

Then, I simply hot glued the cork inside the light socket- that was it!

Winter wonderland decorations in the jelly jar lights with a bottle brush tree

Creating a Winter Scene in the Industrial Light Fixtures

Now it was time to assemble my winter snow globe! Inside the jelly jar light, I added a handful of teeny tiny pine cones (like these, but mine were gold).

Upcycling the industrial light fixtures into DIY winter decorations with small pine cones

Then, I measured out some artificial snow. This was a total guessing game, admittedly, but I *DID* get to use my adorable science-y measuring cups.

Next, I poured the snow over the pine cones.

Fake snow inside the industrial light fixtures for DIY winter decorations and snowglobes

Finally, it was the moment of truth.

I turned over the base, complete with the bottle brush tree in the socket, and reattached it to the jelly jar light using the original screws.

Winter wonderland decorations or winter snow globes by repurposing a jelly jar light

And just like that, I had winter decorations inside one of the industrial light fixtures. Everything worked out perfectly!

Snow globes and winter decorations by upcycling the industrial light fixtures

I should warn you, though- I made a second one and it might be a wee bit controversial. Why?

I painted an vintage Christmas putz house. I know- go ahead and gasp. Get it out of your system, I can handle it.

This is what it originally looked like. Cute, yes, but a little plain.

Our own house is pale blue, with a dark grey roof and a bright red door. So…I painted the Putz house to look like our house!

I also snipped off the top of a new bottle brush tree and glued it to the base of the Putz house, too.

Snow globes for winter decor with the industrial light fixtures and a Putz house

Now that you’ve seen how cute it is, can you forgive me?

Winter Decorations Inside the Industrial Light Fixtures

After that, I simply hot glued the Putz house on top of the light socket inside one of my industrial light fixtures.

I did the same thing to this one- poured my favorite craft snow inside the jelly jar light, reattached the base, and turned it over.

Winter snow globes with industrial light fixtures for winter decorations

And that was it- my winter decorations inside the industrial light fixtures were done. And, let me just say – I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Winter decor with jelly jar lights as snow globes or snowglobes

I’ll leave these out through February until it’s time to think Spring. But what do you think- do industrial light fixtures work for waterless snow globes, or what??

Don’t forget- I have an entire blog post full of upcycled winter decorations here in case you need more post-holiday inspiration!

Repurposed projects and upcycling ideas for DIY winter decor and winter wonderland decorations

Craft on!


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  1. Way cute! And I like the house repainted…much, much better. Great upcycle!

  2. Karen Benitez says

    So cute, Sarah!

  3. What a great idea!! Love it!!

  4. Love this idea!!!

  5. Grace Horton says

    What a great project idea…. thank you for sharing.

  6. These are great you could even make spring ones. You are so talented. I love all the different seasons you can do them for.

  7. Debra A Wise says

    You are just so clever. What a cute idea!

  8. These “snow globes” are ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. Those came out so much cuter than I ever would have guessed an old light fixture could look! Beautiful! And I like that they are “winter” and can stay out into the post Christmas months.

  10. Robyn Wright says

    Absolutely wonderful!

  11. Rita Corblies says

    A great have a lot of imagination. Merry Christmas.

  12. Mary E Loveland says

    Okay, how many times can you stand to see “cute”??? Sosososo CUTE! Go girl!

  13. I love the look of these two. They look very serene and homy and I just love looking at them. Great project. I guess when someone says “snow globes” they use the clear Christmas globes, but I like this idea better…….Thank you for sharing……

  14. Yep, I forgave you when I saw how cute the house was painted! Gotta check out my local Restore! They have lots of light fixtures! I love all winter decor, too! Scored a bunch of bottle brush trees at Joanne’s for 70% off–hurrah! Full price hurts my Scotch-Irish-Polish sense of thrift! Merry Christmas!

  15. These are flippin’ fantastic. So cute, very awesome.

  16. I had no doubt that they would work! You are very creative with anything you get your hands onto. They both turned out super cute! I never would of thought of using those for a snow globe.

  17. this is genius!! l collect gumball machines to make snowglobes but these are awesome!!

  18. acraftymix says

    Awwwwww Sarah, that’s so cool. Love how they turned out

  19. What a adorable idea! Love it.

  20. What a cute idea! Love the new colors of the house.


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