Wooden Spindle Ornaments from a Coffee Mug Tree

Wooden Spindle Ornaments from a Coffee Mug Tree

Last year, I upcycled a coffee mug tree into a tabletop Christmas tree. At the time, I had set aside the remaining “arms” or wood spindles for another project. Well, I’m happy to say that I’m FINALLY upcycling those coffee mug tree arms now. And I’m turning them into wooden spindle ornaments !

Allow me to back up first, though, and refresh your memory. This was the coffee mug tree in question, found at “The Bins”.

Coffee cup tree at Goodwill Bins

And this was the tabletop tree I made with the base:

Nordic Christmas tree from a coffee cup tree

But I was still left with the little arms- five of them, to be exact, since one was missing.

Removing the arms or pegs of a coffee cup tree

As you can see, they easily pulled out from the mug tree stand, no tools required.

My plan was simple: Paint the wood spindles and wrap them with colored twine, cord, or string. Pretty easy!

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Wooden Spindles from a Mug Tree Stand

Now that I had the wooden spindles in hand, I was ready to get started!

Arms from a coffee mug tree

First things first, I needed to remove the very top of each of my wood spindles.

In other words, the peg that actually inserted into the mug tree. I used a small hand saw (similar to this one here) to do the job easily and cleanly.

Transforming the spindles into Christmas ornaments

Next, I sanded down the top until it was nice and smooth.

Using my power drill, I made small pilot holes in the center of each of the wood spindles before screwing in a dainty eye screw.

Adding an eye screw to wooden spindle ornaments

Now it was time to paint my wooden spindle ornaments!

Since I had five mug tree arms, I used the following colors: (1) a festive red; (2) a jolly green; (3) a basic white; (4) an antiqued brass; and (5) an aged silver.

Painting the wooden spindle ornaments

Hint- this is why I screwed in the eye screws early on. Sure, I’ll need them for hanging my ornaments, but the eye screw gave me something to hold onto during painting!

Decorating the Wooden Spindle Ornaments

Aren’t they looking festive now? You’d never know they came from a coffee mug tree, eh?

Wood turned Christmas ornaments

Once the spindles were painted, I gathered up some braided cord in Christmas colors. You could use any number of things- including larger-scale Baker’s twine, etc.

Decorating the wooden spindle ornaments with braided cord

I used my hot glue gun to start and finish the ends of the braided cord. I suppose you could use other glues, but this was a good use of the instantaneous drying power of hot glue!

Wrapping braided cord around the wood turned Christmas ornaments

It’s worth mentioning that I REALLY wanted to use a thicker baker’s twine (both red/white and green/white) to turn these wooden spindles into peppermint stick ornaments. But I couldn’t find the right thickness- dainty twine looked weird. Oh, well…

Spindle ornaments from a mug tree stand

Wooden Spindle Ornaments from a Coffee Mug Tree

And that was it- my wooden spindle ornaments from a coffee mug tree were complete and ready to hang on our tree. Even if they weren’t peppermint stick ornaments like I had hoped to create.

Cute enough, though!

Wood turned Christmas ornaments from a coffee mug tree

On my smaller Christmas tree, I simply added an ornament hanger directly to the eye screw. But you could add a loop of coordinating twine or cord to the eye screw to make the ornament longer.

And there you have it- DIY Christmas ornaments from the wood spindles that came from a coffee mug tree!

Wooden spindle ornaments on a Christmas tree

I love the fact that I got TWO projects from a single coffee mug tree- and I paid nearly nothing for it since it came from The Bins.

If you enjoyed this upcycling idea for DIY Christmas ornaments, then you may also be interested in how I upcycled some clear ornaments from the thrift store, too.

Snow ornaments from clear ornament balls

Plus, my book, “Crafting with Flannel”, also has a chapter dedicated to Christmas projects- with three ornament ideas inside! It’s available to purchase online from Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart.

diy christmas ornaments from flannel shirts

Craft on!


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  1. You have a keen eye for repurposing!! These turned out great. The peppermint sticks would have been cute too but these get the job done. I even like the look without the twine. Another project we’ll done girl. 🙂

    • Sadie Seasongoods says

      Thank you so much, Cathi!! I’ll probably always keep an eye out for thicker baker’s twine now, LOL. 😉

  2. Those ornaments are fabulous!!

  3. Rita Corblies says

    You did it again. What an adorable way to use those pegs from the mug tree.

  4. Mary Loveland says

    So cute and very creative, both projects! Keep up the good work.

  5. Brilliant! These make such cute ornaments! Love the bright colors with the colored twine! <3

  6. I wish we were neighbors. I’ve got a small skein of thick red and white yarn that would have been just perfect! I’ve used it for several projects already this season and hope it lasts forever! Great job. i’m gonna keep my eye out for spindles now!

  7. Sarah, I have a bucket of old chair spindles I’ve been wanting to do something with for the holidays. I too wanted to turn mine in ornaments but do more than just painting them in festive colors. Then I saw yours and thought, “dang, why didn’t I think of that”! Wrapping them with cording is exactly what sets yours apart from the others – love love love them!

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